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How to Create a Product One-Pager That Gets People Excited

Learn how to write product one-pagers that get prospects excited, and turn your one-pagers from sloppy to stunning with our best product one-pager examples.

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Short answer

What is a product one-pager

A product one-pager is a one-page document that gives an overview of your product and its functionality. It can be used to generate a sense of trust and interest in potential customers, as well as educate them about your product and increase brand awareness.

Writing a product one-pager is an excellent way to showcase your product and get prospects hyped up. Unfortunately, most people fill them with boring tech specs and list all the features in one breath.

The result? A product one-pager so bad even your own mother wouldn’t read it.

This article was written to help you make sure you don’t mess up. I’ll teach you how to write an engaging product one-pager that prospects are actually excited to read, and follow up with our best product one-pager examples.

In just a few short minutes, you’ll be on the right track to create a product one-pager better than 99% of your peers!

Types of product one-pagers

While the general idea behind a product one-pager is the same, some details can vary depending on your particular use case. That’s a good thing because when all is said and done, your one-pager should be unique to you and your offering.

5 common types of product one-pagers:

SaaS product one-pager

This focuses on the unique value your software brings to your target audience and your vision for a better world.

It can cover your SaaS product’s main benefits and features, but just enough to get readers interested in hearing more.

Consumer product one-pager

This is used for high-ticket consumer goods, like a gold watch, a sports car, a yacht, or a swimming pool.

This type of product one-pager uses high-quality visuals of the product to give prospects a feel to own it and get them itching to buy.

Industrial product one-pager

This is used by industry equipment companies. It’s used to present their equipment in action (using videos), explain how the equipment works and how it’s installed, and the outcomes it delivers.

An industrial product one-pager should also provide basic specifications, guarantees, pricing plans, and time to delivery.

Real estate product one-pager

This is used by real estate agents and companies as a modern tool to present their properties and make them come to life.

It should include high-quality images and videos of the property (internal and external), or even a 360° walkthrough simulation.

It should include important details about the property, the neighborhood, nearby employment and shopping areas, as well as pricing, and payment options.

Internal product one-pager

This is commonly used as part of the internal communications strategy to win stakeholder buy-in for new products.

It’s also used to ensure everyone on the team is on the same page regarding the product offer and to publicize the new product across the organization.

Static vs. interactive product one-pagers

As nearly half of all outreach decks are opened on mobile devices, static product one-pagers deliver a bad reading experience.

People have to constantly pinch in and out to access the contents, which causes them to disengage and bounce while adding the sender, aka you, to their mental blacklist.

Look at this monstrosity! Can you feel the frustration?

Bad sales one-pager example

The advantage of interactive product one-pagers is that they’re not confined to a single PDF sheet.

This means you can tuck more information into them while still keeping them neat and visually appealing.

Most importantly, your readers are in control of how they want to consume your content, and you can rest assured it’ll look flawless no matter what device they read it on.

Product one-page

How to write a product one-pager

If you want to deliver a product one-pager that doesn’t put prospects to sleep, knowing what bits of information to skip is just as important as knowing what to include.

Once you have the essential information in hand it’s time to organize it in a way that’s easy for people to follow and understand.

Let me show you how to organize all the core content of your product one-pager to get people excited about whatever it is you’re offering.

What should a product one-pager include

7 slides every product one-pager should include:

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
  3. About us
  4. Problem
  5. Solution
  6. Details
  7. Next steps



About us




Next steps


Cover slide

It includes the title of your product one-pager, as well as your company logo and a catchy one-liner. It should grab your readers’ attention, for example by including a video or personalizing it to your readers.

Introduction slide

It sets the readers’ expectations by giving an overview of your product one-pager, especially who your product is for, what the main benefits are, and what sets you apart from the competition.

About us slide

The section where you establish trust with your prospects by sharing your goals, values, and expertise.

Problem slide

Name the key need or want underlying your target audience's interest in your product.

Solution slide

Show you can solve the problems your ideal customers have better than your competition and back it up with compelling consumer stories and, if appropriate, some numbers.

Details slide

The section where you cover briefly the features and benefits of your product (that are especially relevant to the target audience).

Next steps

A simple, clear, and compelling action that your prospect can take after viewing your product one-pager (for example, signing up for a SaaS product demo, scheduling a visit to the car dealership, or booking a tour of a real estate property).

For more info on what goes into each specific section, check out our guide handy on how to make an attention-grabbing one-pager.

Write a customer-centric product one-pager for world-class results

Too many product one-pagers are all like: me, me, me. Look at me, my product is so great. While that will work for a selected few, it probably won’t work for you.

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but your prospective customers really don’t give a damn about you.

They care about themselves, and what you can do for them. The way to make a high-performing product one-pager is to make it customer-centric. Your product can be the next best thing since sliced bread, but what if your target audience is allergic to gluten?

Personalize your product one-pagers to make readers feel special

At this stage of the funnel, prospects are swamped with dozens of similar-looking product one-pagers. They’re probably bored out of their minds with the same old generic stuff.

A small personalization to the cover slide like adding their name, or company logo (if your product is B2B), can make a world of difference.

It will make them feel like you took time out of your busy day to address their needs, even if all you did was push the right buttons.

And, if you make prospects feel like they’re seen and understood, it’ll be way easier for them to buy from you.

How to end your product one-pager

It can feel natural to slap a “thank you” slide at the end of your product one-pager and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Only it may not be as well done as you think. Many of my marketing and sales friends still walk straight into this pitfall. Why not thank people? We’re polite people after all, right?

But a “thank you” slide has immense repercussions most people don’t realize. It closes off communication with your prospects and makes it seem like the end goal is getting them to read your product one-pager, not actually buy the product.

I) Replace a “thank you” slide with a CTA with a small commitment on their part.

It can be anything to get them further along the path to buying your product, such as:

  • Sign up
  • Book a demo
  • Book a meeting
  • Download an ebook
  • Listen to a podcast episode
  • Read reviews
  • Take a virtual tour (e.g. in real estate)

ii) Embed the CTA directly in your product one-pager

You can include an external link or (if you’re using Storydoc) embed your calendar directly in your product one-pager.

Storydoc gives other capabilities that standard one-pager creators can’t. We have integrations with all your favorite marketing and sales software, and they keep on coming.

Calendar integration

Best product one-pager examples to get you inspired

If you want to stop boring your readers to sleep and start getting them hyped up, let’s go through some crazy effective examples that showcase how it’s done.

If you got itchy hands and you wanna start creating modern one-pagers - go browse our gallery of interactive product one-pager templates.

Physical product one-pager

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • Slides with tabs allow you to present the main benefits of your products in a clear way, or hide extra bits of information to make your deck more organized.
  • Calendar integration at the end makes booking that next meeting easier than ever.

AI product one-pager

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • Easily customizable logo placeholders are ideal for showcasing various integrations and partnerships in a visually appealing manner.
  • The capability to seamlessly integrate case studies into the presentation, which enhances credibility and demonstrates real-world effectiveness.

Light mode product one-pager

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • A variety of image and video placeholders to engage potential customers by featuring your product in dynamic and attractive environments
  • Narrator slide is perfect for guiding prospects through a captivating storyline or displaying different stories of past happy customers.

Real estate product one-pager

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • Image placeholders are key for an industry where images speak louder than words to show your product in the hottest (literally or figuratively) destinations.
  • Data visualization options work perfectly for presenting the most important metrics or listing prices.

Digital product one-pager by Matics

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • Fully interactive layout is ideal for tech-heavy industries and allows you to show your product in action in many different ways.
  • Case study placeholder is great for legitimizing your solution in the eyes of potential customers.

Personalized product one-pager by Galor

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • Dynamic variables to personalize the content for each viewer, enhancing the relevance and engagement for different prospects or clients.
  • A before-and-after comparison slide effectively showcases the transformative impact of Travel Booster's solutions on travel industry operations.

Interactive SaaS product one-pager by Yotpo

What makes this product one-pager great:

  • The option to embed a video directly into the deck provides an engaging and dynamic way to showcase the product and its features.
  • Multiple smart CTAs designed to guide prospects through the sales funnel and encourage interaction at the end of the presentation.

Best tools to create a product one-pager

Many product marketing professionals turn to traditional free website builders to make their product one-pagers. While they get the job done, you can get off-the-charts performance by switching to a dedicated one-pager builder.

The key difference between a dedicated one-pager builder and a standard website builder is that a dedicated builder works more like an intuitive presentation maker.

This allows you to create tailor-made decks using content blocks that behave as pre-designed slides.

Our 4 recommended product one-pager builders:

  1. Storydoc - Perfect for building interactive product one-pagers and tracking their performance
  2. Elementor - An intuitive one-page website builder for WordPress with a drag-and-drop editor
  3. Wix - An interactive one-page website builder with a vast template gallery
  4. Squarespace - An all-in-one platform for building one-page sites with a user-friendly editor

Interactive product one-pager templates

Creating a product one-pager can often feel like trying to fit a giant jigsaw puzzle into a tiny box. You have so much vital information, compelling stories, and persuasive data that need to be shared, yet you're confined to just one page.

It's a tight squeeze, but with the right tools, it's not only possible but can also be a delightful experience.

Interactive product one-pager templates guide you in organizing your content efficiently, ensuring that every word and image serves a purpose. They're not just about fitting in more content; they're about making your content work smarter.

With features like embedded videos, dynamic variables for personalization, and smart CTAs, these templates turn your one-pager from a flat piece of paper into an engaging, interactive experience.

Grab one and see for yourself.

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