10 Best Business Plan Software for Startups (2024)

Access our list of top business plan tools. Learn about the benefits of business plan software, what types there are, pricing, reviews, and what sets each apart.

Dmytro Sokhach

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A well written business plan can be the difference between success and failure. If you want your startup to succeed then the best thing you can do is write a detailed business plan that shows where you’re headed and your vision of how to get there.

There are so many tools available that it can make your head spin. It also makes it hard work to find the best business plan tool for your exact needs.

My goal for this post is to walk you through what to consider when choosing the best business plan software for your needs, and inform you about the benefits of using startup business plan software of each type.

I’ll help you narrow down your search by sharing with you my list of 10 best business plan software for startups and small businesses, so you can get started right away!

Types of business plan software

The main types of business planning tools differ mainly in the technology used to run the software. Some tools run directly on your computer (locally) and others run on a cloud platform.

These differences may define the pricing model. Local apps tend to be one-off purchases, and cloud-based SaaS products tend to be subscription-based.

It may also have implications on the processing power. Cloud platforms depend on your internet bandwidth, and local apps will depend on your computer's CPU.

Some services, such as BizPlanBuilder, offer mixed solutions that combine cloud-based software and a Windows application. This option usually gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Cloud-based software
  • Windows (local) application
  • A mix of cloud and local software

Why do I need business plan software?

The benefits of using business plan software are improved workflow and better outcome. But there are many small but valuable benefits when creating your startup business plan with a specialized software, rather than using Word, Google Docs, or PowerPoint.

  1. Modeling convenience. A bespoke software for planning and financial forecasting allows you to create and customize business regulations and quickly update the hierarchy of processes;
  2. Ability to process a large amount of data. When the company expands, there is no compulsion to modify or copy large amounts of data manually;
  3. The calculation and modification of data in real-time. The changes made are immediately transferred to all connected plans. Thus, it is possible to have all the information about the company's activities at any time: reporting on profits and losses, the most accurate forecast of financial flows, etc.

With the right business planner tool you'll be able to cut the time you spend on starting your online business.

That's what Evisa Express claims to do. Not only do they promise to save their customers 85% of their time, they also reduce their working hours.

There are many options of such software specifically for startups. They contain all the necessary functions to easily create, customize, and update your business plan.

What to consider when choosing business plan software

Below are the most important business planning software features you should keep an eye for:

  1. Financial forecasts. This is a handy tool for generating a detailed financial forecast for investors based on information about your current and projected sales. It can be integrated into your existing accounting software, which is beneficial for aspiring business owners;
  2. Detailed reporting. This tool will help create an attractive report for investors and lenders;
  3. Presentation creation. You won't need to spend money on additional software to create a nifty and compelling business plan presentation for your investors;
  4. Business tips. Many services offer online tutorials and provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to write a business plan. Beginners can also benefit from advice on running a business from professionals.

The software you choose should have a function of customization. Even if you're using a ready-made business plan template, with its help, the business plan is easy to update, as well as adjust to the needs of your particular company.

Best 10 business plan software for startups

Take a look at our breakdown of each tool on the list below to find the software with the proper set of capabilities and features for your circumstances.

1. Storydoc

Storydoc is a business plan creator designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses create outstanding and innovative business plans as well as other types of presentations.

With an intuitive interface and a wide range of features, Storydoc makes it easy to organize and present your business roadmap, executive summary, go to market (GTM), competitors, financials, SWOT, and other aspects of your plan in a clear and concise manner.

What sets Storydoc apart is the fact it gives you ready-made interactive slide templates that are scientifically proven to bring high engagement, grab and hold attention, and let you guide viewers and readers to the next step.

Business p


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • Templates that have been optimized for engagement;
  • Robust integrations with your existing tech stack;
  • The ability to pull company branding directly from your website;
  • Extensive analytics panel where you can track the performance of your business plan.

Possible disadvantages include a lack of collaboration tools so that multiple users could work on the business plan together.

Some advantages would be the gallery of business plan templates and the extensive library of other critical business documents such as one-pager templates, sales deck templates, and proposal templates.

Pricing plan options:

  • Starter ($40/month per user)
  • Pro ($60/month per user)
  • and custom Team plans with pricing available upon request.

*You can also save money with annual billing.

2. LivePlan.com

LivePlan is software with an intuitive interface and plenty of ready-made templates. It’s useful for startups. With its help, you can easily create a one-page business strategy and then add any optional features you need.

The service contains more than 500 ready-made industry business plan templates approved by the SBA.

LivePlan business plan software

Source: Liveplan.com

It has some useful tools:

  • A virtual training center for startup owners;
  • Ability to integrate already installed financial software;
  • Real-time financial data tracking;
  • Performance tracking by various parameters;
  • Integration with Xero and QuickBooks Online services available;
  • Export of the complete business plan to Word or PDF is enabled.

Possible disadvantages of this software for novice entrepreneurs are limited opportunities to integrate other tools and difficulty to create your own financial modeling projections.

Pricing plan options:

  • Annual ($15 per month, paid once a year);
  • Six months ($15 per month);
  • Pay As You Use ($20 per month, paid monthly).

*LivePlan does not offer any long-term contracts. A 60-day free demo period is available.

A possible disadvantage of the service for beginners is the complicated algorithm of financial software integration and limited opportunity for financial modeling.

3. BizPlan.com

BizPlan is a universal business plan builder with the additional feature of connecting to all the tools of the Startups.com network.

Perfect for startups that are based on raising investments. It lets you divide the entire scope of work into steps and then track progress using the built-in Progress Tracker tool.

It is a step-by-step builder with the ability to use all the tools of the Startups.com service after the initial subscription. A large amount of data can be divided into stages for convenience and then tracked with the Progress Tracker tool.

BizPlan business plan tool

Source: BizPlan.com


  • Possibility of issuing lifetime access to the service;
  • Connectivity to Findable is available. This is important for companies that are interested in attracting financial investment;
  • There are many online educational programs for entrepreneurs;
  • Multiple owners can be connected to one account.

The possible disadvantages are the lack of a free version and the absence of a mobile version. Also, there are no industry templates for creating a business plan.

Pricing plan options:

  • Monthly plan ($29 per month)
  • Annual plan ($20.75 per month or $249/year)
  • Lifetime access (one-time fee of $349)

4. Upmetrics.co

Upmetrics is a handy builder with additional features for strategic planning. The cloud-based software simplifies the complex work of creating a business plan.

This includes handy worksheet tools and built-in templates to customize your plan or forecast for your specific needs.

Upmetrics.co business plan software

Source: Upmetrics


  • A wide choice of customized templates;
  • Compatibility with social networks;
  • Adjustable activity panel;
  • Financial forecasting function.

Pricing plan options:

  • Individual plan ($9 per person/ month)
  • Team plan ($14 per month)
  • Premium plan ( $49 per month)

*They do not offer a free trial version.

5. Enloop.com

Enloop is a turnkey solution for creating business plans for investors, banks, and lenders. This is a cloud-based software with writing and text synchronization features.


Source: Enloop.com


  • You can make 1 free business plan;
  • There is a completely free version for testing the solution;
  • It is available in several languages;
  • Interactive PDF is available.

Pricing plan options:

  • Basic ($9 per person per month)
  • Advanced ($11 to $20 per month)
  • Professional ($24 to $40 per month)

6. GoSmallBiz.com

GoSmallBiz is an online support system specifically for small businesses and startups. An important nuance is that this software only works in the United States. There are online business training tutorials for aspiring entrepreneurs.

GoSmallBiz business plan software

Source: GoSmallBiz


  • Access to up-to-date management information for decision-making;
  • Unlimited access to an online consultant;
  • There is access to the database to collect current information and attract customers.

Possible disadvantages are a limited number of templates and sync available only with Microsoft Word or PDF.

Pricing plan options:

  • Monthly fee of $39

7. Business Sorter

Business Sorter is a handy constructor for creating internal business plans. It is suitable for entrepreneurs who don't need a presentation to attract investors.

This cloud-based software has ready-made solutions for all key areas of business planning: brand building, financial planning, sales, and more.

Business Sorter

Source: businesssorter.com


  • Card system with 173 digital cards;
  • An unlimited number of team members can be added, tasked, and monitored;
  • Access from multiple devices is possible;
  • There is a built-in help function;
  • Strong data protection.

Possible disadvantages are a small number of financial planning tools and educational materials presented only in Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Pricing plan options:

The cost depends on the number of users. There is a special offer for companies with an unlimited number of team members.

8. iPlanner

iPlanner is a multifunctional platform for business planning. It can also be used for project management. This solution contains ready-made business plan templates for different startup options: restaurant, enterprise, venture capital project, and others.

iPlanner business plan software

Source: iPlanner


  • Business plan creation wizard with step-by-step instructions;
  • Several tools for creating financial forecasts;
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and DropBox;
  • Training content library with practical recommendations for creating a business;
  • Support of an experienced mentor.
  • All users can back up their data to the cloud storage.

Pricing plan options:

  • Professional Plan (supports 1 project, $55)
  • Corporate Plan (supports 12 projects, $93)
  • Corporate Plus (the price is set individually)

*They do not have a payment plan paid each month.

9. Cuttles

Cuttles is a fully interactive, cloud-based business planning software with ready-made templates. Developers have emphasized planning and the ability to manage budgets and make financial forecasts.

Cuttles business plan software

Source: cuttles.io


  • A template for creating a one-page business plan for banks, investors, and lenders;
  • The cloud service provides a high level of security;
  • There is a convenient business plan export to PDF;
  • Support is available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, and Portuguese;
  • There is a free version for 14 days.

Cuttles offers online training for startup owners: courses with video lessons and a library of tools/ useful resources.

Pricing plan options:

  • Seed Plan (one startup and one user, $8/year)
  • Grow Plan (one startup, unlimited users, $16/year)
  • Series Plan (unlimited startups and users, $48/year)

10. MAUS Master Plan Lean

MAUS is a business plan creation software created in Australia. Perfect for startup creators who want to move into strategic planning.

The service has everything for that: a business plan creation wizard with step-by-step instructions, tools for 5-year financial projections, and financial reports for budget planning.

Maus Master Plan Lean business plan software

Source: MAUS


  • Strategic planning wizard;
  • There is a tool for creating a step-by-step action plan, building and tracking tasks for maximum productivity;
  • Function for creating schedules;
  • Collaboration function;
  • Marketing reports can be generated, and performance can be tracked in real time.

MAUS Master Plan has no free version, which can be a problem for small business owners and startup creators.

Pricing plan options:

  • Business planning & HR Pack ($97 per month)
  • MasterPlan Learn ($299 per year)
  • Business Planning Pack ($499 per year)

I hope that this list has helped you move forward with confidence to grow your business fast and effectively. Best of luck!

Dmytro Sokhach

Dmytro Sokhach is an entrepreneur and the 6-Figure Flipper Club member. Founded Admix Global (web agency) that builds websites, makes them profitable, and sells them as business.

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