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What is the purpose of a team introduction slide?

The purpose of a team introduction slide is to give an overview of your team’s authority, expertise, and experience. This is meant to add authority and credibility to your team. Thereby, bolstering decision-makers’ confidence in your solution.

What makes these team slides outstanding?

Any PowerPoint team slide can do a decent job of presenting your team. But to make a creative and attention-grabbing team slide in PowerPoint is fairly hard because of the static nature of the PPT format. To get the reader's attention you want to incorporate motion, video, and color into your team slide. You can do this with a modern interactive team slide like the ones on this page.

Main types of team slides

  1. Project team slide
  2. Management team slide
  3. Startup team slide
  4. Employee introduction slide

How many team members should be in a team slide?

As a rule of thumb, you should only include 3-7 team members. In case you need a multiple teams slide you should include only key team members from each team. The more teams you include in your presentation the fewer team members you should add.

What should a team slide include?

  • Name, job title, and headshot of each team member
  • Brief description of the entire team’s skills, expertise, and experience.
  • Certifications, credentials, and awards worth noting

What makes an effective team slide template design?

A good team members slide template mixes designed placements for team member headshot, their name, and their job description. A team slide should also have a section reserved for an about our team text or a video. A highly trained team should have a team slide design with their awards and certificate badges set in a strip or a grid.

How to format and organize a meet-the-team slide?

  • Clean, simple layout with lots of white space
  • Font styles and color scheme consistent with your brand
  • Text that is easy to read in large enough letters and contrasting background
  • Slide should not be overloaded with information
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