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What makes a good company one-pager template?

A good company one-pager template is concise, to the point, light on text, and has plenty of white space. Your company one-pager should focus on the main pain point you are proposing to solve for your prospects.

An engaging company one-pager template should be structured as a narrative with your prospect as the protagonist. A great company one-pager template is visually appealing with a mix of text, infographics, and video.

An effective template should end with a Call-to-Action for prospects to easily take the next step down the funnel.

Why do you need a company one-pager template?

Creating company one-pagers takes time and diligence. Using a template will save you time, effort, and money by setting you up with a strong foundation to start.

A company one-pager template is an inexpensive way for businesses to create great collateral, boost engagement, and generate leads.

What should be included in a company one-pager template?

A company one-pager is meant to increase engagement and drive leads. To do this well they should include the following:

1. A brief introduction that provides context and highlights the purpose of the company one-pager

2. A summarized overview of your company's product or service offering

3. Current market trends, challenges faced by the industry

4. Projections for the future.

5. A call-to-action (CTA) that guides readers to take the next step down your sales funnel (such as booking a meeting, signing up for a free trial, or reading a case study)

How long should a company one-pager be?

We recommend a company one-pager to be around 700-800 words. It's important to write a one-pager that works as both a quick read and a deeper dive. It should be short but comprehensive. We built our company one-pager templates to follow these guidelines.

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