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14 Sales Deck Examples That Outsell the Rest (+Template)

Learn to outsell competitors with great sales deck examples for B2B, SaaS, SMBs, and more. Learn what makes a great selling deck, and grab a template.

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Amotz Harari

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Short answer

What makes an outstanding sales deck?

An outstanding sales deck delivers an experience rather than a task. It uses storytelling to create a sense of urgent need for action in the buyer’s mind, all the while positioning your solution as the ultimate instrument for taking that action.

Why pitch deck examples and best practices won’t help you

Making a sales deck that sells effectively is like a golfer hitting a hole-in-one. It’s very hard to do, but some people do it.

But let’s face it - for most of us, it’s a struggle.

The problem is we all look at the same “best sales deck examples”, we all follow the same best practices, and we all use the same best templates…

But yesterday’s best is not enough anymore.

This post will give you the tools to do it differently and make an interactive a sales deck that stands out.

Interactive decks have 103% longer reading time

Interactive content gives you 1.24 extra minutes on average to demonstrate your value as compared to legacy static presentations.

14 sales deck examples that moved the needle

All of the sales deck samples given here are made with Storydoc. They use modern web-based and scroll-based interactive slides. They offer cutting-edge scrollytelling sales deck technology if you choose to embrace it.

Best sales deck ever - Zuora

Zuora's sales deck, famous for being called the best sales deck ever, is a narrative on the transition to a subscription-based economy, targeting businesses adapting to changing consumer preferences, emphasizing the shift from product to relationship focus.

Good Points:

  1. Storytelling: Zuora’s deck became famous for its exquisite presentation storytelling that lays out a compelling narrative of imminent transformation with winners and losers. The winners are positioned as those buying into Zuora’s services.

  2. Market Trend Analysis: The deck excels in presenting a compelling narrative about the shift to a subscription economy, which is a persuasive angle for businesses looking to stay relevant.

  3. Data-Driven Approach: It uses statistical evidence to support the subscription economy trend, which can be very convincing for data-oriented decision-makers.

  4. Customer-Centric Focus: Zuora’s emphasis on building relationships over transactions is a modern approach that aligns with current best practices in sales and marketing.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Overemphasis on Trends: While market trends are important, the deck could benefit from more specific information on how Zuora addresses the challenges and opportunities within these trends.

  2. Lack of Clear Steps: The steps for implementing Zuora's solutions are placeholders rather than actionable items, which could leave potential customers wondering how to proceed.

  3. Customer Voice: While there are customer quotes, more detailed case studies could provide a deeper understanding of the impact Zuora has on its customers' businesses.

Healthcare sales proposal deck -

This document outlines a proposal for ACME regarding home-based ACR testing aimed at improving Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) diagnosis and management, particularly for patients with diabetes and hypertension.

Good Points:

  1. Compelling Narrative: The proposal starts with a strong narrative on the importance of ACR testing in CKD, painting a clear picture of the healthcare challenge and the impact on patients.

  2. Data-Driven Approach: Use of statistics from credible sources adds weight to the argument for home-based testing, making a compelling case for the necessity of the product.

  3. Solution-Oriented: It effectively introduces the solution, explaining how it simplifies the ACR testing process and makes it more accessible, which is a key selling point.

  4. Visual Breakdown of Process: The process is described with visual aids showing the patient journey which helps understand the service more intuitively.

  5. Testimonials: Including a video testimonial from practitioners who have used the service could add a layer of trust and relatability.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Text-heavy: The proposal is a bit text-heavy, and though it makes good use of narrative to make the text more digestible, it could still benefit from reducing the text to less than half.

Cloud Technology sales deck - ScaleHub

ScaleHub's sales deck promotes their SaaS solutions for data extraction, targeting businesses seeking efficiency and automation in cloud technology, with a promise of guaranteed ROI.

Good Points:

  1. Clear Value Proposition: The document does a great job of articulating the value of ScaleHub’s solutions, emphasizing efficiency, accuracy, and ROI which are key concerns for their target audience.

  2. Problem-Solution Structure: It effectively outlines industry challenges and positions ScaleHub’s offerings as the solution, which is a classic and effective sales strategy.

  3. Actionable Steps: The sales deck provides a clear, step-by-step explanation of how to implement their solution, making it easy for potential clients to envision the process.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Lack of Storytelling: While the deck is informative, it misses an opportunity to connect with the audience on an emotional level through storytelling, which can be a powerful sales tool.

  2. Technical Jargon: The document could potentially alienate non-technical decision-makers with jargon. Simplifying language could make the message more accessible.

  3. Customer Testimonials: Including customer success stories or testimonials could enhance credibility and provide real-world proof of the benefits.

Personalized SaaS sales proposal - WiseStamp

This sales deck aims to promote WiseStamp's email signature management solutions, targeting businesses looking to enhance their email professionalism and branding within the industry of email communication tools.

Good Points:

  1. Personalization: The use of placeholders like {{prospect}} applies a strategy to personalize the proposal for each recipient, which can significantly increase engagement​.

  2. Clear Benefits: The document lists benefits clearly, such as time-saving, brand promotion, and professional appearance, which are key to convincing prospects of the product’s value​.

  3. Evidence of Success: Including testimonials and a high rating from a trusted source like Capterra provides social proof, which is a powerful persuasion tool​.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Overemphasis on Features: While it’s important to list features, focusing on the customer's challenges and how the product solves them could create a more compelling narrative​.

  2. Lack of Storytelling: A compelling story that illustrates the journey of a customer before and after using WiseStamp could enhance the emotional connection and memorability of the proposal​.

Media company sales deck - RTL

RTL's sales deck showcases their streaming platform, aiming at consumers and families seeking diverse entertainment options, highlighting extensive content, live streams, and exclusive previews.

Good Points:

  1. Audience Understanding: The deck demonstrates a strong grasp of its audience's needs by highlighting the variety and accessibility of content, which is crucial for a streaming service.

  2. Content Richness: It effectively communicates the depth of RTL+'s catalog, emphasizing exclusive and original content, which is a strong selling point in the competitive streaming market.

  3. Competitive Positioning: The comparison with other streaming services positions RTL+ as a top contender in the market, which is a strategic move to capture audience interest.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Emotional Connection: The deck could further benefit from creating an emotional connection by sharing stories or testimonials of families enjoying the service together.

Food supplements sales deck - LKE

This proposal outlines Legends Kratom Co's wholesale offerings of kratom for natural pain, anxiety, depression, and opioid dependency relief, targeted toward healthcare providers and patients.

Good Points:

  1. Educational Content: The deck educates readers about kratom, its uses, and its benefits, which is crucial for products that are not widely understood​.

  2. Data-Driven: Utilizing statistics from credible sources like Johns Hopkins Medicine adds authoritative weight to the claims made about kratom's benefits​.

  3. Product Differentiation: Clear emphasis on what sets Legends Kratom Co apart from competitors, such as their dedication to quality and personal sourcing stories, can effectively sway B2B customers​.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Risk Addressing: For a product like kratom, which may have legal and health concerns, the proposal could benefit from addressing potential risks and objections proactively​.

  2. Usage Instructions: While the proposal does well to explain what kratom is, it could include more about how the product should be used, which is particularly important in the supplement industry​.

  3. Testimonials: The included testimonials are powerful, but featuring a wider range of them, including from healthcare professionals, could enhance credibility​.

Product sales deck - Travel Booster

Travel Booster’s sales deck presents an ERP software solution designed for travel industry professionals, aiming to streamline operations and increase business efficiency.

Good Points:

  1. Industry-Focused Content: The content is tailored to the travel industry, highlighting specific challenges and how their ERP system addresses them, which is great for audience relevance​.

  2. Evidence of Expertise: Showcasing their 30-year evolution and commitment to technology positions them as a seasoned player in the market, building trust with the audience​​.

  3. Comprehensive Feature Set: The deck details the capabilities of the software, emphasizing benefits like streamlined operations and improved customer service, which directly speak to potential clients' needs​​.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Case Studies or Examples Missing: While the capabilities are well-listed, including specific case studies or success stories could make the benefits more tangible for prospects​​.

  2. Technical Jargon: Some sections might be too technical for non-IT professionals. Simplifying language could make the deck more accessible to all decision-makers within the travel industry​.

Health & lifestyle sales deck - Mign Design

Mign Design's sales deck is aimed at revolutionizing orthopedic care through personalized medicine, targeting healthcare providers with a digital approach to spine and sports medicine bracing.

Good Points:

  1. Historical Context: Providing a historical backdrop of orthotics and prosthetics emphasizes the need for innovation in the field, creating a strong case for their product​.

  2. Market Pain Points: Highlighting current patient care problems and industry inefficiencies identifies clear pain points that Mign Design aims to solve, which is persuasive writing 101​.

  3. Future-Oriented Solutions: The focus on digital transformation and the move from mass production to personalization aligns the product with future healthcare trends, making the proposal forward-thinking​.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Detailed Use Cases: While the challenges are outlined, the deck could benefit from more detailed use cases to show the product in action and its direct impact on patient care​​.

  2. Data Specificity: Incorporating more specific data on the outcomes achieved with their products could strengthen the argument and provide more concrete evidence of success​​.

Logistics sales deck - Deliveright

Deliveright's sales deck introduces their white glove delivery service for heavy goods, targeting e-commerce businesses that require end-to-end shipment visibility, efficiency, and a customer-centric approach.

Good Points:

  1. Problem Identification: The deck starts strong by clearly identifying the pain points in traditional furniture delivery, which sets the stage for Deliveright's solutions.

  2. Technology Integration: It effectively highlights the use of their patented Grasshopper technology, showcasing innovation and a forward-thinking approach that can appeal to tech-savvy clients.

  3. Customer Experience Focus: The emphasis on a seamless customer experience from purchase to delivery aligns with modern expectations and is a key differentiator in the logistics industry.

  4. Visual storytelling: The deck uses visual scroll-based storytelling to simplify the shipping process in a way that breaks down the complex details into bite-size information that can be gradually processed with ease.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Evidence of Success: While growth metrics are provided, the deck could be improved with specific customer stories or case studies that demonstrate successful deliveries.

  2. Text-heavy: The deck could benefit from shortening the text and extracting the core of the message.

AI sales one-pager - OctopAI

OctopAI's sales one-pager addresses the inefficiencies faced by BI & Analytics teams in data management, offering a solution that provides complete visibility and understanding of data in seconds.

Good Points:

  1. Pain Point Addressing: The document does well to quantify the time wasted on data-related issues, making a strong case for the need for OctopAI's services.

  2. Solution Clarity: It clearly outlines the benefits of the automated BI Intelligence platform, such as cross-platform metadata visibility and ease of use, which are key selling points.

  3. Target Audience Specificity: The one-pager specifies which members of the BI team can benefit from the product, helping potential clients to see its relevance to their roles.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Technical Details: While the document is concise, it could provide a bit more detail on how the platform works, to give potential clients a clearer picture of what to expect.

  2. User Testimonials: Including a testimonial is good, but adding more could provide a broader range of insights into the platform's effectiveness and user satisfaction.

E-commerce AI sales one pager -'s one-pager presents an AI-powered fraud protection tool for digital gift card transactions, targeting e-commerce platforms that require sophisticated, real-time decision-making to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Good Points:

  1. Complexity Simplified: The document does an excellent job of distilling the complex AI technology into understandable terms, showing how it benefits the customer by reducing false declines.

  2. Data-Driven Confidence: The use of specific metrics, such as a 98% approval rate, provides a quantifiable understanding of the product's effectiveness, which can be very persuasive.

  3. Credibility through Backing: Highlighting the backing by AXA and the use of a large European gift card platform as the backbone adds significant credibility and trust to's solution.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Technical Details: Some additional technical details could help potential clients understand the AI's functionality better, without overwhelming them with jargon.

  2. User Testimonials: The inclusion of user testimonials or case studies would provide social proof and help potential clients relate to the success stories.

Cloud computing sales one-pager - NetApp

Spot's sales one-pager by NetApp introduces Ocean, a serverless infrastructure engine for containers, aimed at DevOps teams managing cloud-native applications who seek to reduce costs and complexity.

Good Points:

  1. Relevance to Pain Points: The document effectively taps into the specific challenges faced by DevOps teams, such as resource allocation and cost management, which is crucial for engaging the target audience.

  2. Solution Benefits: It clearly outlines the benefits of using Ocean, like container-driven autoscaling and cost optimization, which directly address the audience's pain points.

  3. Customer Success Story: The inclusion of a case study from Chegg adds credibility and illustrates the tangible benefits of implementing Ocean.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Technical detail: The technical nature of the solution is high, and since the buyers for such solutions are highly technical, the deck could benefit from going more in depth about the technology and what differentiates it from competing solutions.

Luxury real estate sales deck - Imagined by Storydoc

This playful real estate listing invites readers to imagine the luxury of George Clooney's Italian villa, emphasizing the allure of celebrity lifestyle and the grandeur of Lake Como living.

Good Points:

  1. Engaging Narrative: The listing creates an imaginative and engaging narrative that captures the reader's attention by inviting them to visualize the luxury and lifestyle associated with the property.

  2. Emotional Appeal: The use of humor and whimsical language makes for an enjoyable read, which is important in creating a memorable experience for potential buyers.

  3. Attractive visuals: The use of videos and panoramic images to present the property and its surroundings with concrete detail makes it easier for prospects to imagine themselves living there.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Excessive Motion: The deck has too many moving GIFs and videos, which makes the deck distracting, and makes it difficult to concentrate on reading the text.

Storytelling workshop sales pitch deck - GENIUS

Genius's event sales pitch deck introduces a storytelling workshop for professionals seeking to enhance their business communication. It emphasizes the transformation of narrative skills to engage and inspire teams and clients.

Good Points:

  1. Expertise and Authority: The deck establishes credibility by highlighting Gabrielle Dolan's reputation as a global authority on business storytelling, which is essential for trust-building.

  2. Educational Value: It outlines the educational structure of the workshop, providing clear learning outcomes such as understanding storytelling styles and constructing impactful narratives.

  3. Follow-Up Program: The inclusion of a 90-day follow-up program with weekly videos is a great way to offer ongoing value and support, ensuring the longevity of the workshop's impact.

  4. Visual storytelling: The deck uses video and scroll-based infographics to present the speaker's authority and vividly describe the beneficial experience of participating in the workshop.

  5. Alumni Feedback: Positive feedback by prior alumni is included which illustrates the workshop's benefits and the transformation experienced by past participants.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. I did not find any.

Sales deck templates that make you stand out

To streamline your content development, I've curated a selection of our top sales deck templates for you to take and use.

These templates were made with business storytelling at their core.

They give you interactive design elements to bring your content to life, simplify even your most complicated details, and get any prospect involved and engaged.

Each template has been rigorously tested to ensure they always look their best across all devices.

Grab one.

No templates found

How to make a sales deck that wins

To stand out and win in the sea of sameness your sales pitch deck must do 4 things:

  1. Upgrade from static to interactive content to get prospects involved and guide them toward action.

  2. Go from generic to personalized decks to make the prospects feel at home with their brand colors, logo, name, and locale.

  3. Replace a one-shoe-fits-all approach with a tailored message to empathize with your prospect’s known needs and make them feel seen.

  4. Transform dry facts and stats into human story (both written and visual) to make your message stick and your ideas resonate.

If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.

But less than you may think. In just a minute I’ll show you some truly effective selling deck examples that do just that.

Even better, most of these examples can be used as templates you can grab to make your own sales deck (imagine how much time this will save you).

If you want to learn how to transform your same-old sales decks into outstanding ones go read our guide on how to make a sales deck. It covers it all step-by-step in detail.

Now let’s see the examples!

Why PowerPoint sales decks will fail you every single time

Everybody is creating their sales pitch presentation as PowerPoints. If everyone is doing it then it must be the right thing to do right?

No. It just means you’re exactly like everybody else. It just leads to yet another sales deck like buyers have seen a million times before.

PowerPoint is a blunt instrument for business storytelling. It’s a 35-year-old technology that was meant for slide-projectors.

It limmits you to a 16:9 canvas which you then fill with bullet points and a few static visuals.

You can make a PowerPoint as pretty as you want, but the result will still be the same - bored, disengaged prospects.

Why? Because beauty is the bare minimum that buyers expect. And beyond the pretty design PPT sales decks are still static, dull, and unengaging.

You need something more to stand out and reengage prospects. You need to go from static to interactive.

Here’s what the difference between static and interactive looks like. Which would you rather read?

Static PowerPoint or PDF
Interactive Storydoc

Static vs. interactive sales decks

Interactive content has huge implications for your ability to tell an engaging story and get prospects actively involved in your content.

Interactive content brings massive improvements:

(Based on our analysis of over 100K sales deck sessions)

  • 103% increase in your deck’s average reading time (from the PPT benchmark).

  • 41% increase in the number of people who scroll the deck to the end.

  • 2.3x more internal shares within your buyer’s organization.

Also, some Storydoc clients report a 2x increase in conversion rate.

That said. Interactivity is just the beginning. It will make you stand out, and get you in the door, but you’ll need more to win deals.

Amotz Harari

As the Head of Marketing, I lead Storydoc’s team of highly trained content-ops warriors fighting to eradicate Death-by-PowerPoint wherever it resides. My mission is to enable buyer decision-making by removing the affliction of bad content from the inboxes of businesses and individuals worldwide.

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