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Learn how Orbiit delights their customers

by switching from tedious PDFs to Storydocs.

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Orbiit is a young, red-hot startup behind a state-of-the-art virtual networking platform. Their AI-powered algorithms help community managers match people for knowledge-sharing conversations. With Storydoc, they were able to turn their static sales and marketing content into stunning animated web presentations.

Since they started using Storydoc:

  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Sales content their customers love to see and share
  • Real-time data on customers’ engagement

What usually requires a demo, can now be fully articulated through Storydoc and clients love having access to our Storydoc to share with teammates who might not have seen the demo.

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Addison Bolin
Head of Business Development

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The campaign before Storydoc

As a young company with limited resources, the main obstacle Orbiit’s team faced was finding a visually-appealing and compelling way to explain to their prospects how their product works. It was impossible to do in-house due to the limited capacity of internal marketing and design teams. Hiring an agency, in turn, was beyond their budget.

As Addison Bolin, Head of Business Development at Orbiit explained, “before Storydoc, everything I sent my clients was in PDF form. If I needed to make a change for a specific client, I had to edit the original document and download a new PDF.

And then, Orbiit’s team discovered Storydoc: the perfect solution to their problems. 

The revamped web presentation

“Storydoc transformed our main sales presentation and really brought it to life. What used to be a boring slide deck is now a beautiful, interactive presentation that I am proud to share with prospects,” says Addison.


Orbiit's interactive web presentation

Benefit-driven summary of a virtual networking platform—compelling and easy to grasp.

See it live

We took Orbiit’s slides and turned them into an interactive, scroll-based narrative. This format lets their customers immediately see and understand the benefits behind using Orbiit. Also, in order to aid Orbiit’s conversion rates, their Storydoc page comes with a clear CTA enticing the customer to book a call right away.

Another key aspect Storydoc helped Orbiit with is personalization. If you use PDFs, creating a new version for every customer can be frustrating and take too much time. Not to mention regular landing pages where every update usually comes with a full deployment. With Storydoc, Orbiit's team can create new, personalized pages with a single click.

In Addison’s words: “We're constantly updating our product, pricing, statistics, and testimonials, so the content we share with our clients needs to be dynamic. What’s really great about Storydoc is how easy it is to create various versions tailored to the different types of use cases or prospects we have.

Delighted customers and effective follow-ups

“I always hear great things from prospects about the Storydoc deck. What usually requires a demo to explain can now be fully articulated through Storydoc. Also, clients love sharing our Storydoc page internally, for instance, with teammates who might not have seen the demo. It does an amazing job painting a full picture of what we do and how we work that a second demo is usually not needed,” Addison explains.

Finally, the analytics panel available in Storydoc lets Orbiit’s team track the performance of their pages in real time. They know who opened the page, who engaged with it the most and, if they churned, where exactly it happened

As Addison told us: “It has been very valuable to see which prospects interact with the deck so I know how to prioritize my time and follow up with the most engaged ones first.”

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