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Pitch deck templates
beyond PowerPoint

Choose from the best free pitch deck templates for winning over investors. Use themes and slides that take your presentation from boring to captivating.

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What makes a great pitch deck template?

A great pitch deck template covers your big idea within a story framework. It should talk your investors through the motions of introducing a major problem, offering a solution that only you can provide, and finishing with a description of a brave new world your solution brings.

Creating a great sales deck demands that you tell your story in an interactive way, with video, live graphs, and other dynamic content that breaks down complex information into digestible and engaging bits.

This is where Storydoc templates come in and take you beyond PPTs, from boring static slides to captivating scroll-based narratives.

How these pitch deck templates go beyond any PowerPoint

PowerPoint pitch deck templates are a blunt instrument. They are static, boring, and horrifyingly complex to digest. To stand out you’ll need a web-based pitch deck template that’s responsive and scroll-based, meaning it can be consumed on any device, any time, anywhere.

Stroydoc templates are interactive, memorable, and easy to follow. They mix multimedia like video, Gifs, and audio to let you reduce textual load. They apply dynamic storytelling components that let you break down complex concepts into easy-to-grasp bite-size morsels.

Forget death by PowerPoint, Storydoc will have your investors reading and actually enjoying it. You’ll stand out simply by providing investors with an experience instead of another task.

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