9 Unique Sales Deck Examples that Outsell the Rest (2023)

Looking for a way to differentiate your solution in a sea of competitors? I’ll give you the best B2B sales deck examples with slides that turn “maybe” to “yes!”

Dominika Krukowska

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Sales deck examples

Short answer

What to include in a sales deck?

  1. Cover slide (+ unique value proposition)
  2. Intro (hook)
  3. The problem
  4. The solution
  5. Social proof
  6. Key benefits
  7. The “details”
  8. Next steps (Call-To-Action)

Creating an exceptional sales deck is a major challenge. For most of us making a sales deck that stands out is like a golfer hitting a hole in one. It’s very hard to do, but some people do it.

See, everybody is making the same old sales decks. We look for pretty designs and shuffle through sales deck template galleries to find something that looks just right. That’s a surefire way to drown in a sea of sameness and waste resources on something that doesn’t even work anymore.

And why’s that? Because people no longer buy products, they buy experiences.

People don't buy subscription weight loss food supplements. They buy getting fitter than Jane from accounting.

You can’t just slap some information on a slide and call it a day. You need a powerful sales deck to supercharge your sales enablement efforts.

In this article, I’ll show you the best sales deck examples for different industries that will help you distinguish your value proposition and outsell your competitors!

What to include in a sales deck

Regardless of the niche you’re in, below are 8 slides any extraordinary sales deck should include:

  1. Cover slide: your company name and logo along with a catchy tagline highlighting your unique value proposition.
  2. Intro: a section presenting what your company does, why it’s relevant to the buyer, and how you position yourself within the big picture.
  3. The problem: an overview of the main pain points plaguing buyers in your niche and why it’s important to solve them.
  4. The solution: a summary of how your solution can help solve the problem described in the previous section.
  5. Social proof: testimonials and case studies from past customers.
  6. Key benefits: an explanation of what makes your solution different from other products or services on the market.
  7. The “details”: an overview of the implementation process, key benefits and integrations, and your pricing structure.
  8. Next steps (Call-To-Action): a clear indication of what a prospect is supposed to do after viewing your sales pitch deck.

6 questions any effective sales deck must answer

Let’s talk about the basic questions you’ll have to answer in your sales deck to turn a prospect into a client.

  1. Why should a buyer ditch the status quo and change to your product or service?
  2. Why should they embrace this change now rather than later?
  3. Why should a potential customer choose your industry solution over those outside of your industry?
  4. Why should they choose you and your company specifically?
  5. Why should a potential buyer choose your product and service? What distinct value do you offer them?
  6. Why should they give you their hard-earned money?

According to David Hoffeld, these 6 main questions are at the root of all sales objections. By addressing them in your sales deck, you can guide your prospects through the buying process and get them to convert.

Now the challenge remaining is to weave the answers to these questions into a coherent narrative using the slide structure we talked about in the previous section.

Why most sales decks are failing (and yours maybe too)

The reason why most sales decks fail is that everyone is doing the same thing. Granted, some are using better designs than others, but the delivery remains the same—boring, static, generic slides. Everybody is using PowerPoint, which always leads to yet another sales presentation like we’ve seen a million times before.

If you were to type ‘what is a sales deck’ into Google, you’d notice one thing a lot of these definitions have in common. More often than not, they go along the lines of: “a sales deck is a slide presentation produced in PowerPoint or Google Slides… “

That’s because when people think “sales pitch deck”, they think “slides presentation”, and when they think “slide presentation” they think “PoweerPoint”.

But that’s the old way of thinking. Equating sales decks with PowerPoint is an express line to sameness, dullness, and disengagement.

PowerPoints are a blunt instrument; the edge you need to stand out are interactive decks that tell a visual story and make it easy for your prospects to take the next step.

Static vs. interactive sales deck examples

Static decks are a relic of the past. Interactive decks are already here, and they’re burning a hole in your pocket. By giving your buyers a deck they can “play around” with rather than deciphering, you boost engagement.

Take a look at this example of the same sales deck designed in 2 different ways. Which one is more likely to catch your attention and get you to keep reading?

Static business proposal presentatio


Interactive business proposal presentation


Dynamic content has huge implications for your ability to create winning sales decks. They increase reading time, scroll depth, conversions, and internal shares, and are perceived as more informative.

Using Storydoc’s own interactive sales deck maker you can expect the following:

  • 146% increase in your deck’s average reading time (from the PPT benchmark)
  • 41% increase in the number of people who scroll the deck all the way down to the end
  • 2.3x more internal shares within your buyer’s organization

And competitive companies that use Storydoc report a 2x increase in conversion rate. Now that PowerPoint is no longer preventing you from achieving sales deck excellence, let's take a deeper look at sales pitch deck examples.

What makes an outstanding sales deck?

An outstanding sales deck delivers an experience rather than a task. It uses storytelling to create a sense of urgent need for action in the buyer’s mind, all the while positioning your solution as the ultimate instrument for taking that action.

A great sales deck is not a static, boring, and complex PPT, but an interactive, memorable, easy-to-follow narrative, that’s web-based, scroll-based, and mobile friendly.

Best sales deck examples that actually move the needle

Instead of wasting your time on more pretty sales deck examples that fail to move the needle, I’ll let you in on what makes a deck highly effective, persuasive, and even entertaining.

Prettier backgrounds and fonts will not bring you more sales. Nice-looking decks don’t differentiate you anymore. They are a basic requirement.

We’ll cover the different types of sales decks specifically crafted for particular industries or use cases. These sales presentation examples are not your typical PowerPoints. They’re not PowerPoint at all, and for good reason. PPT is a 30-year-old technology, and the results it brings say as much.

If you’re still on the fence about making the upgrade, we put together a list of reasons why you should choose interactive over static decks to sway you in the right direction!

NOTE: All of the sales deck samples given here are made with Storydoc. They use modern web-based and scroll-based interactive slides. They offer the cutting edge of sales deck technology if you choose to embrace it.

Best sales deck example for general business

Sales pitch deck example

Sales pitch deck

With this one, you'll easily convey your product features, benefits and, most importantly, your unique value proposition. A go-to template for sales teams

What makes this deck great:

  • It easily leads prospects through a great story narrative that covers all the key parts of a sales deck.
  • Interactive slides and dataviz elements make it easy to present hard data in a more digestible way.
  • Tiered slides allow you to present key features and benefits of your solution in a concise manner.

Best modern sales deck example

Modern pitch deck example

Modern pitch deck

A very modern-looking format with plenty of space for text, as well as strategically placed image and data visualization placeholders. All wrapped in a minimalist design in line with current trends.

What makes this deck great:

  • Modern design aligned with the newest trends helps position your company as fresh, youthful, and up-to-date.
  • It comes with image and dataviz placeholders that can be easily editable to relay the most important insights.
  • A perfect balance of visuals and text helps you add context to your numbers.

Best sales deck example for real estate

Real estate deck example

Real estate deck

A highly visual template to make your real estate business shine. Strategically-placed image placeholders will help you tell a beautiful story.

What makes this deck great:

  • In order to make it work in an industry that relies so heavily on visuals, we included plenty of image placeholders that can be tweaked in a couple of clicks.
  • Running numbers slides can be particularly helpful for presenting key metrics or listing prices.
  • Interactive slides are perfect for weaving storytelling into your sales pitch.

Best sales deck example for healthcare

Medical product deck example

Medical product deck

A minimalist design aiming to let healthcare professionals and institutions describe their services in a reader-friendly way.

What makes this deck great:

  • Minimalist design with a variety of interactive slides keeps the focus on your message at all times.
  • It has been designed to convey complex information in a simple manner.
  • The narrator slide is perfect for guiding prospects through complicated medical processes.

Best sales deck example for freelancers

Service provider deck example

Service provider

An ideal choice for small businesses, freelancers, or mini-agencies wanting to highlight their agile services.

What makes this deck great:

  • Image-based slides can be used to present snippets of your portfolio without overloading prospects with visuals.
  • All fields are easily customizable, which is ideal for adopting a more personalized approach toward prospects.
  • A vertical timeline makes this template easy to be repurposed for further stages of the sales funnel too, such as client onboarding.

Best sales deck example for SaaS companies

SaaS product deck example

SaaS product deck

Use this presentation template to make even the most complex SaaS solutions exciting and easy to grasp.

What makes this deck great:

  • Perfect for presenting even the most complicated tech solutions in an easily understandable manner
  • Animated slides boost user engagement
  • Video placeholders maximize the chances of people reading your entire deck
  • You can easily plug in case studies to legitimize your solution

Best sales deck example for agencies

Agency sales deck example

Agency deck

A friendly and professional template perfect for all types of agencies: from marketing, to hiring, to PR, and more.

What makes this deck great:

  • Tiered slides and timelines are great for presenting a variety of services offered by your agency.
  • Interactive slides are perfect for boosting engagement and making your deck more user-friendly, ensuring more prospects get to the end.
  • Various dataviz elements allow you to position your agency against main competitors and compare key metrics.

Best sales deck example for advertising and PR

Creative pitch deck example

Creative pitch deck

This fun template for a pitch deck will work best for those of you working in creative industries: think advertising, digital marketing or PR. It features fun, bright colors and a fully interactive layout.

What makes this deck great:

  • Fun, bright colors to reflect the youthful nature of your business.
  • A fully interactive layout to boost engagement and increase the average reading time.
  • It’s easy to present a variety of services or snippets of your portfolio with the help of tiered slides.

Best sales deck example for technological companies

Tech deck example

Tech deck

Designed primarily for technological companies. Slide designs offer plenty of data visualization options to illustrate all important business metrics and KPIs.

What makes this deck great:

  • It comes with a variety of data visualization elements that allow you to display the most important business metrics and performance indicators.
  • It has been designed to present the main features of your solution in an easily understandable way, without overloading prospects with technical details.
  • Logo placeholders make it easy to present the most important integrations your solution offers, or client testimonials.

How to create your best performing sales deck to date

To make an exceptional sales deck you’ll have to leave PowerPoint behind. Its days are gone.

The new way forward is with sales decks that offer interactive storytelling, automated personalization, and the ability to convert directly from your sales decks.

To keep getting better results you’ll need insightful deck usage and performance analytics. And to streamline your efforts you’ll need to be able to personalize your decks at scale.

With Storydoc’s interactive sales deck creator you can do all of the above.

You can automate personalization by integrating Storydoc with Salesforce or other CRMs and pull prospect’s information directly into your decks with a click.

You can use our deck analytics to see when and where a deck is being read, and how many times it was shared internally. And you can see exactly how long your prospects engaged with your deck and which slides they engaged most with.

Sales deck analytics

Create your sales deck from template

If there’s anything to take from this article, it’s to ditch the old way of creating stale PPT sales decks and embrace interactive content.

Start making sales decks that tick all the boxes. Web-based, scroll-based, storytelling machines, optimized for flawless mobile viewing experience and personalized at scale. All these are delivered to you by Storydoc’s sales deck templates.

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