Learn how Deliveright made testing different marketing solutions easier | Case study

...by switching from PowerPoint and GSlides presentations to Storydocs.

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About Deliveright

Deliveright is the leading logistics and technology platform in the US, offering nationwide white glove delivery of heavy goods. They work with ecommerce stores, designers, and manufacturers, helping to provide the perfect customer experience to their clients.

With Storydoc, the Deliveright team was able to revamp their marketing and investor presentations, letting them highlight the benefits of using their solutions to the key stakeholders in a way that truly sticks.

Since they started using Storydoc:

  • Full insights into their customers’ reading behaviors.

  • Unparalleled ease of testing different versions of their presentations.

“What we love the most about Storydoc is that we can easily test different presentations with customers and investors and see which version gets the most traction and eye-time."

—Doug Ladden, Co-Founder and CEO

Deliveright case study

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The campaign before Storydoc

The marketing team at Deliveright used to rely on the “good ol’” solutions for marketing and investor presentations: PowerPoints and Google Slides decks. But it was difficult for them to create visually appealing materials at scale. They felt that static slides simply weren’t doing their services justice.

And then they discovered Storydoc. The perfect solution to their needs:

The transformed presentation

At Storydoc, we took Deliveright’s static slides and transformed them into an interactive experience for their clients and investors. The main goals were to:

  • Showcase how easy and straightforward their process of delivery is.

  • Draw attention to the benefits of working with Deliveright.

  • Highlight their position as market leaders.

Deliveright's interactive presentation

White glove delivery with a focus on process optimization explained by a compelling story.

We got some super positive feedback about how unique our presentations were,” says Doug Ladden, Deliveright’s CEO & Co-founder.

At the bottom of the transformed deck, we included a clear CTA pushing the readers towards booking a demo—and we made that easier by integrating a calendar widget.

Finally, thanks to the Storydoc analytics, the Deliveright team can now get all the key insights about their customers’ and investors’ engagement. As Doug explains, “it’s been incredibly valuable to us to be able to see how often recipients view our Storydocs and how long their sessions are.

The intuitive editor in the Storydoc app lets Deliveright team experiment with and A/B test different solutions in a matter of seconds. Making design tweaks or testing different headings and CTAs can be done with a single click.

In Doug’s words: “What we love the most about Storydoc is that we can easily test different presentations with customers and investors and see which version gets the most traction and eye-time.

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