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Get product presentation examples & templates that drive results and learn to create effective product presentations with interactive slides & storytelling.

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Short answer

What to include in a product presentation?

  1. Cover slide
  2. Hook (introduction, vision, and value proposition)
  3. About us (authority, experience, and know-how)
  4. Problem
  5. Solution
  6. Details (features, benefits, product positioning)
  7. Traction
  8. Social proof (testimonials, case studies, client logos)
  9. Next steps

Competition is at an all-time high - does your product stand a chance?

There are about 3000 alternatives competing in any product category today - are you doing what it takes to stand out?

Here's my take: you definitely have the potential to make a mark, and I'm here to guide you on that journey.

I'll introduce you to some fantastic product presentation examples. These aren't just for show – they're practical templates you can use to craft your most engaging and effective presentation yet.

Remember, a mediocre product presentation can be a major setback in today's competitive landscape. It’s likely to cause potential customers to lose interest, and leave you with that sinking feeling of missed opportunities.

But don't hit the panic button just yet!

Stick with me, and I'll share some powerful tips and techniques that will take your presentation skills to the next level and ensure your products become the talk of the town.

What is a product presentation?

A product presentation is a business slide deck that highlights a product's market, key features, advantages, and unique value proposition. It’s crafted to inform potential customers, investors, or partners—with the goal to inspire action, such as making a purchase or investing in the product.

Customizable product presentation templates

Making an effective product presentation that gets results can feel like an uphill battle.

You have to keep it succinct yet comprehensive, exciting yet anchored in reality, novel yet relatable. The design needs to be beyond great, it needs to be outstanding.

And above everything, your product deck needs to tell a great story to be engaging.

All easier said than done.

But there's an easier way, a better way...

The professional product presentation templates below are designed to help you quickly create a remarkable product presentation in less time and with better results that 99% of your peers.

They are build for interactive storytelling, and for making complex ideas easily understood.

Grab one.

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Why do most product presentations fail?

Before diving into the winning formula, it's crucial to identify the common pitfalls that lead to presentation blunders.

Let’s explore why most product presentations fail and how you can avoid these mistakes to create a show-stopping performance.

1. Overloading with information

Bombarding the audience with excessive details can lead to cognitive overload, making it difficult to retain vital information. Keep your presentation concise and prioritize the most important aspects of your product.

2. Too little information

Clients and investors want to know what your product actually does. They want to know what it looks like, how it behaves, how intuitive or complex it feels, and what real users have to say about it (have them answer product survey questions to get conclusive answers).

Leaving these questions unanswered will reduce your credibility and make your product hard to grasp.

3. Weak visuals

Generic visuals that complement your narrative can detract from your message and make your presentation forgettable.

But contrary to what design studios will tell you, high-quality images, graphics, and videos are not enough to create an engaging experience.

For that you need visuals that show what words can’t tell - show your product in action, how it works, or how it changes lives.

4. No clear call-to-action

Failing to provide a clear next step for the audience can leave them unsure of how to proceed. Wrap up your presentation with a strong and clear call-to-action, guiding your audience toward what you want them to do next.

clear product presentation call to action

Key factors of a successful product presentation

Ready to dazzle your audience with a truly mesmerizing product presentation? Here are the key elements that can transform a run-of-the-mill presentation into a jaw-dropping, unforgettable experience.

1. Clear objective

Establish a well-defined goal for your presentation, ensuring that every slide, image, graph, and sentence is geared towards achieving it.

This clarity will guide you as a compass when building your product presentation, so that every step in your yellow brick road is essential to get your audience to the wizard. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Interactive content

Captivate your audience by involving them in the journey with interactive elements like charts or before-and-after slides.

Hook their attention and cater to multiple personas by using segmented content and tabs. Enhance the experience with multimedia, such as videos and GIFs, keeping them engaged and eager to explore your product.

3. Inspirational narrative

A dry, facts-only approach or poor storytelling will bore your audience and make your presentation an instant dud.

But you can pull people in with a story of how your product changes people’s lives in vivid detail (based on your target customer’s pain points, of course). But, ensuring your product lives up to the expectations set in your presentation is essential, and one effective way to maintain its quality is through automated testing.

Inspirational narrative example:

Below is a Storydoc remake of the original Zuora deck which made waves and got the title “best sales deck ever” for its outstanding use of inspirational narrative.

Their presentation took readers from the present to a brave future where they were the winners and their competitors the losers.

How to make a product presentation that stands out

Transform your product presentation into a showstopper that wows your audience with these top tips and best practices:

1. Get to know your audience

Craft your presentation to resonate with your target audience. Research their needs, preferences, and pain points, and tailor your content to address these factors. Speak their language, and your presentation will leave a lasting impression.

2. Tell a compelling story

Weave a captivating narrative around your product, taking your audience on an enthralling journey.

Share the inspiration behind the product, its development journey, and the problems it solves. A well-told story will engage your audience emotionally, making your product memorable.

3. Visualize your value

Ditch the text-heavy slides and opt for stunning visuals that illustrate your product's value. Use high-quality images, videos, and infographics to showcase your product's features and benefits. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Most of this can't be done effectively with PowerPoint, for this you'd want to consider creating modern presentations with an interactive presentation creator.

4. Emphasize benefits over features

While showcasing your product's features is important, highlighting its benefits is what truly resonates with the audience. Show them how your product improves their lives or solves their problems, and you'll have their undivided attention.

5. Use testimonials and social proof

Incorporate customer testimonials, case studies or success stories to add credibility to your presentation. This social proof will help build trust and convince your audience that your product is the real deal.

6. Keep it simple and focused

Resist the temptation to overload your presentation with information. Keep it streamlined and focused on the most important aspects of your product. Less is more when it comes to capturing and retaining your audience's attention.

If you want to learn more about how to create an outstanding product presentation, check out our detailed guide on how to create a product one-pager.

What is the difference between a product presentation and a sales deck?

A product presentation is a slide deck showcasing the main features, benefits, and real-world applications of your product in a captivating manner. It’s designed to inform prospects, investors, or partners about new product releases or updates to existing products.

A sales deck, on the other hand, is a persuasive, data-driven pitch that focuses on the unique selling points, pricing, and ROI, with the main goal of turning prospects into paying customers.

How to measure the effectiveness of a product presentation?

To gauge the effectiveness of your product presentation, keep an eye on these key metrics:

  • Engagement score: This number gives you an overall idea of how captivating your presentation is. The higher the score, the more your audience is interacting with and responding to your content.

  • Reading time: This metric reveals how much time people spend on your presentation. A longer reading time suggests they're thoroughly digesting the content, while a shorter time may hint that something's amiss.

  • Reading depth: Dig deeper with reading depth to see how far your audience gets into your presentation. Higher completion rates imply that you've successfully hooked them from start to finish!

  • Reading completion: This is the ultimate test of your presentation's appeal. A high completion rate indicates that your audience is hungry for more, while a low rate suggests it might be time to reevaluate your content.

11 Effective product presentation examples for insight and inspiration

I handpicked a selection of outstanding product presentation samples that will revolutionize the way you showcase your products.

These examples are designed to deliver the "wow factor" that every presenter dreams of by blending storytelling frameworks with cutting-edge interactive slides.

By taking what you can from these examples you'll be on your way to leave your competitors in the dust!

SaaS product one-pager

A SaaS product one-pager delivered as an interactive story with immersive visuals, animation, and live data.

What makes this presentation great:

  • The narrator and timeline slides are excellent for illustrating how a product works without overwhelming the audience with unnecessary details.
  • Easily customizable logo placeholders let Yotpo highlight their most important clients in a concise manner.
  • The embedded calendar allows readers to book a meeting directly from the product presentation, reducing the likelihood that they will abandon the deck after closing it.

Personalized product sales deck

A highly-converting product sales deck with a modern design, interactive narrated content, and an integrated chatbot.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Dynamic variables make it easier than ever to personalize the product presentation at scale with just a few clicks.
  • Tabs with buttons on the side allow Travel Booster to divide the main features and benefits of their solution by category so that their audience can focus on the content that is most relevant for them.
  • The before and after slide is ideal for illustrating how their product can change their prospect’s life for the better.

Physical product deck

A welcoming physical product deck for immersive introduction to a revolutionary vacuum-forming solution.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Vertical timeline can be used to showcase the journey of the company or product from its inception to the current day in a more visually appealing way.
  • Animated lists are great for presenting the onboarding process step-by-step or the main benefits of the solution without overloading readers with too much information at once.
  • Smart CTA at the end makes the next step clear and actionable, increasing the chances of getting that product demo or next client meeting booked on the spot.

Digital product brochure

A product brochure showing smart manufacturing execution systems on a mission to digitalize production floors.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Comparison list makes it easy for prospects to instantly realize the value Matics’ product brings to the table.
  • Logo slider is perfect for displaying several customer case studies on one slide, with the option of adding links to the full version at the bottom.
  • The ability to include two CTAs leaves the audience with the option to choose the action they want to take after viewing the product presentation (e.g. learn more about the product and book a product demo).

Medical product presentation

A minimalist design aiming to let healthcare professionals and institutions describe their services in a reader-friendly way.

What makes this presentation great:

  • The minimalist design maintains focus on your core message while delivering value.
  • The narrator slide is ideal for explaining complex medical procedures to potential clients unfamiliar with the field.
  • Utilizing image and video placeholders allows for a demonstration of your solution in action, bypassing the need for complicated medical terminology.

AI product presentation

Use this presentation template to make even the most complex AI solutions instantly easy to grasp and exciting.

What makes this presentation great:

  • The running numbers slide against a vibrant background enables you to convey your unique value proposition in a captivating manner.
  • Easily modifiable logo placeholders are ideal for displaying the main integrations of your solution or your most important clients to date.
  • The ability to incorporate case studies lends credibility to your solution and fosters trust with your audience.

Product pitch deck

Use this template to talk about your product and finally do it justice! Use visuals to easily present all the features and use cases for your product. Show how it can solve your prospects' problems.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Incorporating a video into the cover slide boosts engagement by 32%. Adding any video to your presentation results in a 37% longer average reading time and a 17% boost in the CTA click-through rate, so other slides come with video placeholders too.
  • A mix of text-based and visual slides allows you to give a thorough overview of your product without overwhelming the audience with product specifications.
  • Logo placeholders are perfect for displaying the most crucial integrations your solution offers.

Physical product press release one-pager

A perfect brochure example for product press release— beautifuly used for launching physical product, or machine based services. It lets you showcase a range of different items in an easily accessible way.

What makes this presentation great:

  • An assortment of visual slides effectively showcases the primary features and applications of your product, avoiding overloading potential customers with excessive text or product specifications.
  • Intuitive editor simplifies the process of adjusting your product presentation, virtually working on autopilot to ensure that your design always stays perfect.
  • Web-based design enables you to tweak your product presentation without having to resend it each time, guaranteeing that prospects are always seeing the most up-to-date version.

AI product one-pager

An interactive one-pager for Pollyartis, rich in data visualization, with a focus on storytelling and user engagement through dynamic content.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Incorporates advanced data visualization components, making complex AI solutions easily understandable.
  • Features an embedded calendar within the deck for direct scheduling of meetings or demos.
  • Utilizes segmented content using tabs for a structured and interactive exploration of different aspects of the AI solutions.

Light mode product pitch deck

A detailed presentation of Taacme's software solutions, combining narrated slides and interactive elements for an immersive experience.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Includes a narrated slide, providing a guided tour of the software's features and benefits.
  • Offers the option to embed a case study directly into the deck, allowing for an in-depth showcase of the software's real-world application.
  • Features customizable logo placeholders, enabling easy adaptation for different client presentations or branding needs.

Dark mode product pitch deck

A dynamic presentation of Taacme's IT solutions, designed for high engagement with scroll-based design and customizable content.

What makes this presentation great:

  • Allows for the addition of dynamic variables, enabling easy personalization and relevance to various audience segments.
  • Utilizes a scroll-based design, offering a seamless and engaging narrative flow through the content.
  • Includes a built-in analytics panel, providing valuable insights into audience engagement and interaction with the presentation.
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