Marketing & Sales Automation Benefits for You & Your Team

Learn the benefits of automation in sales and marketing, how it can transform your productivity and accelerate your growth, and how to start automating.

Olivia Parkes

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Marketing and sales automation benefits

If you use automation tools, you can improve the way your marketing and sales teams function. As a result, you can also create efficiencies and improve your return on investment. This is because when you eliminate manual tasks, your teams can focus on doing what they do best.

Here, we’ll examine why this is the case, the benefits of automation in sales and marketing, and how to automate your sales process should you decide to.

What are the benefits of automating sales and marketing?

Not only does automation streamline processes, but it also makes life easier for your teams and helps you close more deals. Whether you’re buying a CRM tool or a scheduling tool, your teams will benefit. Here’s how:

Sales automation benefits

1) Save time and resources

Tracking customer relationships and moving prospects through the sales funnel can be time-consuming. But, by automating your sales process, you can save time and resources.

Sales automation tools take care of the responsibilities of a sales rep or manager. For example, they can schedule and send bulk emails, create conversation records, or draft reports.

Sales automation tools include:

Sales automation benefit

Source: ScienceSoft

2) Help human sales agents close more deals

Your sales representatives need to spend time building relationships and closing deals. But if you fail to automate your sales process, they won’t be able to carry out these tasks. Instead, they’ll spend most of their time entering data and performing admin tasks.

By automating the sales process, you can also increase efficiency. That way, your sales reps can focus on building relationships to stand the best chance of converting prospects.

You may also be interested in the best way to win over prospective customers. In that case, you’d wanna read our 101-guide on how to make a winning sales pitch deck.

3) Prevent human error

On top of this, automating the sales process also prevents human error. For example, it can stop grammatical errors from appearing in emails and eliminates CRM issues.

4) Help you get to know prospects better

When using sales automation tools, your team will enjoy many other benefits, including:

  • An ability to focus on the correct prospects
  • A proper understanding of customer preferences
  • A greater understanding of customer behavior.

Marketing automation benefits

1) Increase efficiency by saving time

There are many benefits of marketing automation tools. For example, they can make your department more efficient and help you streamline your marketing efforts.

Examples of marketing automation tools include:

Marketing automation benefits

Rather than taking the time to post content on social media every day, you can automate the process. This means that tasks that would usually take hours instead take seconds. In addition, this frees up time for more creative projects. You can use free Hootsuite alternatives to bulk schedule your posts.

2) Increase your conversion rates

Marketing automation tools will also make your team more effective. They can help you increase your conversion rate and manage leads by providing you with data. This is because your marketing automation software will track your leads for you. You can even use it for retargeting website visitors who leave without buying.

3) Automatically identify problems

Marketing automation tools also generate automated reports, making a tricky manual task simple. With accurate, streamlined reporting, you can see where things are going wrong. You can also simplify the process of reporting to stakeholders.

4) Create personalized marketing strategies

Finally, marketing automation software will help you personalize your digital marketing strategy. With marketing automation, you can target your desired personas on many channels.

For example, you can target them through social media, search ads, SMS, and email campaigns. One thing to keep in mind when sending and receiving a ton of emails is to follow the DMARC policy to ensure that both your company and lead data is secure from email security threats.

Combining sales and marketing automation

Your sales and marketing teams should not work in isolation. This is because sales automation tools can help the marketing team. Marketing automation tools can also help the sales team.

For example, marketing automation tools allow for lead scoring. Once this process has taken place, the tool can notify your sales team that a lead is now marketing qualified and ready for them to progress.

These tools can also provide the sales team with the correct message to send to these customers. The sales team can have more effective and personalized conversations by tracking interactions. This leads to a higher level of conversions and a better return on investment.

By tracking return on investment, automation software will also improve results. When you know your ROI for each channel, you can rank performance. Then you can run successful programs and cancel ones that don't perform.

You must ensure that both sales and marketing teams know the power of the tools available. This way, you can make sure that your teams are better aligned. This will mean that you do not waste time, and your sales team can reach out to prospects immediately.

How you can automate your sales and marketing

If you combine your sales and marketing automation, you can align company goals. Plus, you can generate more leads and increase sales. As a result, your marketing team will be more creative, while your sales team will be more productive. It's a win-win.

To automate your sales and marketing, you need to buy an appropriate automation tool that fits your needs. Unfortunately, some of these tools (like the ones we mentioned above) only provide one function.

But end-to-end automation solutions are available. For example, Apteco’s software solutions can automate multi-step, multi-channel campaigns and offer a single view of your customer's interactions and transactions.

Apteco softwa

Source: Apteco

This means you can optimize at every stage of the customer journey. Advanced solutions such as this will help you automate campaigns on every channel. They will also help you create personalized, event-driven campaigns.

Whether you choose simple, single-function tools or more integrated multi-functional solutions will depend on your budget. It will also depend on the exact tasks you need to automate and the benefits you're looking to receive.

But, no matter which automation solutions you choose, marketing, sales or business process automation, you'll feel the benefits. By eliminating manual tasks, you can unlock the true potential of your teams.

Olivia Parkes

Olivia Parkes is a Digital Marketing and Media Specialist at Apteco. She joined the Apteco team to boost the Apteco brand, improve the Search Engine Optimisation, create engaging content to push the Apteco platforms as well as sponsored advertisements. Olivia is CIM qualified and has 7 years of marketing experience working in a variety of sectors.

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