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What makes a great one-pager template?

A great one-pager template is visually attractive, well-organized, and easy to follow. It lays down the information you want to present within a storytelling structure and applies visual aids like video, step-by-step narration, and live graphs.

An effective business one-pager template is aligned with the way modern audiences consume content, which means that it’s web-based, scroll-based, and mobile-friendly.

Making an engaging one-pager involves using multimedia like videos and animations as well as following a storyline that first creates a need for the readers, then guides them through the solution to their newfound need, all the while positioning you as the best option.

What should a business one-pager template include?

A business one-pager template needs to be short, concise, and to the point as much as possible.

That said it still needs to answer 7 critical questions in the minds of your prospects:

  1. What’s in it for me if I take the time to read this?
  2. What problem do I have that you can solve? (I may not know I have this problem)
  3. Why is this problem urgent?
  4. What is the price of doing nothing?
  5. What makes you the right business for the job? (unique expertise, capabilities, know-how)
  6. Why should I trust you?
  7. What is the next step and how do I take it?

How these business one-pager templates go beyond any PowerPoint and PDF

Most professionals create PDF business one-pagers. They are creating bad experiences for their readers which causes their readers to disengage. See, PDFs are meant for print.

They are impossible to read on a computer, let alone on a mobile. That’s why it’s best to use one-pager templates that go beyond this.

The templates on this page take your one-pagers from static, boring, hard-to-digest PDFs and PPTs to interactive, memorable, easy-to-follow web-based stories.

These templates are scroll-based and allow using multimedia like videos and animations. But they do much more, like letting you integrate your favorite lead-capture tools like your lead form, calendar app, or chatbot.

And Storydoc templates come with a complete analytics suite that lets you analyze and understand how people are reading your one-pagers, where they skip and where they linger, and who they are sharing them with.

Modern VS legacy business one-pager template design?

A modern business one-pager design is web-based, scrollable, and progressive. It’s a fresh change from the imposing wall of text that the old-school business one-pagers offer.

The new design is very much like a landing page which offers a pleasing interaction people know and love. You can learn more by reading our post about what is a modern business one-pager.

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