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How to Make an Outstanding Pitch Deck with AI

Learn how to use AI to create your pitch decks faster and better than ever. Get tips, techniques, and tools to help you make pitch decks that get results.

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What are the best AI tools for making a pitch deck?

  1. Storydoc - Interactive Storytelling Pitch Decks
  2. Narrato AI Tools - Stellar Content for Pitch Decks
  3. Feedly - AI Tool for Research
  4. - AI Meme Generator for Pitch Decks
  5. AISEO Slogan Generator - For Attention-Grabbing Slogans

With great AI comes great opportunity

A well-made pitch deck can open doors to new possibilities and give you the upper hand when it comes to attracting an investor or partners.

But here's the thing: Crafting unique pitch decks is far from easy. To secure interest and support from the stakeholders, you have to get your message across quickly in a digestible format.

Your pitch deck should be able to spark curiosity, evoke emotions, and create a sense of urgency at the same time. And it needs to look good too.

AI's got your back when it comes to making the perfect pitch deck. From intelligent design suggestions to data-driven insights, artificial intelligence (AI) can become your trusty co-pilot, helping you create pitch decks of your dreams.

It can help you strike a delicate balance between providing enough information to convey the value proposition and keeping it concise enough to maintain audience interest.

In this article, we'll explore how AI tools can help transform your pitch deck into a compelling masterpiece.

Let's begin!

What can AI tools do to enhance your pitch deck?

Creating pitch decks takes a while. Thankfully, there are AI tools to cut down the hours spent crafting these presentations. And not only that, AI tools can enhance the quality of your pitch decks too.

A survey has found that AI-generated pitch decks consistently outperformed human-created decks in impressing stakeholders.

So sure, AI tools can help you create better pitch decks. But what exactly can they do?

AI-powered tools offer a range of capabilities:

So sure, AI tools, with their natural language processing capabilities, can help you create better pitch decks. But what exactly can AI tools do?

AI-powered tools offer a range of capabilities:

  1. Phrase your pitch deck message in a clear and concise way. This makes it easier to get your point across quickly and efficiently.

  2. Hone in on the key points for your pitch deck. This lets you trim any unnecessary details.

  3. Analyze the tone and language of your content. AI tools that leverage sentiment analysis help you understand which parts of your pitch evoke the desired emotional responses, so you can really emphasize those bits.

  4. Assist with pitch deck designing. AI tools can draw from visual design fundamentals of color, font, layout, etc. And make a beatiful deck in minutes rather than hours.

  5. Help with audience analysis. This provides you with valuable information about your potential investors/partners, their interests, investment preferences, and more.

Best AI tools for enhancing your pitch deck

AI tools are software apps that leverage machine learning, computer vision, NLP, and other artificial intelligence techniques to perform specific tasks, provide insights, and enhance various processes, including pitch deck designing.

Stop spending countless hours refining the content and design to create a winning pitch deck. You have the tools to do much of this for you.

1. Storydoc: Interactive storytelling pitch decks

Storydoc is a platform that helps users create a variety of interactive presentations, from case studies, reports, and proposals to sales decks and (yes) pitch deck presentations. The AI Pitch Deck Creator is where the magic happens.

With this nifty tool, you don't have to depend on static pitch deck presentations anymore. It comes with interactive pitch deck templates and a range of customization options to help you create your pitch deck presentations in a fraction of the time.

And the result? You'll get a 103% increase in reading time, and in most cases, your pitch decks will be read in full.

Here are some of the unique features of this AI tool:

Wide selection of interactive templates

Ready-to-use pitch deck templates, designed to maximize your performance. Choose between a startup pitch deck, sales pitch deck, modern pitch deck, product pitch deck, creative pitch deck, and more. These templates also support any screen and device.

AI design

Leave the design on the AI pitch deck generator that chooses the most suitable design layout, and applies your brand assets automatically.

AI writing assistant

The built-in AI writing tool can also help you fine-tune your pitch deck messaging. It comes with three use cases, Headline, Paragraph, and Short Text, to tinker with the text and brainstorm creative ways to make the pitch deck stand out.

AI visual assistant

You'll find tons of icons, stock images, and videos to add to your pitch deck. There is also an AI text-to-image generator to create customized images for your pitch deck slides.

Automatic analytics insights

Besides helping you create pitch deck presentations, Storydoc will also give your valuable engagement insights. You can find out the reading time, the particular slides that recorded the most dwell time, and also if the pitch deck was shared with others.


Storydoc comes with three pricing plans (Starter, Pro, and Team), which start from $30 per user per month.

2. Narrato AI Tools - Stellar Content for Pitch Decks

Narrato is an AI content workspace that can help with everything in your content process. And yes, that includes the content you create for pitch deck presentations. It comes with a suite of AI tools, which are part of the AI Content Assistant on Narrato Workspace.

Here are the main features of this AI content creation platform that can be useful in pitch deck creation.

AI writer

The key to a winning pitch deck is how effectively you're able to tell your story to partners/investors, and Narrato's AI writer can help you with exactly that.

It comes with 40+ use cases, some of which can be incredibly useful in creating content for different elements of the presentation.

You can generate headlines, and product descriptions or use a 'PAS copy' use case to create the problem statement and the solution components of the pitch deck.

There are also some unique use cases like 'Write for me', 'Paraphrase a paragraph', and 'Content Improver' to help you brainstorm ideas and refine your content.

ChatGPT integration

If you're stuck for ideas for your pitch deck presentation or need help with research, you can leverage the ChatGPTintegration on Narrato.

AI image generator tool

This platform also comes with an AI text-to-image generator that is capable of producing unique AI-generated photos in a variety of styles. You can also search for stock images directly from the workspace.

Custom templates

You can also build custom templates for your content, with rich text, plain text, dropdown, and attachment sections. This helps you get structured input from your team in case you are delegating the pitch deck creation activity to others.

Besides this, Narrato also has a heap of cool features for content teams looking to streamline their content activities.

There's an SEO content brief generator, AI topic generator, content calendar, publishing automation, and tons of other features for project and team management.


Narrato has three pricing plans (Pro, Business, and Custom) for you to choose from. Prices start at just $45/month for five user seats.

3. Feedly - AI Tool for Research

As we've mentioned before, every pitch deck presentation starts with research.

This is the stage where you'll gather relevant information and insights to support your business proposition and make a compelling case to potential stakeholders. And Feedly AI can help with that.

This AI tool can cut down your research time in half, as it saves you the trouble of having to sift through hundreds of articles on Google search or other information sources.

You can train this tool to filter out the relevant research for you and track topics, trends, and companies effortlessly.

Feedly AI doesn't boast a lot of features. It does one thing and does it well. It is based on machine learning models, which help the tool in gathering, analyzing, and prioritizing information.

And you get actionable insights in real-time. The tool claims to speed up the research process by almost 70%.


Feedly AI pricing plans (Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise) start from $6 per month. There's also a free trial with the Enterprise plan.

4. - AI Meme Generator for Pitch Decks

To create a winning pitch deck, you have to look for ways to make it unique. Memes can help you here.

Memes are a great way to make an impact with your pitch deck presentation while having fun.

They can get your investors/partners/stakeholders laughing, capture their attention, and keep them engaged. And you can be sure that a message conveyed using this technique is going to stick with the reader.

Now, let's give you the scoop on what this AI tool - Supermeme - can do. It's essentially an AI meme generator that makes it easier to create original memes in a matter of seconds.

To demonstrate how useful this AI tool can be for pitch decks, they've created their own pitch deck using only memes.

Here are the standout features of Supermeme -

  • Text-to-meme generator: When the tool is provided prompts, it automatically selects the appropriate meme templates, adds the caption, and generates a meme.

  • Meme templates: There is a curated database of all your favorite meme templates, which is constantly updated.

  • Themed memes: You can provide the tool with a broad theme or topic, and choose a template to generate memes.

  • Advanced meme search: You can specify actions or emotions and the tool with give you appropriate templates that will go well with it.

  • Meme editor with several customization options.

  • Supports more than 110 languages to help you create multilingual memes.

  • Option to create GIF memes.


You can create up to 160 memes for free with the Supermeme Free plan. The paid plans (Solo, Startup, Enterprise) start from $9.99 per month.

5. AISEO Slogan Generator - For Attention-Grabbing Slogans

To make sure your pitch is remembered, you need a tagline or slogan. This is the one line that will sum up your entire presentation, and it is crucial for making a strong impression on investors, partners, or stakeholders.

AISEO's Slogan Generator can help you create a slogan that is short, catchy, and communicates the essence of your company to the stakeholders.

Creating a slogan with this AI tool is fairly simple:

1. Add a brief description of your company and the differentiators or mention your brand activity.

2. Select the tone of voice you want the tagline to be in.

3. Select your preferred language.

4. Add some keywords.

The tool then generates a list of taglines that you can add to the editor if you want to refine it further.


This AISEO feature is completely free.

Techniques to create better pitch decks using AI

Creating an effective pitch deck involves researching prospects, focusing your message, enhancing design, using data, creating emotional connections, and reviewing your pitch.

Why not use AI tools to streamline these processes?

The tools we listed above can help you achieve a lot with less effort than ever before:

  1. identify prospects
  2. craft a compelling message
  3. design an appealing pitch deck
  4. process and present data
  5. create emotional narratives
  6. and provide objective analysis of your pitch deck

1. How to research your prospects

Before you start crafting your pitch deck, figure out who you're going to present it to and do some research on them.

This research will help you understand which aspects of your business align with the prospects' needs. It also shows that you have done your homework for creating the pitch deck.

To make the process of research more streamlined, you can apply the following methodology -

1. Determine your prospects: The very first step is to identify who your prospects are, their role, industry, and specialization.

2. Background and interests: Explore their professional history and past investments/partnerships, and try to develop a better understanding of their priorities and interests.

Their online presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn can give you a good idea about their professional activities.

And with a tool like Feedly AI, you can also find published interviews/articles that might be of interest.

3. Study their previous investments/partnerships: Do some research on their partnerships. Figure out what kinds of projects or companies they have an interest in. This info can help you tailor your presentation to fit their tastes.

4. Make the most of professional networks like LinkedIn: LinkedIn can help you identify if there are any shared contacts.

You can also use SwordfishAI, an AI tool that gives you the most recent and reliable contact info, including personal and business emails.

Reach out to the identified contacts and see if they can offer any insight into your prospects.

If they have had prior dealings with them, they might be willing to help you understand the best way to approach and engage with them.

2. How to focus your message

When you're creating your pitch deck, make sure it conveys just one main idea - that way, you won't be overwhelming your prospects.

You can add some points in the form of key takeaways, but make sure to focus on the main message, a memorable statement that investors will remember after you're done presenting.

This statement should include two important things -

  • A user pain point
  • The solution you're offering for that pain point

What the investors need is proof that you really understand the main problem your product/service/business solves.

They also want you to show how your solution will be an improvement on the existing solutions. This is where you can communicate your unique value proposition. Narrato's AI writing assistant can help you craft a message that sticks.

3. How to enhance your pitch deck design to make it more visually appealing

An aesthetically appealing and well-thought-out pitch deck design can significantly impact the effectiveness of your pitch deck.

Neglecting the design can undermine the overall impression in the eyes of the investors, even if you have a compelling business plan.

If you want to strengthen your message with the right pitch deck design, keep in mind the following -

  • Consistency: Ensure consistency in terms of branding and design to build brand association.

  • Simplicity: Keep your design clean, simple, and uncluttered. Instead of excessive text or complex visuals, use concise bullet points, clear headings, and impactful imagery like infographics using an infographic template to convey your message effectively.

  • Quality: Avoid generic stock photos and videos at all costs. Instead, use relevant images that align with your brand and message.

  • Animations: Pick subtle and purposeful animations that create a sense of movement and keep the prospects engaged.

  • Readability: Ensure that the text in the pitch is easily readable, even from a distance. Consider the viewing environment and avoid using font sizes that are too small.

Or simply use an AI tool like Storydoc that does all of this for you.

4. How to use AI to process, simplify, and present data

Numbers and data add credibility to your pitch. They give the investors/partners something concrete to latch onto and say, "Hey, this person knows what they're talking about!".

They help you build a solid case, make your pitch more persuasive, and might just be the thing that gets you the funding.

But here's the thing: droning on about numbers can make your pitch deck boring and repetitive. Use these numbers to build a story instead.

Start by extracting relevant insights from raw, unstructured data with the help of an AI tool like Levity AI. With this, you can identify patterns, trends, and key metrics that are essential for your pitch deck.

Once you have a foundation, build a story around it to highlight the problem you're trying to solve and present your offering as a solution.

The Storydoc charts and graphs slide templates can also help you present your data in a digestible format.

5. How to use AI to create an emotional connection

Adding data and numbers to your pitch deck is great, but if you're not able to connect with the stakeholders on an emotional level, it defeats the purpose.

As we stated before, the investors/partners want to see how your solution can improve the lives of customers.

So, make sure that you do thorough market research before building your pitch deck. You can use an AI-powered sentiment analysis tool like Brand24 to find out what moves your customer segment.

Storytelling is another way you can boost the emotional appeal of your pitch deck. And AI tools like ChatGPT can help you build compelling and emotionally engaging narratives within your pitch deck.

Some AI tools can also provide voice and tone analysis, helping you modulate your tone to elicit specific emotional responses.

6. How to use AI to review your pitch deck

You can also use AI for objective analysis of your pitch deck.

Storydoc, for instance, offers data-driven insights to help you refine your pitch deck and create a more compelling, persuasive, and impactful presentation.

With this AI tool, you can analyze the engagement level of your pitch deck and track user interactions, such as the time spent on each slide or the click-through rates of interactive elements.

Make outstanding pitch decks with templates guided by AI

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