21 startup one-pager templates that blow away investors

Go beyond PowerPoint and PDF. Use startup one-pager templates with interactive slides & see startup one-pager examples that take you from boring to captivating.

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What makes an effective startup one pager?

An effective startup one-pager makes use of multimedia content to hook investors and get them interested about your business idea. An effective startup one-pager template is interactive. Interactivity simplifies your content, reducess textal overload and is more engaging, interesting, and memorable for investors.

You can get more insight about this in our post about how to make a top performing pitch deck.

What to include in a startup one-pager?

7 basic slide 99% of investors will expect your startup one-pager to include:

  1. Into - your UVP in the form of an elevator pitch
  2. What problem your startup solves
  3. What is your solution to the problem
  4. Your vision for a better future with your solution in it
  5. Competitive analysis and positioning (diagram)
  6. About your team (authority, experience, and achievements)
  7. Requested funds (how much you are asking for)
  8. Links to more information

What is the best way to make a startup one-pager?

The best, quickest, and easiest way to create a startup one-pager is by using a ready-made battle tested template.

The startup one-pager templates on this page have all been shown to perform above the industry bench mark (based on 100K user sessions).

They come complete with an analytics suite that lets you gauge performance and optimize your startup one pager to perfection.

What are the best startup one-pagers examples?

There are 8 common types of start-up one-pager examples that professionals use in the high-tech industry.

  1. SaaS one-pager
  2. VC inro one-pager
  3. Medical tech one-pager
  4. Startup pitch deck
  5. Startup company one-pager
  6. Startup business plan one-pager
  7. Startup sales one-pager
  8. Startup project proposal

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