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Learn how WiseStamp boosted their closing rates

Learn how WiseStamp boosted...


Learn how WiseStamp boosted their closing rates

...by using Storydoc’s interactive solutions for sales decks.





Bird’s eye view

WiseStamp is the company behind an award-winning tool for generating and managing professional email signatures. Their user base stands at 1+ million across 194 countries and includes enterprise clients such as Hotjar, SimilarWeb, or Zephyr.

Despite their impressive growth rate, WiseStamp’s sales team was looking to optimize their post-demo closing rates. “We were looking for a tool that would make us stand out, look better in the eyes of clients, and help generate more engagement. And that’s why we chose to work with Storydoc,” says Tomer Magal, Head of Sales at WiseStamp.



Since they started using Storydocs


CTA conversion rate


sales decks read in full


decks shared internally


At first, not all of our sales reps were using Storydoc. But the ones who were quickly started seeing great results. Once they said, “Hey! We’re getting amazing responses from clients,” the rest of the team was sold on it and we never looked back.

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Tomer Magal
Head of Global Sales at WiseStamp

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The campaign before Storydoc

“Each month, we engage with hundreds of B2B clients,” says Tomer.

“We were noticing two touchpoints in our sales funnel that required optimization. First of all, engaging the lead after their conversation with SDR, when they simply want to get a one-pager with more information about WiseStamp.”

“Secondly, the post-demo interaction. Our sales process involves many internal stakeholders on the client side and we usually only get to meet one of them in person. We wanted to improve the quality of our sales materials we send for our leads to show internally, to other buying decision-makers.”

As Tomer points out, the lack of personalization features and no means of tracking their sales decks were the main matters of concern for WiseStamp’s team.

“The PDF documents we were sending as email attachments couldn’t be personalized to each lead. Of course, we personalized the email copy, but the attachments were the same for the whole campaign. Plus, they looked very bland. Not to mention, we never knew who opened the files.”

Luckily, at Storydoc, we had the exact solutions the WiseStamp sales team was seeking.

The transformed sales decks

With Storydoc, the WiseStamp team was able to ditch their static PDF one-pagers and sales decks and give their leads an interactive experience instead. Yet… it’s not just about the design and presentation of data. According to Tomer, Storydoc’s personalization features turned out to be the real game-changer.

The greatest benefit for us is that we can easily add mockups of WiseStamp personalized email signatures to each deck we send to a client. We can also insert their names, titles, company logos: all at a scale we’d never reach with standard PDFs.”

“Another convenient feature is the personalized pricing. In each individual deck, we can add the exact pricing we agreed on with the client,” Tomer says.


WiseStamp's interactive sales deck

High level of personalization lets WiseStamp connect with customers on a deeper level immediately.

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Plus, now the WiseStamp team have access to full tracking and analytics of their sales materials. They know exactly who opened each deck, how much time they spent on it, and whether or not they shared it with other colleagues.

Since we switched to Storydocs, our sales metrics have improved. We’re getting a CTA conversion rate of 10%, the completion rate of 60%, and have over half of the decks shared within the client organization.”

And, what’s equally important, we’re now in full control of the sales process. The fact that we can monitor the performance of each deck and get real-time notifications is great.”

Early adopters leaving the revolution

Considering the reach of WiseStamp’s sales efforts, we couldn’t help but wonder how they implemented the Storydoc rollout internally and overcame the initial doubts surrounding any new work tool.

As Tomer explains, “at first, some reps were a bit suspicious, not all of them would use Storydocs right off the bat.”

“After a while, the early adopters started spreading the word. They’d say: 'Hey! We’re getting amazing responses from clients,' and that’s when the rest of the team got convinced.”

“What’s especially useful for our reps is the easy personalization process. We created our Storydoc templates in a way that plugging individual client’s details into the deck can be done by any rep at any time.”

As one WiseStamp’s clients describes it: “It’s a genius solution. Having my logo and the name in the one pager is a great sales move. Already feels like it’s mine.”

We were also delighted to get a screenshot from WiseStamp's sales team's Slack channel, showing just how useful Storydocs are for improving the internal approval processes on clients' end!

Direct feedback from WiseStamp's clients:

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