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Why pick our proposal templates

Deals closing themselves

Storydoc proposal templates work like an extra member of your sales team: pitching the key benefits of your product at the stage of the sales process where you can’t always be there.


Outperforming your competitors

Simple as that. Other businesses are fighting you over this prospect. Use fully-customizable proposal templates that immediately impress, feel personalized, and make your value proposition stick.


Easy to use and ready in minutes

You could hire an agency to design proposals for you. It would take a month and cost a small fortune.

Or you could pick Storydoc and use a professional fill-in-the-blanks template to have a stunning proposal ready today.


Deep insights into the sales process

Storydoc’s proposal templates come with advanced analytics. You’ll learn where your prospects churn, what excites them most, or what their fears are. And you’ll know exactly what your next step should be.


Next-level integrations

Storydoc proposals let you do what no other proposals can: capture leads directly to your CRM, personalize at scale with our smart API, add calendars, external videos, live chats, and more.


Amazing on mobile

Nothing more frustrating than opening a static PDF on mobile and pinching in and out forever. The good news is your customers will never experience it again. Storydocs are designed to be mobile-responsive across all devices.


What makes a great business proposal template?

An excellent business proposal template is one that stands out. Any good proposal template must be aesthetic as well as well-structured.

But to stand out your proposal deck should go beyond your typical PowerPoint PPT. It should be interactive and include videos and lead-capture tool integrations such as your calendar app, lead-form, and chatbot.

Whether your proposal is for a project, a product, a service, or research, the scope, timeline, details, and cost should be clear, concise, and easy to locate.

But to stand out from the rest of your competitors, your proposal deck presentation should be modern, dynamic, and web-based, so that your buyers could read it on any device and share it across their organization.

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How these proposal templates go beyond any PowerPoint

PowerPoint was first released in 1987. It’s lost its edge. In technological terms using PowerPoint is like getting your food by taking your spear and chasing gazelles. It’s ineffective and inappropriate for the times.

To create a winning proposal your templates should be storytelling machines. For this they need to be scroll base, to fit how the modern buyer consumes information.

You also want to be in the know if your proposals are being shared internally. And for this, you need a web-based proposal template with usage analytics.

An effective modern-day proposal template should also have tabs that allow segmenting content for different decision makers like the C Suite, budget holder, IT, user, and champion.

Storydoc does all this. Powerpoint is a blunt instrument. Storydoc can be your new edge.

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