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How to Create a Sales Deck with AI (That Works)

Learn how to use AI to make a sales deck with a few simple steps. Plus, find out what’s the best AI tool for creating a sales deck. Get started.

how to create a sales deck with AI

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Short answer

What is the best AI tool to make a sales deck?

The best AI tool for creating a sales deck is definitely Storydoc. It lets you generate an effective sales deck based on a tried and tested content outline that worked for high-performing sales teams. You can then refine your message and add original product demos and infographics.

This post is part of our 6-part sales deck guide series:

  1. What is a sales presentation? (soon)
  2. How to write and structure a sales deck
  3. How to make your sales deck stand out and engage
  4. How to make a memorable sales deck
  5. How to personalize your sales deck to your buyer
  6. How to create a sales deck with AI (you are here)

Creating a winning deck is a tall order, but with AI on your side and a clear plan in place, it’s a surprisingly straightforward process.

Here’s how you can make it happen:

1) Tell our AI what type of presentation you want to create

Give our AI assistant a bit of information about the sales deck you want to make. This initial step helps it understand your goal so it can generate the right content structure.

2) Introduce yourself, your company, and your solution

Give our AI a quick rundown of the product or service you're selling, and the industry you're operating in. This information helps the AI tailor the sales deck content to your specifics.

Introduce yourself to Storydoc's AI assistant

3) Choose your design style

Choose from design style options optimized for performance based on real-world data. Pick one that aligns with your brand and sit back as our AI assistant generates your deck.

Pick a Storydoc design template

4) Customize your sales deck

  • Add your text, tweak the design, and watch as the design adapts to fit your content.
  • Use our AI assistant to write or improve your copy, or help you think of new ideas.
  • Upload your own images or generate originals with our AI assistant.
Customizable Storydoc multimedia presentation

5) Personalize at scale

  • Add dynamic variables to your sales deck (the same way you do in email automation).
  • Integrate Storydoc with your CRM and automatically populate your variables by pulling contacts’ information into your deck.
Personalized Storydoc multimedia presentation

6) Polish and perfect your sales deck

Review your sales deck. Make sure everything looks good, the flow makes sense, and your message is clear.

The beauty of Storydoc is that it lives online, so if you spot any mistakes after sending the deck, you can still fix them. You're in control of the version everyone sees, forever.

Storydoc multimedia presentation

AI sales deck templates

If you’re the type that wants to start from something tangible rather than an idea, you can use one of our sales deck templates to begin building your deck.

All these templates were built and optimized based on what we’ve seen work for sales teams in over 100,000 sales deck sessions. Use them to create your best sales deck ever.

Grab one!

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Hi, I'm Dominika, Content Specialist at Storydoc. As a creative professional with experience in fashion, I'm here to show you how to amplify your brand message through the power of storytelling and eye-catching visuals.

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