9 Sales Presentation Examples That Explode Your Pipeline

See uniquely effective sales pitch presentation examples and learn how to make a sales presentation that deeply engages buyers and helps you close the sale.

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Sales presentation examples

One of the biggest challenges for B2B sales and marketing teams is creating a presentations for sales that truly sets your product apart from the competition.

The main reason why most sales presentations fail is because they all look the same. Sure enough, certain designs are more attractive than others, but the delivery falls short all the same—static, generic, boring insufferable slides.

To help you make your offer outshine the rest and leave the competition behind, I rounded up our best sales presentation examples we’ve seen used with tremendous success!

What to include in a sales presentation deck

Regardless of the industry you’re operating in, any outstanding sales presentation deck should contain the following 8 slides:

  1. Cover slide: your company name and logo next to an attention-grabbing tagline outlining your unique value proposition.
  2. Intro: here you present what your company does, why it's relevant to buyers, and how you fit into the overall picture.
  3. The problem: identify the main problems buyers in your niche face and why they need to be solved.
  4. The solution: the way your solution contributes to solving the problem mentioned in the previous section.
  5. Social proof: customer testimonials and case studies.
  6. Key benefits: the unique features of your solution that make it stand out from comparable products or services.
  7. The “details”: describe how the implementation process works, what the key benefits and integrations are, and what your pricing structure looks like.
  8. Next steps (Call-To-Action): a clear explanation of the next step a prospect is supposed to take after reading your sales presentation deck.

If this info is not enough, you may wanna read our killer post on the ins and outs of how to create exceptional sales decks.

6 questions any successful sales presentation needs to answer

If you want to turn a prospect into a client, there are 6 basic questions you’ll have to address in your sales presentation deck.

  1. What are the benefits of switching to your product or solution over the status quo?
  2. Why should a potential customer adopt this change now rather than later?
  3. Why should they pick your industry solution instead of those outside of your industry?
  4. Why should a potential buyer choose you and your company specifically?
  5. Why should they pick your product and service? What unique value will it bring them?
  6. Why should you get their hard-earned money?

According to David Hoffeld, these 6 basic questions are the reason behind all sales objections. If you answer them in your sales presentation, you can lead prospects through the buying process and get them to become paying customers.

Now it’s just a matter of weaving the answers to these questions into a coherent story using the outline we mentioned in the previous section.

Stop boring your prospects with static sales presentations

Static presentations should be a thing of the past. By giving your prospects an interactive presentation they can “play around” with rather than trying to decode, you enhance engagement.

Case in point: look at this example of the same presentation for sales designed in 2 different ways, one static and one interactive.

Which one would get you interested? Which would you rather keep reading?

Static business proposal presentatio


Interactive business proposal presentation


Dynamic content has big implications for your ability to make successful sales presentations. They increase the average reading time, scroll depth, conversion rate, and internal shares, and are generally seen as more informative.

Using interactive sales presentations brings real business results

Our data from analyzing over 100K Storydoc sessions suggest that these are some outcomes you can expect by moving to interactive content:

  • 146% increase in your presentation’s average reading time (as compared to the PPT benchmark)
  • 41% increase in the number of people who get all the way down to the end of your presentation
  • 2.3x more internal shares within your buyer’s organization

Storydoc users report a 2x increase in conversion over their competitors. So, now that PowerPoint is no longer stopping you from achieving full potential, let's dive deeper into some sales presentation examples.

Best sales presentation examples that bring big results

Instead of wasting your time and effort on sales presentations that look pretty but don’t bring the desired results, I’ll let you in on a little secret of what makes a sales presentation highly effective and compelling.

These sales presentation examples are not your average PowerPoint decks, and rightfully so. PPTs are a 30-year-old technology that fails to meet the needs of modern-day buyers.

NOTE: All of the sales presentation examples presented below have been crafted using Storydoc. They consist of modern scroll-based interactive slides that have proven to bring great results. They're also 100% replicable, meaning you can take any of these samples and use it to create your own high-performing sales presentation in a matter of minutes.

Sales presentation for general business

Sales pitch deck example

Sales pitch deck

With this one, you'll easily convey your product features, benefits and, most importantly, your unique value proposition. A go-to template for sales teams.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • Interactive slides are perfect for leading prospects through a compelling story narrative.
  • Various data visualization elements allow you to present hard data in a more digestible way.
  • Tiered slides can be used to outline the key features and benefits of your solution in a condensed way.

Modern sales presentation

Modern pitch deck example

Modern pitch deck

A very modern-looking format with plenty of space for text, as well as strategically placed image and data visualization placeholders. All wrapped in a minimalist design in line with current trends.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • Contemporary design in line with the freshest trends helps position your company as youthful and cutting-edge.
  • A variety of image and data visualization placeholders that can easily be customized to convey the key insights.
  • A perfect balance of text-based and visual slides helps add context to your numbers.

Sales presentation for real estate

Real estate deck example

Real estate presentation

A highly visual template to make your real estate business shine. Strategically-placed image placeholders will help you tell a beautiful story.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • It comes with plenty of image placeholders that can be edited in just a couple of clicks to include photos of your listings.
  • Running numbers slides can be used to present the most important metrics or listing prices.
  • Interactive slides are ideal for guiding prospects through a captivating storyline.

Sales presentation for medical and healthcare

Medical product deck example

Medical product presentation

A minimalist design aiming to let healthcare professionals and institutions describe their services in a reader-friendly way.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • Minimalist design doesn’t detract from your main message while providing value.
  • The narrator slide is perfect for explaining complicated medical processes to prospects not familiar with the industry.
  • Image and video placeholders can be used to present your solution in action instead of relying on complex medical terms to do the same trick.

Sales presentation for freelancers

Service provider deck example

Service provider

An ideal choice for small businesses, freelancers, or mini-agencies wanting to highlight their agile services.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • Visual slides can be used to present highlights from your portfolio without overloading prospects with images.
  • Easily customizable slides which are perfect for delivering ultra-personalized sales pitches.
  • A vertical timeline allows this template to be repurposed for the next stages of the sales funnel too, for example client onboarding.

Sales presentation for SaaS companies

SaaS product deck example

SaaS product presentation

Use this presentation template to make even the most complex SaaS solutions exciting and easy to grasp.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • A combination of text- and image-based slides allows you to present even the most complicated tech solutions in an easily understandable manner.
  • Video placeholders help ensure that more prospects will get to the end of your deck.
  • The ability to embed case studies helps legitimize your solution in the eyes of prospective customers.

Sales presentation for agencies

Agency sales deck example

Agency presentation

A friendly and professional template perfect for all types of agencies: from marketing, to hiring, to PR, and more.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • Tiered slides and timelines allow you to present a variety of services offered by your agency.
  • Animated slides boost user engagement and make your presentation more user-friendly, maximizing the chances of your deck getting read in full.
  • Various data visualization elements help position your agency against competition and compare key metrics.

Sales presentation for advertising and PR

Creative pitch deck example

Creative pitch deck

This fun template for a pitch deck will work best for those of you working in creative industries: think advertising, digital marketing or PR. It features fun, bright colors and a fully interactive layout.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • Fun, vibrant colors help reflect the youthful nature of your business.
  • A fully interactive layout increases user engagement, as well as the average reading time.
  • Tiered slides make it easy to present your service offer or snippets of your portfolio.

Sales presentation for technological companies

Tech deck example

Tech presentation

Designed primarily for technological companies. Slide designs offer plenty of data visualization options to illustrate all important business metrics and KPIs.

What makes this sales presentation great:

  • A selection of dataviz elements is ideal for demonstrating the most important business metrics and performance indicators.
  • Slides combining text and images can be used to present the main features of your solution in a user-friendly way, without overloading prospects with technical specs.
  • Logo placeholders allow you to show the most important integrations your solution offers, as well as client testimonials.

How to create your most effective sales presentation yet

The only way to survive in sales going forward is to make sales presentations that buyers love reading. PowerPoint will always fail to do this. It’s time to let it go. So long, old friend! You won’t be missed.

To create truly effective presentations for sales you’ll need to weave storytelling into your pitch, personalize for each prospect, and let them take the next commitment directly from your deck.

You can do all of the above and get deep insights into your sales process with Storydoc’s interactive sales presentation creator. You can personalize at scale by integrating Storydoc with your CRM and pull prospect’s data directly into your presentations with a single click.

You can fine-tune your presentation to perfection using your extensive analytics panel. Investigate when and where a presentation is being read, how many times it was shared internally, which parts engaged most, and which made prospects bounce.

Try Storydoc and watch your close rate break through the roof (hope you have your whiskey and cigars ready).

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