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One-pager templates
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Choose from the best one-pager templates for winning teams and organizations. Use themes and slides that take your presentation from boring to captivating.

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Sales one pager templat
Sales One-pager
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sales one pager with intor video template
Sales One-pager with intro video
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Physical product-pager template
Physical product-pager
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Educational product one-pager
Educational product one-pager
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Cool & modern one-pager template
Cool modern one-pager
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Travel, holiday, and leisure one-pager template
Travel, holiday, and leisure one-pager
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fashion one pager template
Fashion one-pager
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Product sales one pager template
Tech product sales one-pager
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tech one pager templat
Tech sales one-pager
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Our vision sales one pager template
Our vision one-pager
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What makes a great one-pager template?

A great one-pager template is visually attractive, well organized, and easy to follow. It lays down the information you want to present within a stroytelling structure and applies visual aids like video, step-by-step narration, and live graphs.

A great one-pager template is aligned with the way modern audiences consume content, which means that it’s web-based, scroll-based, and mobile-friendly.

Making an engaging one-pager involves using multimedia like videos and animations as well as following a storyline that first creates a need for the readers, then guides them through the solution to their newfound need, all the while positioning you as the best option.

How these one-pager templates go beyond any PowerPoint and PDF

Most professionals create PDF one-pagers. They are creating bad experiences for their readers which causes their readers to disengage. See PDFs are meant for print. They are impossible to read on a computer, let alone on a mobile. That’s why it’s best to use one-pager templates that go beyond this.

The templates on this page take your one-pagers from static, boring, hard-to-digest PDFs and PPTs to interactive, memorable, easy-to-follow web-based stories. These templates are scroll-based and allow using multimedia like videos and animations.

But they do much more, like letting you integrate your favorite lead-capture tools like your lead form, calendar app, or chatbot. And Storydoc templates come with a complete analytics suite that lets you analyze and understand how people are reading your one-pagers, where they skip and where they linger, and who they are sharing them with.

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