Learn how Banging Bargains stands out from their competition | Case study

...using Storydoc's interactive platform for media decks and business development presentations.

  • Online shopping
  • Modern media decks
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Brand identity reinforcement
Banging Bargains case study

Banging Bargains


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About Banging Bargains

Banging Bargains is the largest community-based group for savvy online shoppers in the UK. Their goal is to identify and negotiate the best offers for their community members, while serving as a marketing channel for partner brands.

As a competing brand in the UK, Banging Bargains needed a tool for creating media decks and business development presentations that would make them instantly memorable for their partners while still providing all the necessary information.

Since they started using Storydoc:

  • Closing deals quickly and easily.

  • Reinforcing the brand identity.

  • Confidence boost for the sales team.

Storydoc sets me apart from my competitors. My goal is for my business to be memorable and Storydoc allows me to showcase the colors of my business in the best possible way."

—Tovi Cohen, Head of Customer Relations at Banging Bargains

Banging Bargains case study

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The campaign before Storydoc

Upon entering an already saturated market, the key metrics for Banging Bargains were all focused on expanding the business: acquiring new users and converting them into purchasing buyers.

As Tovi Cohen, Head of Customer Relations at Banging Bargains explains, her goal was to optimize three key campaigns:

“First of all, we wanted to revamp a media deck. One that explained who we are as a company so that all of the potential B2B partners knew that we’re in the region and understood the value in working with us.

“We were also using a deck for vertical marketing efforts: showing how any brand can succeed with us thanks to the unique marketing capabilities we can put into motion.”

“Finally, we needed a solution for our business development capabilities, tailored decks focused on specific brands that we wanted to develop a deeper relationship with by cutting out the middleman.”

The main problem?

Key part of Banging Bargains’ identity is that of a market-disruptor. They’re redefining bargain-based shopping by gamifying it and creating an online community around their business. They needed a tool that would let them create sales materials that feel in line with their brand positioning.

“We wanted to present ourselves as a company of new, exciting marketing capabilities that are going to disrupt the market completely. You’ll never make that kind of impression with a PowerPoint. You just can’t explain the fun, enthusiastic way a business can change an entire market (and people’s lives!) using a PowerPoint,” says Tovi.

“The presentations we used to have were very bland. Sure, they included all the information and data points but lacked that wow factor we were after.”

The solution?

You bet. This is where the Storydoc tool comes into play.

Media and sales decks redefined

The Banging Bargains team took their old decks and transformed them into Storydocs—interactive, animated, and engaging web presentations. And the decision turned out to be a game-changer.

As Tovi explains:

Storydoc lets me showcase our business and technological capabilities in a very simple way. It provides information at hand and at a touch.”

“The great thing is that Storydocs combine the features of an overview and a deep dive. You can paint the big picture but also allow your clients to learn more about a data point, a metric, or a case study.”

“Storydocs deliver any information my clients might need and let me guide their eyes to where I want them to go—and all that in the easiest, most tangible way possible.”

“Also, since Storydocs are hosted online, when I send a link to a client, I can always update the deck with new information in real time. It really saves a lot of the back-and-forth!”

Banging Bargains Sales deck

Command the room with Interactive product storytelling like prospects have never seen before.

Another feature of Storydocs that makes them particularly useful for Banging Bargains’ sales team is the rich sales deck creator personalization capabilities. Any sales representative can easily create a tailor-made deck specifically for any given client.

“With Storydoc, we not only deliver our message, but can very clearly let our clients see how their business will succeed working with us,” says Tovi.

“When we’re trying to partner with a company, we can take creatives from their site and easily blend them into our Storydoc so that the look and feel of the deck is personalized. We make sure our Storydocs are pointed at a relationship we want to build. With Storydocs, we can show our clients that we’re providing them with a service that will propel their business to the next level.”

A confidence boost for the sales team

When I present a Storydoc deck, people assume that there's a powerhouse behind it: a fancy agency or a fully-staffed Web team. No. It's a great tool that anybody can use. It takes an hour to put together a presentation!"

—Tovi Cohen, Head of Customer Relations at Banging Bargains

Banging Bargains case study

Having a stunning deck makes you feel better about your company and yourself as a salesperson. That’s why we were delighted to hear that Storydoc delivers just that for the Banging Bargains team—that little extra confidence boost makes all the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity.

As Tovi points out, “most, if not all, of Banging Bargains’ clients are used to seeing static files used as sales materials. When they first encounter Storydocs, they love the look and feel.”

Also, when I present a Storydoc deck, people assume that there’s some powerhouse behind it: a fancy agency or a fully-staffed Web team. No. It’s a great tool that anybody can use. It takes an hour to put together a presentation!”

The sales team at Banging Bargains also appreciated how Storydocs were helping their company shine.

“The feedback from my team has been great,” says Tovi.

“They loved how innovative, exciting, and fun Storydocs are. You just feel good about yourself when you’re delivering this kind of presentation because it’s something that not many people have come across.”

Deals closing themselves

To give an example of how effective Storydoc decks are, Tovi shared a mind-blowing story with us.

“I got on a get-to-know-you call with a major fashion brand.”

“Thanks to the Storydoc deck, I was able to address each of their questions in a matter of a single slide or a single visual item. The moment they understood the value we’re bringing, they were ready to sign a deal.”

“The twist is that it wasn’t even the point of the conversation. The only thing I wanted to achieve was to have them run a test campaign with Banging Bargains. But thanks to the Storydoc deck, it just sold itself. They were willing to sign a contract immediately. No additional questions. Just ‘when can we start?’”

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