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What is a One-Pager in Business: Types, Templates & Tools

Learn the definition and meaning of a one-pager in business and the benefits of using one. Discover the main one-pager types and what to include in each.

Amotz Harari

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Short answer

What is a one-pager in business?

A one-pager is a short single-page document that provides an in-depth overview of a company, product, service, or project. It’s used to concisely communicate unique value and benefits to effectively pitch potential clients, investors, or stakeholders.

Your one-pager is your first impression - make it count

Think of a business one-pager as your written elevator pitch. It’s your chance to give decision-makers the core of what you're offering.

Anything you want to promote can benefit from the proverbial one-pager elevator pitch; a startup, a product, a project, or an internal marketing or sales plan.

But “benefit” is not the right word. Whatever you want to promote RELIES on an effective one-pager.

If you tried promoting anything then you know that decision-makers are busy people. Our analysis of over 100K one-pager reading sessions shows that 32% of decision-makers drop off after 15 seconds.

That’s why one-pagers are such an effective tool. They get to the point quickly, spark initial interest, and establish a conversation.

But if you feel that cramming everything about your business or product into a single page is impossible, I don’t blame you.

To help you, I put together a handy guide with everything you need to know:

  • What a one-pager really is

  • What any successful one-pager includes

  • What an effective one-pager looks like

  • Where you can find amazing one-pager templates

  • And what tools can save you time, money, and frustration

A one-pager is not what you think

When you think of a one-pager what comes to mind? Is it an A4 page dense with text, a few graphs and infographics, and a link to further reading?

Well, that’s not a one-pager. This is what one-pagers used to be. And they remain like this only in the nightmares of decision-makers.

What is a bad one-pager? Here's what it looks like:


PDF one-pagers are painfully hard to read because they constantly force you to pinch in and out to view content. On mobile reading them becomes impossible. But almost half of all PDFs are opened on mobile. Big problem.

Here's what a static PDF one-pager and an interactive one-pager look like side by side:

Static PPT example
Static PPT
Interactive Storydoc one-pager
Interactive Storydoc

Today’s modern one-pager is an interactive webpage that includes the same information you’d pack into an A4 but in a breathable, unimposing mobile-friendly format we’re all accustomed to.

Your audience can read a modern one-pager on any device, they can watch videos, click on tabs, and interact with live data in graphs and charts, making them perfect for multichannel prospecting.

But more importantly, you get analytics into how your readers engage with the content. With Storydoc one-pager builder specifically, you get an out-of-the-box analytics suite.

PDFs are engagement killers and analytics black holes. If you use them for your one-pagers you’re likely failing and you’ll never know it.

Here's what a modern interactive company one-pager looks like:

Types of business one-pagers

  1. Sales one-pager

  2. Startup one-pager

  3. Marketing one-pager

  4. Company one-pager

  5. Product one-pager

  6. Business plan one-pager

  7. Event one-pager

  8. One-page report

What should a one-pager include?

A one-pager includes only the most plausible information to grab the attention of decision-makers and get them interested in learning more.

The exact structure your one-pager should include depends on the one-pager type you intend to make.

Choose your type of one-pager:

Sales one-pager

A sales one-pager is used to provide a snapshot of the company’s offering and its unique value proposition.

  1. Title slide

  2. Company introduction (Who we are?)

  3. Industry challenges

  4. Solution overview

  5. How it works

  6. Benefits

  7. Next steps

Startup one-pager

A startup one-pager is used to provide a fast company overview for investors

  1. Title slide

  2. Vision statement

  3. The problem

  4. The solution

  5. Proven results

  6. Market Opportunity

  7. Competitor analysis

  8. Go-to-market strategy

  9. Revenue projections

  10. Team introduction

  11. Fundraising goals

  12. Roadmap/Product plan

  13. Call-to-action (Contat us)

Marketing one-pager

A marketing one-pager is used to present a marketing plan to potential customers or internally to executive management.

  1. Title slide

  2. Company introduction (Who we are?)

  3. Industry challenges

  4. Solution overview

  5. How it works (process)

  6. Benefits and outcomes

  7. Call to action (contact)

Company one-pager

A company one-pager, also called a corporate one-pager, is used to provide a quick overview of a company’s offering, activity, or authority for prospective clients, investors, or partners.

  1. Title slide

  2. Company introduction (Who we are?)

  3. Target market

  4. Proven success

  5. Main features

  6. Financials

  7. Testimonial

  8. Trust indicators

  9. Call to action (contact us)

Product one-pager

A product one-pager is used as a one-page brochure to showcase a B2B product or a high-ticket B2C product (like a house or a car)

  1. Title slide

  2. Salesperson introduction

  3. Company introduction (Who we are?)

  4. Industry challenges

  5. Solution overview

  6. How it works

  7. Benefits and outcomes

  8. Next steps

Business plan one-pager

A business plan one-pager is used to present the core information of a business plan to investors or internal decision-makers so as a base for an initial conversation.

  1. Title slide

  2. Company introduction (Who we are?)

  3. The problem statement

  4. Market analysis

  5. How the product works

  6. Future objectives

  7. Unique selling points

  8. SWOT analysis

  9. Key issues

  10. Financial summary

  11. Testimonials

  12. Team introduction (our team)

  13. Call to action (contact us)

Event one-pager

Digital brochure for events or conventions: used to provide access to informative video content, special offers, etc.

This use case does not have a set structure.

One-page report

A one-page report is used for updating investors and stakeholders or for internal communications such as progress reports, business plans, roadmaps, and mission statements.

  1. Title slide

  2. Executive summary

  3. Methodology

  4. Key highlights

  5. Analysis

  6. Findings

  7. Future outlook

  8. Recommendations

  9. Conclusion

  10. Appendices

One-pager templates

You can save time and frustration by grabbing one of our tried and tested one-pager templates.

I’ve curated the main types of one-pagers for you so you can go ahead and start working. They are much more engaging and converting than your same-old PDF or PowerPoint.

These templates were built with interactivity in mind and come with built-in analytics that instantly give you invaluable insights into how your readers engage with the content.

Grab one.

And for more options, you can go look at our full gallery of one-pager templates.

No templates found

Use of one-pagers in sales

One-pagers are typically used for sales prospecting at the top-of-funnel awareness and interest stages to get a prospective customer intrigued about hearing more about your offering.They are aimed at building trust with prospects and helping them decide whether they want to move forward and learn more about your product or service.

Why one-pagers are important for effective sales

A one-pager is important for sales because it is your starting point in the defining lead stage (Marketing Qualified Lead, or MQL stage). But, the benefits of a well-prepared one-pager trickle down to the further stages of the funnel too.

It can either make or break that first impression at the prospecting stage and is the deciding factor in whether a lead will decide to explore your solution or go to your competitors instead.

Who should use one-pagers for sales?

One-pagers are mostly used by various types of sales and marketing professionals, but mostly Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Marketing Development Representatives (MDRs), and Account Executives (AEs).

Recommended one-pager builder software

To create a modern web-based one-pager you can use a variety of different tools.

Most professioanls rely on the standard website builders to do the job, but there are dedicated one-pager builders you may want to consider instead.

The main difference between a one-pager builder and a webpage builder is in the ease of use.

Most webpage builders are first and foremost website builders, so they are needlessly complicated to use for creating a stand-alone marketing one-pager.

A dedicated one-pager builder works more like a presentation maker than a website builder, with each content block behaving as a pre-designed slide with a specific purpose and use case.

Our top 9 recommended one-pager builders

  1. Storydoc - Build sales and marketing one-pagers with a dedicated one-pager builder

  2. Elementor - Build a one-page site with a website builder for WordPress

  3. Wix - Build a one-page site using the Wix website builder

  4. Renderforest - Build a one-page site using an AI website builder

  5. Squarespace - Build a one-page site using the Squarespace website builder

  6. Code Conductor - Launch startups, build mobile apps, or craft dynamic websites within seconds, on a no-code website + AI builder platform

  7. Webwave - An AI website-building tool that can be used to create interactive one-pagers too

  8. ZIP - Build a one-pager with a website builder for WordPress

  9. – Create single or multiple page site with an AI website builder

Amotz Harari

As the Head of Marketing, I lead Storydoc’s team of highly trained content-ops warriors fighting to eradicate Death-by-PowerPoint wherever it resides. My mission is to enable buyer decision-making by removing the affliction of bad content from the inboxes of businesses and individuals worldwide.

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