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Interactive Presentation Templates to Engage Readers

Best free interactive presentation templates for engaging storytelling. Use themes and slides that take your presentation from boring to captivating.

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How do I make a PowerPoint interactive?

There are 4 different ways to make your PPT presentation interactive:

1) Use animation and transitions - animations can add interest and help keep your audience focused on the slides. Transitions can also be used to create a smooth flow from one slide to the next.

2) Add multimedia elements such as videos, audio clips, or images - this will help break up the monotony of text-heavy slides and add visual interest.

3) Use extensions and add-on tools to create quizzes or polls - these allow your audience to participate in the presentation directly.

4) Use hyperlinks between slides - this way viewers can navigate through the presentation easily depending on their interests.

When to use interactive ppt templates?

When deciding whether or not to use an interactive PowerPoint template, it’s important to consider your time allowance for building the presentation animations since creating interactive elements in PPT format takes a lot of time.

Alternatively you can use Storydoc that’s built specifically for interactivity. Our templates are helpful when trying to explain complex concepts or data sets. By letting you easily add live graphs, charts, and other visual elements embedded into the slides themselves.

Easy to use interactive presentation slides

The presentation templates on this page are all interactive. They are extremely easy to use and impossible to break. With these templates, you can create a web-based presentation that tells an engaging story in 15 minutes.

Our presentations are made to interact with readers the way they are accustomed to on the web. They are scroll-based, mobile friendly, and fast loading.

These interactive animated templates are unique in that they were scientifically built to engage readers by giving them a storytelling experience. Specialized capabilities let you narrate, guide your readers through your presentation as well as get their live input, letting each person create a reading experience that’s unique for them.

Some of the most popular interactive components are:

  • Narrator - breaks down a process or an idea into bite size meaningful pieces
  • Tabs - shows the right content to the right segment of your audience
  • Timeline - show complex information in progressive disclosure
  • Video - show deep dives into complex topics
  • Before and after - let readers play with a slider that shows an image of the before state transforms into an image of the after state
  • Live graphs - hover and click on graphs to present more information when it’s needed

How create an interactive PowerPoint

  1. First, create the basic structure of your animation. This will involve creating a series of slides that will be displayed one after the other.

  2. Select one of the slides and then go to Animations > Add Animation - in the window that pops up, select “From Beginning” and then click “OK”. Your slide should now start animating automatically when it is displayed in front of an audience.

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