Learn how Octopai enables their champions to sell internally | Case study

...by switching from PDFs and generic web pages to personal Storydocs.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Interactive outreach decks
  • Improved sales insights
  • Deck performance analytics
Octopai case study
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About Octopai

Octopai provides a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence platform to analyze metadata across the entire BI landscape. Their tool offers automated data lineage, data discovery, and data catalog. In simpler terms, Octopai helps BI teams do their job more efficiently, spending less time on finding the story they want to share.

With Storydoc, the sales team at Octopai was able to optimize the process of empowering their prospects to continue the conversation within their clients’ organizations, providing their champions with interactive, easy-to-grasp decks, containing all the information needed to get the rest of the team engaged with Octopai.

Since they started using Storydoc:

  • More demos booked.

  • Improved sales calls.

  • Improved insights into the internal sales process thanks to our advanced analytics.

“When I made my own personal Storydoc from scratch and started using it on sales calls, it helped book more demos. And if my leads needed to sell internally, I would send them the deck to share with their team."

—Pe'er Klein, Business Development Lead

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The campaign before Storydoc

The main goal of Octopai’s outreach decks before Storydoc was to get their leads intrigued, simple as that. Their campaign was aimed at leads who expressed initial interest but needed more information to sell Octopai’s solutions internally. And, as is the case with many deep-tech products, it was hard to provide an exciting summary of their software using “standard” sales materials.

“Before Storydoc, the only formats we used to send to our leads were PDFs, video clips or our website,” says Pe’er Klein, Business Development Lead at Octopai.

According to Pe’er, the Octopai team faced two major challenges:

“The main obstacle was providing materials and documentation for leads who were interested but needed more information to sell internally. Also, it wasn’t easy to provide good visuals while doing sales calls.”

Enter: Storydoc. When we started talking to Pe’er, we immediately knew we had the perfect solution to these challenges.

The transformed outreach deck

We helped Octopai’s marketing team transform their PDFs into a scroll-based, interactive narrative, explaining their solutions easily and showing the direct impact their BI platform has on the performance of their customers’ analytics team.

To make the most of Octopai’s leads’ attention, at the end of the deck we included a clear, singular CTA, making the next step—booking a demo—easy and obvious.

Octopai's interactive outreach deck

Explaining a problem in modern-day data analytics and providing an easy-to-grasp solution.

Our intuitive no-code editor allowed the Octopai team to create their own iterations of the deck to use during sales calls.

During sales calls, I noticed that many of my leads ask me to send over the deck I’m using as we speak,” says Pe’er.

Also, Storydocs provide Octopai with key insights on how the internal selling process is progressing.

As Pe’er explained, “I find it valuable to know whether or not and when my lead viewed the deck after our call and to see if they shared it with other team members.”

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