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15 PowerPoint Alternatives for High-Stakes Presentations

Learn what the best PowerPoint alternatives are and discover slides tools to create cool presentations that are way better than PowerPoint.

Dominika Krukowska

14 minute read

Best PowerPoint alternatives
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Short answer

What are the best alternatives to PowerPoint?

The best alternatives to PowerPoint are:

  1. Storydoc
  2. Mentimeter
  3. Canva
  5. Slidebean
  6. Zoho Show
  7. Visme
  8. Microsoft Sway
  9. DesignCap
  10. Ludus
  11. Vyond
  12. Powtoon
  13. FlowVella
  14. SlideDog
  15. Pitch

Your presentations deserve more than just PowerPoint

Remember the last time a PowerPoint presentation truly wowed you? Hard to recall, right? That's because most slide decks, no matter how well-intentioned, tend to blur together after a while.

As a result, your message goes unnoticed, your efforts wasted, and those high-impact opportunities? They slip right through your fingers.

But here's some good news: a new era of interactive presentation tools is here, ready to transform the way we share ideas. By choosing these dynamic alternatives to PowerPoint, you can truly engage your audience, make your message resonate, and achieve your goals.

Let’s dive in!

What’s wrong with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has long been the presentation tool of choice, but it's starting to show its age. Here's why:

Standardized slide set with a 16:9 aspect ratio

PowerPoint's 16:9 aspect ratio is familiar, but it can limit creativity. When every presentation looks the same, it's hard to stand out.

No mechanisms to keep you from breaking the design

While PowerPoint offers design freedom, it lacks safeguards. This can lead to cluttered slides that confuse rather than clarify.

Generic templates

Relying on the same templates can make your content feel stale. Freshness matters, and predictability can lead to disinterest.

Limited interactivity options

Modern audiences expect to interact with content. PowerPoint's limited interactive features can't match today's dynamic tools.

Passive engagement

PowerPoint often results in a one-way flow of information. Without deeper engagement, your message might just skim the surface.

If you want to learn more, check out our article on why PowerPoint is bad for the job.

What makes modern alternatives better than PowerPoint?

The world of presentation platforms is evolving, and modern tools are stepping up in ways PowerPoint can't match.

Here are the main features that make these PowerPoint alternatives a better choice:

  • Rich library of pre-built templates: Dive into diverse designs, ready to customize and make your own.

  • Data visualization options: Turn complex data into clear, compelling visuals with ease.

  • Multimedia: Embed videos, audio, and more for a multi-sensory experience.

  • Interactive elements: Engage your audience with clickable features and dynamic content.

  • Narrated design (Scrollytelling): Guide viewers through a visual journey and let them explore at their own pace.

  • Collaboration options: Team up in real-time, making content creation a collective effort.

  • Optimized for mobile: Make sure your content shines, whether on a desktop or a smartphone.

  • Software integrations: Seamlessly connect with other tools and optimize your workflow.

  • Content analytics: Gain insights into viewer engagement and adjust for maximum impact.

  • AI-guided content: Let artificial intelligence steer your content strategy for optimal results.

  • AI-guided design: Benefit from AI-driven design suggestions, enhancing visual appeal.

  • Personalization with dynamic variables: Connect to your CRM and tailor content to individual viewers with just a few clicks.

  • Centralized content management: Keep all your materials in one organized, accessible place.

  • Web-based content: Access and share your content from anywhere, anytime.

  • Version control: Maintain authority over your final version and keep the design consistent.

  • Access control: Set parameters like gated access, time limits, or location-based viewing.

Here's what a static PPT and an interactive deck look like side by side:

Static PDF or PPT
Interactive Storydoc

Is there a free alternative to PowerPoint?

Absolutely! While some presentation tools like Storydoc or Visme offer free trials or basic plans, there are platforms like Zoho Show that are entirely free to use. Exploring these PowerPoint alternatives can provide fresh, dynamic ways to present without breaking the bank.

What are the best alternatives to PowerPoint?

In a world where innovation drives success and audiences crave novelty, relying solely on traditional tools like PowerPoint may not cut it anymore. The landscape of presentation software has evolved, offering diverse alternatives that cater to different needs, styles, and functionalities.

These alternatives not only challenge the status quo but also redefine the way we present and engage with our audience.

If you're looking to step up your presentation game and explore beyond the limitations of PowerPoint, let's dive into the top alternatives:

Storydoc interactive presentation maker

Storydoc is reshaping how we create presentations, all thanks to AI. This interactive presentation maker turns your usual slides into engaging, interactive stories.

With its unique approach to narrated design, or "scrollytelling," it breaks away from the constraints of conventional presentations, letting your audience dive into the content at their own speed.

And with AI by your side, Storydoc helps fine-tune your brand's appearance and offers content suggestions, making sure you have a top-notch presentation ready quickly.

Once done, you can integrate it with your CRM and use dynamic variables to create countless personalized versions in just a few clicks. And the cherry on top? After sharing, you can peek into the analytics to gain insights on what's clicking with your viewers and what's missing the mark.


  • AI-backed design suggestions
  • Personalize presentations at scale
  • Perfect for any device
  • Integrates with tools like calendars and live chats
  • Dive deep into presentation analytics


  • The charm of interactivity might not translate well in printed versions
  • Might take a minute for those used to traditional tools


  • 14-day free trial
  • Starter: $30/month per user (billed annually)
  • Pro: $45/month per user (billed annually)
  • For teams: Reach out to sales
Mentimeter presentation maker

Mentimeter is all about transforming passive listeners into active contributors. It's not just about presenting; it's about conversing. With tools like real-time word clouds, polls, and quizzes, it makes sure that everyone's voice is heard, making sessions more interactive and memorable.

Whether you're conducting a business meeting, teaching a class, or running a workshop, Mentimeter adds that spark to make it lively, inclusive, and productive.


  • Tools like word clouds and live polls keep the audience engaged
  • Creates a sense of inclusivity and participation
  • Versatile for various settings: work, education, or workshops
  • Seamless integration with platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams


  • There's a learning curve for those new to interactive presentation tools
  • Some might wish for more customization in templates


  • Free plan available
  • Basic plan: $11.99 per presenter/month
  • Pro plan: $24.99 per presenter/month
  • Campus plan: Reach out to sales
  • Discounts for teachers and students

3. Canva

Canva presentation maker

Canva is more than just a presentation tool; it's a one-stop-shop for all your creative projects. Whether you've been designing for years or you're just dipping your toes, Canva's user-friendly interface makes the process a breeze.

From social media graphics to business cards, Canva has a template for almost everything, but presentations remain one of its strongest assets. Thanks to the drag-and-drop feature and a rich library of elements, there’s no fumbling around; just pick, place, and voila! Your design is ready.

Beyond just design, Canva promotes collaboration. Teams can come together, working on a project at the same time. And since it's cloud-based, you can access your designs anytime, anywhere.


  • Wide range of design options for various needs
  • Simple to use, great for both beginners and seasoned designers
  • Work on your designs from any device with Internet access
  • Solid free version to get you started


  • Premium design elements are reserved for Pro users
  • With so many design choices, it might feel a bit much for some


  • Free plan available
  • Pro plan: $14.99 billed monthly or $119.99 billed annually
  • Canva for Teams: Talk to sales
  • Free for education and NGOs presentation maker is a presentation tool that takes the guesswork out of presentation design. It starts you off with smart templates, so you're never faced with the scary blank slide.

As you add content, the platform’s AI adjusts everything – from layout spacing to color choices. It's like having a designer by your side, making sure your slides always look polished.

Need to collaborate? Share slides with your team and get everyone on the same page. Want to keep your brand consistent? The brand control feature guarantees your slides always match your company's look. does most of the work for you, but you’re always in the driver’s seat.


  • AI-driven design that simplifies slide creation
  • Templates that adapt, making design intuitive
  • Collaborate seamlessly with shared slides


  • If you're a design purist, the automation might feel limiting
  • Customization has its limits, so ultra-specific designs might need more tweaks
  • Might not be the fit for super-detailed slide decks


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Pro plan: $12/month (billed annually)
  • Team plan: $40/user/month (billed annually)
  • For a single project: $45
  • Enterprise plan: Talk to sales
Slidebean presentation maker

Slidebean is a game-changer for those diving into the world of startups. It's an AI-driven platform that makes the process of crafting pitches easy.

Start with a basic outline using its user-friendly editor, and watch as Slidebean turns your content into slides that resonate.

While AI does the initial setup, you're always in control, tweaking slides or using their templates to shape your presentation just right.


  • Tailored for startup challenges
  • Perfect blend of AI automation and user customization
  • Collaborate with experts to refine your pitch


  • Might be too much for basic presentation needs
  • Some design elements could use an update


  • Basic plan: Free
  • All-Access plan: $199 annually
  • Accelerate plan: $499 annually
Zoho Show presentation maker

Zoho Show is a presentation tool that effortlessly blends functionality with flair. Its intuitive interface lets you easily craft slides, and with a collection of over 100 templates, you're set for any occasion, be it a startup pitch or a business proposal.

Collaboration is a standout feature in Zoho Show. Work on slides in real-time, receive instant updates, and exchange feedback. Want to add a touch of creativity? There are animations, custom shapes, and multimedia options to explore.

Got an existing presentation? No worries. Slidebean smoothly imports PPTX, PPT, and other popular formats, making sure your transition is seamless.


  • Simplified design for easy slide creation
  • Real-time collaboration tools to keep teams in sync
  • Compatible with popular presentation formats
  • A price tag that's hard to beat: Free


  • Template variety might feel limited to some
  • There are tools with more advanced features out there



7. Visme

Visme presentation maker

Visme is a go-to tool for building presentations from scratch using an extensive collection of industry-specific templates, which means that your content always feels fresh.

If visuals are your thing, Visme's got you covered with over 1.5 million crisp images, vibrant charts, and engaging data widgets. And, if you want to add a touch of your brand's essence, you can customize decks with your unique fonts and colors.

Plus, with handy tools like presenter notes and a special mode for presenting, you're all set to win over your audience, whether they're right in front of you or tuning in online.

Just a heads-up: while there's a sea of design choices, a few templates lean more towards style than clarity. But with a bit of tweaking, you'll find the sweet spot.


  • Intuitive with a wide range of templates
  • Team collaboration made easy
  • Branding tools for that consistent look and feel


  • Might be overwhelming for newcomers due to the variety of design choices
  • Some designs prioritize style over clarity
  • Premium features require a paid subscription


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Starter plan: $12.25/month (billed annually)
  • Pro plan: $24.75/month (billed annually)
  • Visme for Teams: Talk to sales
Microsoft Sway presentation maker

Microsoft Sway is where creativity meets simplicity. This digital storytelling app is designed to help you craft interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, and more.

Its built-in design engine makes your content look professional, whether you're using images, text, videos, or other multimedia. The best part? Sway makes sure your creations are optimized for any screen size.

Plus, with seamless integration with Office 365, you can easily transform content from Word or OneNote into a dynamic Sway presentation.


  • Easily integrates with Office 365 tools
  • Adapts to any screen for optimal viewing
  • Share or co-edit with just a URL


  • Requires a Microsoft account to use
  • Limited customization options
  • Cannot be used offline


DesignCap presentation maker

DesignCap is a versatile platform that brings your visual ideas to life. Need a captivating presentation? Or perhaps an infographic that speaks volumes? DesignCap's got you covered.

Explore its template library, and you'll find designs tailored for every occasion. But it's not just about templates. With a variety of stock images, icons, and customizable modules, you have all the tools at your fingertips to craft unique visuals.

The best part? Its intuitive interface means you spend less time figuring things out and more time designing.


  • Variety of resources: stock images, icons, and customizable modules
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop design experience
  • Affordable pricing makes it perfect for beginners


  • Better suited for beginners, as it lacks more advanced features
  • It’s more geared towards creating flyers than presentations
  • Limited image bank


  • Free plan available
  • Basic plan: $4.99/month (or $59.88 billed annually)
  • Plus plan: $5.99/month (or $71.88 billed annually)

10. Ludus

Ludus presentation maker

Ludus is a presentation tool that focuses on teamwork. Whether you're collaborating in real-time or sharing resources among teams, Ludus makes the process easier.

Dive into their platform, and you'll find a range of features, from templates to start with or the option to create from the ground up. Ludus comes with a rich set of tools, including the ability to integrate content from platforms like YouTube, Unsplash, and design apps like Figma.

Want to add a personal touch? Record your voice over your slides. Plus, with live collaboration and custom blocks, Ludus gives you the flexibility to design the perfect presentation.


  • Real-time collaboration for team projects
  • Integrations with platforms like YouTube, Unsplash, and Figma
  • Custom domains for a branded presentation experience
  • Advanced design tools for creative freedom


  • Slight learning curve for those new to the platform
  • Extensive feature set could be overwhelming for those seeking basics
  • Some users might experience performance issues with content-heavy presentations


  • 30-day free trial
  • Teams of 1-15 people: $149.99/year
  • Teams of 16 people and over: Talk to sales

11. Vyond

Vyond presentation maker

Vyond is your go-to platform for making animated videos that turn complex messages into relatable tales. With a wide collection of templates, it's a breeze to create anything, from a corporate presentation to an explainer video or an educational clip.

But, Vyond doesn't just stop at animations; it lets you enhance your stories with a blend of photos, videos, and even 3D elements. And if you've got a unique voice to share? You can use their voice-over tools and create customizable characters to match your narrative.


  • A variety of templates for every story you want to tell
  • Enrich animations thanks to content integrations
  • Voice-over tools and character customization to make your story truly yours


  • Premium features might stretch your budget
  • There's a learning curve, especially if you're new to video editing
  • Basic plans are limited to single users


  • 14-day free trial
  • Essential plan: $25/month for 1 user (billed annually)
  • Premium plan: $54/month for 1 user (billed annually)
  • Professional plan: $92/month per user (billed annually)
  • Enterprise plan: Contact sales for details

12. Powtoon

Powtoon presentation maker

Powtoon is where creativity meets animation. This platform lets you create lively presentations and videos, blending your messages with vibrant animations.

With Powtoon's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, even those without a design background can whip up eye-catching animations in no time. For a personal touch, you can also integrate voice-overs, embed videos, or even play around with customizable characters to make your content pop.

And if you're aiming for a unique look, Powtoon lets you tweak characters down to their outfits. Once you're set, exporting your creations as videos means your story can reach audiences far and wide.


  • Customize characters to resonate with your narrative
  • More cost-effective than hiring a professional video agency
  • Versatile enough for various industries and purposes


  • No free version on offer
  • Custom character features exclusive to the Business plan
  • Seasoned designers might need more advanced animation options


  • Lite plan: $15/month (billed annually)
  • Professional plan: $40/month (billed annually)
  • Business plan: $125/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise plans: Reach out to sales

13. FlowVella

FlowVella presentation maker

FlowVella offers a fresh approach to slide design, allowing you to stitch together text, images, and videos into a cohesive narrative.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also embed interactive links and galleries, giving your audience the opportunity to be a part of the journey. Need to share detailed data? No worries, as you can easily incorporate PDFs.

And for those looking to transform public spaces like museums or exhibitions, FlowVella's feature to turn iPads into interactive kiosks is a game-changer.


  • Intuitive editor that's easy to use
  • Functions both offline and online for flexibility
  • The option to share presentations with custom URLs


  • The free tier includes FlowVella's branding
  • Might leave design pros wanting a bit more


  • Free plan available
  • Premium plan: $60/year (billed annually)
  • Pro plan: $200/year (billed annually)
  • Enterprise plan: Talk to sales

14. SlideDog

SlideDog presentation maker

SlideDog is a presentation tool that blends various presentation elements for a smooth delivery. Think about merging PowerPoints, Prezis, PDFs, and other media without the awkwardness of toggling between programs.

It lets you curate a playlist of all your presentation elements, with a smooth transition between each. No more awkward pauses or switching between apps. Plus, its live sharing feature means your audience can tune in from their devices in real-time.

And if you're looking to set up continuous slideshows in public spaces, SlideDog doubles up as a digital signage solution.


  • Combine diverse file types into a single presentation
  • Boost engagement with real-time sharing
  • Manage your presentation from any device with web access


  • On-the-fly edits can be a bit challenging
  • Available exclusively for Windows users


  • Free plan available
  • Monthly plan: $19 for 2 seats
  • Annual plan: $99 for 2 seats (first year, with a 20% renewal discount)
  • Lifetime plan: $299 for 2 seats

15. Pitch

Pitch presentation maker

Pitch is a presentation platform that's all about efficiency, collaboration, and aesthetics. Whether you're starting with a template or crafting from scratch, Pitch offers smart editing features to guide your creative process. Each slide becomes a visual journey, enriched with photos, icons, and videos.

Teamwork is a breeze with real-time editing and feedback loops. And once you're ready to share? Just send a link and tap into the power of real-time analytics to understand how your content resonates with your audience.


  • Collaborate in real-time with ease
  • Affordable, making it a top pick for individuals or small businesses
  • Analytics panel offers insights into how your presentation is received


  • Limited range of templates
  • Lacks AI assistance
  • Advanced analytics require a plan upgrade


  • Starter plan: Free
  • Pro plan: $8/member per month
  • Enterprise plan: Contact sales

How to choose the best PowerPoint alternative for your needs?

Navigating the world of presentation tools can be a bit overwhelming, especially with so many great options out there. But don't worry, here's a simple guide to help you pinpoint the best fit based on your specific needs:

For personal use

When it's just you, or perhaps a small group, you'll want a tool that's straightforward, yet versatile. Look for platforms that offer a range of templates, are user-friendly, and won’t break the bank.

Tools like DesignCap and Canva shine here. They come with intuitive interfaces and a variety of design options, making it easy to craft presentations, even if you're not a design pro.

For business

In the business world, presentations often serve as a bridge between you and potential clients, investors, or stakeholders. You'll need a platform that's not only visually appealing but also offers features like analytics, real-time edits, and integration options.

Storydoc is a front-runner here. Its AI-powered design capabilities and focus on storytelling make sure that your presentations are not only informative but also unforgettable. Plus, with features like CRM integrations and robust analytics, you're always a step ahead.

For education

Engagement is the cornerstone of effective learning. Tools that offer multimedia embeds, interactive quizzes, and dynamic animations are essential.

Mentimeter shines in this space, offering a range of education templates, the option to host Q&A sessions, brainstorm ideas, and gather immediate feedback from students.

Interactive presentation templates

Ditching PowerPoint doesn't mean you're diving into the unknown. Interactive presentation templates are your safety net, making your shift seamless and straightforward.

These templates are designed to feel familiar right off the bat, so you won't spend ages trying to figure things out. They're not your typical PowerPoint slides either. They come packed with stylish designs, captivating interactive features, and a flow that naturally steers your storytelling.

Grab one and see for yourself.

No templates found
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