12 Ways to Use Content Marketing for E-commerce

Discover how to use content marketing to boost your e-commerce sales and reach new customers. Get started with our expert tips.

Rithesh Raghavan

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how to use content marketing for e-commerce

If increasing sales is a top priority, content marketing can help. Content marketing has been proven to be the most effective way to boost sales, with 82% of marketers actively investing in it, according to HubSpot’s 2021 State of Marketing report.

An effective content marketing strategy can increase traffic, build brand awareness, improve customer relationships, and ultimately drive sales. However, to achieve these outcomes, you need to create high-quality content.

If you want to use content marketing to increase sales, stay tuned because this is what this post is all about.

How to increase e-commerce purchases with content marketing

Using content as a marketing funnel is the best use of your website traffic.

However, the key to successful content marketing is not in the quantity but in the quality of your content.

It’s about choosing the content that appeals most to YOUR audience and tying it all together as intuitive steps in their buyer journey.

Below are strategies to help you understand how to use content marketing to drive sales.

1. Discover your buyer persona

Your content marketing strategy could fall short if you do not know who your content is intended for. This is where your buyer persona becomes crucial.

The buyer persona embodies your ideal customer - the person who is most likely to purchase your product. If you have not created a buyer persona yet, it’s time to do so.

You need to consider the following factors for your ideal buyer:

Once you have identified your ideal customer, creating content with the buyer persona in mind will be much easier. Such personalized content will stand out and attract visitors to become buyers.

Here's a great video on how to build a buyer persona for your online store:

Build a buyer perso

2. Start a blog

In today’s content marketing strategies, blogs are among the top three forms of media. They are a powerful method of content marketing that can drive relevant traffic to your site. You will increase the chances of potential customers visiting your site organically by writing effective blog posts. You can also diversify your content by hosting guest posts, but make sure that the content is always optimzied to your product needs. Optimized content can provide readers with a pleasant experience and convince them to become buyers of your products.

Consider the following when creating a blog post that focuses on selling:

  • Write compelling and engaging posts that hold the attention of readers until the end.
  • Concentrate on writing about topics that will attract the audience you are targeting.
  • When mentioning your products in the post, avoid presenting them from the standpoint of a sales agent; instead, write from an advisory perspective.

If you lack an individual on your team who can take on the role of a blogger, you can always collaborate with freelancers on how to start a blog. Alternatively, if you know you can create a blog by yourself, you can simply buy a domain and hosting, and even rent a VPS if you are looking for more powerful hosting.

This super short video will teach you how to start a blog:

How to start a blog

3. Share tutorials on your products

Your product sneak peeks can help users understand their value. Instead of talking about benefits, demonstrate them through tutorials in video format, which are visual and attention-grabbing. If you want to learn more, here’s our guide on how you can use video animations to create engaging content.

Videos also promote credibility. Viewing with their own eyes how the product performs has a strong effect on buyers. Don't forget about the commercials where individuals demonstrate how products perform. It instantly creates a desire to buy. This is the same effect that video tutorials have on potential customers.

Consider creating an aesthetically pleasing video and hiring someone to assist with script writing and filming. Although it's an investment, it's a one-time investment that can keep increasing sales rates indefinitely.

4. Showcase your products with a product one-pager

A great way to get prospects excited about your product and educate them about its functionalities is to create a product one-pager.

This one-page document gives an overview of your product and what it can do for your prospects in a way that’s unique to you and your offering. You can try a product description generator if you have more products to showcase.

We put together a handy guide on how to create a product one-pager that prospects are excited to read. From what to include to the best tools, you’ll learn all it takes to make a high-performing product one-pager like this one:

Tech product one-pager example

Digital product one-pager

A product one-pager showing smart manufacturing execution systems on a mission to digitalize production floors.

5. Place satisfied clients and reviews in focus

Online reviews influence purchasing decisions, with approximately 93% of buyers looking for product reviews online.

Below are some of the ways that online reviews influence your enterprise:

  • Trust building
  • Enhancing the visibility of your brand
  • Assisting in customer decision making
  • Driving sales through social proof

Share reviews and testimonials on your website, frequently updating them with new reviews from satisfied customers. Utilize user-generated content such as customer review Instagram post to showcase your products and further engage your audience.

6. Take advantage of high-quality content

Making high-quality content your go-to ensures consumers keep returning. Identifying your target audience, frequent information flow, and organic traffic through marketing the content effectively drive sales. Additionally, leveraging Google Trends API allows you to know the top trends and conversations in real time, so you can create content that is timely and relevant.

Consuming resources to provide insightful and top-notch knowledge beefs up sales. An interesting, appropriate, and well-written article entices the consumer to stay on your page longer and continue reading more of your materials. If you want to boost your business locally than you can create localized content that will help you with improved auidence engagement, Icrease reach, build trust, and high conversion rates.

7. Implement a call to action to convert readers

Including CTAs in your product-related materials inspires readers to keep checking your offerings.

For instance, if you 're selling insurance, you can create a post equipped with guidelines on how different insurnces can be extremely beneficial and cost-saving, and close the piece at the end with a CTA saying, "To get your insurance now, get in touch with us." In addition, include CTAs that show up in videos or pop up over the video if you have a YouTube video uploaded.

Here's a great article by Grammarly that will teach you how to write a perfect call to action.

8. Be active in discussion communities and forums

Participating in forums and discussion communities is a marketing channel that should not be neglected.

Websites like Quora allow people to ask questions and get helpful answers from contributors who are mostly experts from various industries.

Being active in these forums and communities helps increase the visibility of your brand and drive sales. To truly comprehend the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, it's vital to measure its impact against key industry benchmarks like overall e-commerce conversion rates. By understanding how your efforts stack up, you can better navigate improvements and strategically drive sales.

While offering solutions, provide a link that directs consumers to accommodative content on your blog. You can also link them to your product and service page to encourage people to make buying decisions. Since finances is most of the time the number one factor in a B2C buying decision, add links to useful resources like reviews of personal finance apps, or tips on how to save money.

9. Implement product listing

Implement product listing

Product listing is one of the best ways to implement content marketing and fortify sales. List your products in order of popularity, alphabetically, by price, category, tags, and number of sales. Include helpful information about each product to assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. This is just as important when it comes to wholesale e-commerce that can sells to both retailers and consumers directly.

Instead of providing the users with the same information as your competitors, embrace creativity and provide insightful information about your products to strengthen your content marketing tactics. This will not only help you maximize sales but also enhance search visibility and Google rankings.

10. Address consumer dissatisfaction

If your goal is to turn website visitors into customers, address their questions and concerns. Provide necessary details in your website content or blog.

Keep your focus on your customers’ pain points and provide them with every detail they need to make an informed purchase decision. Content marketing can help you sell even more if you provide your future customers with the information they need.

11. Convert leads

The main goal of content development is to boost website rankings and drive sales. Create content for every stage of your potential consumers’ journey, from answering basic queries to providing more detailed information.

Equip your website with the information that your visitors are searching for, then encourage them to take action by filling out the contact form or buying your products. Consider using a dropshipping atutomation tool to study different marketplaces and refine your niche.

By consistently following these steps, the content you create can effectively convert leads into potential customers. But if you have trouble creating content that converts, you can’t go wrong with employing content marketing services.

12. Avoid hard selling in your content

While the purpose of content marketing is to attract new buyers, avoid hard selling.

Instead, create separate pages for your products that provide detailed information on their features, options, and pricing. These can set your content apart from salesy language.

You should also link to these pages and include calls-to-action that direct visitors to your content.


Content marketing is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site and increasing sales.

By optimizing your content for SEO and implementing calls-to-action, you can convert website visitors into leads and paying customers. Create powerful and informative content to make an impact on your sales.

Rithesh Raghavan

Rithesh Raghavan is the director at Acodez, a Digital Agency in India. Having a rich experience of 15+ years in Digital Marketing, Rithesh loves to write up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development.

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