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11 ESG Examples for Corporate Responsibility Guidance

Learn to elevate your ESG report using best practices, storytelling, and vital examples. Delve into corporate responsibility for a lasting impact.

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Short answer

What to include in an ESG report?

  1. Executive summary

  2. Letter from the CEO

  3. ESG strategy and integration

  4. Environmental initiatives

  5. Social commitments

  6. Governance structures

  7. Sustainable finance activities

  8. Climate risk & net zero goals

  9. Talent and diversity, equity & inclusion

  10. Stakeholder engagement

  11. Performance metrics and data

  12. Future goals and targets

  13. Appendices and references

What makes an effective ESG report?

An effective ESG report is transparent, comprehensive, and aligned with global standards, presenting actionable insights and measurable outcomes that reflect a company's genuine commitment to sustainability and societal impact.

What considerations should guide you when creating an ESG report?

  1. Authenticity: Ensure genuine representation of efforts and achievements.

  2. Stakeholder relevance: Address the concerns of all stakeholders.

  3. Clarity: Use clear, concise language and visuals.

  4. Alignment with global standards: Adhere to recognized ESG reporting frameworks.

  5. Continual improvement: Regularly update and evolve the report based on feedback and changing priorities.

  6. Interactive narrative design: Engage readers with a dynamic, immersive storytelling approach using scrollytelling, enhancing user experience and fostering deeper content engagement.

11 impactful examples to enhance your ESG reporting strategy

Discover exemplary ESG report samples from leading corporations to refine your strategy. Draw inspiration from best practices and elevate your corporate responsibility benchmarks.

FedEx ESG Report 2023

The FedEx 2023 ESG Report showcases the company's dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, emphasizing their commitment to principles, the planet, and people.

Intended for stakeholders, customers, and employees, the report reflects FedEx's progress toward creating a sustainable future while maintaining business growth.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Holistic ESG integration: FedEx integrates ESG throughout its culture, aligning sustainability with its mission, values, and long-term strategy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to all aspects of its business. (Page 6)

  2. CEO's emphasis on action: The CEO's letter highlights FedEx's 50-year history of transformative action, emphasizing the company's commitment to addressing global challenges and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

  3. Recognition of ethical practices: FedEx's acknowledgment by Ethisphere as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® in 2023, particularly as the sole honoree in the Transportation, Trucking, or Railroad industry category, underscores its commitment to corporate integrity and compliance.

Walmart ESG Report 2023

Walmart's ESG report for 2023 underscores its dedication to creating shared value by addressing societal issues in ways that benefit both the business and its stakeholders.

The report targets a broad audience, including investors, employees, suppliers, and consumers, emphasizing Walmart's commitment to opportunity, sustainability, community, and ethics & integrity.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Shared value centralization: Walmart's approach to ESG is rooted in the concept of shared value, emphasizing the simultaneous creation of societal and business value, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the company and its stakeholders.

  2. Comprehensive ESG themes: The report is structured around four main themes: Opportunity, Sustainability, Community, and Ethics and Integrity. Each theme provides a clear framework for understanding Walmart's initiatives, goals, and progress in that area.

  3. Stakeholder engagement emphasis: Walmart places a strong focus on stakeholder engagement, recognizing that its ability to create shared value is deeply intertwined with its relationships with customers, associates, suppliers, and community leaders.

Google ESG Report 2023

Google's 2023 Environmental Report offers a comprehensive overview of its environmental sustainability strategy, targets, and progress.

Intended for a global audience, it underscores Google's commitment to making information accessible, driving innovation, and leading the transition to a more sustainable future.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Information and innovation focus: Google emphasizes the power of making information accessible and driving innovation, highlighting how its products and platforms can influence billions of daily decisions towards sustainability.

  2. Detailed progress summary: The report provides a clear "Targets and Progress Summary" section, offering a snapshot of their goals and achievements in various sustainability areas, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  3. Personal touch from leadership: The inclusion of letters from both the Senior Vice President of Learning and Sustainability and the Chief Sustainability Officer adds a personal dimension, emphasizing Google's dedication and long-term vision for sustainability.

Uber ESG Report 2023

Uber's 2023 ESG report emphasizes its mission to reimagine global mobility for the better.

It targets stakeholders such as investors, employees, drivers, couriers, merchants, and consumers, showcasing its commitment to safety, sustainability, and ethical conduct.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Holistic ESG vision: Uber integrates its company values into its ESG strategy, ensuring that environmental, social, and governance issues are addressed in alignment with their core mission and values. This approach ensures that ESG considerations are deeply embedded in the company's culture and decision-making processes.

  2. Materiality matrix: Uber employs a materiality matrix to prioritize ESG topics based on their importance to business success. This matrix categorizes topics into areas to monitor, differentiate, and prioritize, providing a clear roadmap for addressing the most critical ESG challenges and opportunities.

  3. Diverse ESG highlights: The report showcases a broad range of environmental and social achievements. From the growth in sustainable ride products and exploration of electric vehicle adoption, to potential partnership with medical courier services for optimized healthcare logistic, all are examples of progress in diversity and inclusion.

Citibank ESG Report 2022

Citibank's 2022 ESG Report illustrates their mission of enabling growth and economic progress through responsible financial services.

Targeted at stakeholders, the report emphasizes Citibank's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities, sustainable finance, and fostering equitable and resilient communities.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Holistic ESG integration: Citibank's approach to ESG is deeply embedded in its business model, aligning its ESG priorities with business objectives. This ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing global challenges and opportunities. (Page 5)

  2. CEO's emphasis on global challenges: The CEO's letter highlights the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. It underscores Citibank's role in the energy transition, sustainable finance, and community upliftment, emphasizing the interconnectedness of energy transition, energy security, and economic growth. (Page 3)

  3. Highlighting key achievements: The 2022 Highlights section provides a snapshot of Citibank's significant ESG-related accomplishments, from financing affordable housing projects to setting emissions reduction targets.

Carlyle ESG Report 2023

The Carlyle 2023 ESG Report underscores the firm's commitment to integrating ESG considerations into its investment processes, aiming to optimize the relationship between financial performance and ESG outcomes.

The report is intended for stakeholders, investors, and companies seeking insights into Carlyle's ESG strategies and achievements.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Thematic focus on ESG's EBITDA: Carlyle links ESG with financial metrics, showcasing sustainability as a revenue driver and cost reducer, emphasizing their synergy. (Page 8)

  2. ESG-EBITDA connection breakdown: The report illustrates how ESG influences P&L, clarifying the relationship between sustainability and financial results. (Page 8)

  3. CEO's ESG integration letter: The CEO emphasizes ESG's role in investment and its value creation, setting the report's tone and direction. (Page 5)

National Bank of Canada ESG Report 2022

National Bank of Canada's 2022 ESG report showcases its commitment to driving social and economic development.

The report is designed for stakeholders ranging from clients to communities, emphasizing the bank's dedication to environmental, social, and governance advances.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. One mission philosophy: The bank's "One Mission" approach emphasizes a people-first strategy, aiming to have a positive impact on clients, employees, and communities, thereby fostering long-term relationships.

  2. Detailed ESG dashboard: The report provides a comprehensive ESG dashboard, highlighting the bank's efforts across various sectors, from the environment to governance, offering a clear snapshot of its progress and commitments.

  3. Stakeholder-centric messaging: Both the President and the Senior Vice-President of the bank provide messages in the report, emphasizing the importance of stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and the bank's dedication to ESG principles.

PwC ESG Report 2023

PwC's ESG report for 2023 provides insights into the evolving landscape of ESG priorities, emphasizing key areas such as ethics, supply chain resilience, workforce transitions, First Nations inclusion, and the dynamic political landscape.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Holistic ESG perspective: PwC delves into the interconnectedness of ESG factors, from ethics to geopolitical influences, offering a comprehensive view of the ESG landscape.

  2. Emphasis on action over rhetoric: The report stresses the importance of translating ESG ambitions into tangible actions, highlighting the risks of greenwashing and the value of genuine transparency.

  3. Inclusion of first nations: PwC underscores the significance of First Nations inclusion and empowerment, emphasizing mutual benefits and the importance of trust and respect in partnerships.

Dell Technologies ESG Report 2023

Dell Technologies' ESG report showcases their commitment to driving human progress through sustainable technology, emphasizing their efforts in advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives, and upholding trust.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Defined ESG pillars: Dell has clearly segmented its ESG efforts into four distinct pillars: Sustainability, Inclusion, Life Transformation, and Trust. This clear segmentation allows readers to understand the breadth of Dell's commitment and the specific areas of focus.

  2. Impactful narratives: Beyond mere statistics and goals, Dell integrates key impact stories throughout the report. These narratives provide tangible, real-world examples of how Dell's ESG initiatives are making a difference.

  3. Stakeholder engagement: Throughout the report, there's evidence of Dell's commitment to engaging with a variety of stakeholders, from customers and employees to partners and communities. This engagement ensures that Dell's ESG strategies are aligned with the needs and expectations of those they serve.

RS Group ESG Report 2022/23

RS Group's ESG Report for 2022/23 emphasizes its commitment to making a positive impact for a better world.

The report is crafted for a diverse range of stakeholders, from customers to communities, highlighting the company's efforts in advancing sustainability, championing education and innovation, empowering its people, and conducting business responsibly.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Interactive document design: The report is designed as an interactive document, allowing readers to easily navigate to sections of interest, enhancing user experience and engagement.

  2. Detailed ESG dashboard: RS Group provides a comprehensive overview of its business at a glance, including ESG highlights, which offer stakeholders a snapshot of the company's performance and commitments in various areas.

  3. CEO's personal touch: The introduction from the CEO, Simon Pryce, adds a personal touch, emphasizing the company's dedication to ESG principles and its vision for the future. This approach establishes trust and transparency with stakeholders.

Bank Hapoalim ESG Report 2022

Bank Hapoalim's ESG report reflects its commitment to embedding environmental, social, and ethical values in its operations.

It emphasizes the bank's role in Israel's economy and society, highlighting efforts to tackle climate change, promote social equality, and uphold strong governance.

Unique and effective approaches

  1. Emphasis on diversity: The report prominently showcases the bank's diverse workforce, highlighting that diversity powers their strength, creativity, and innovation.

  2. Impact banking focus: The bank's renewed vision of "Committed to growth through impactful, innovative, fair banking" underscores its dedication to values-driven responsibility and social impact.

  3. Detailed ESG goals for 2030: Bank Hapoalim sets clear, measurable targets for 2030, such as increasing financing for green projects and promoting diverse employment, ensuring transparency and accountability.

ESG report design best practices

Crafting an ESG report goes beyond mere data representation; it's about weaving a narrative that connects with diverse stakeholders, from shareholders and staff to the wider community.

Here are essential guidelines to consider:

1. Consistent branding

Ensure your ESG report aligns with your company's branding. Consistent use of colors, fonts, and logos enhances recognition and trust.

2. Use of visual data

Incorporate charts, graphs, and infographics to represent data visually, making complex information more digestible and engaging.

3. Interactive ESG report design

Interactive elements, like clickable tabs or animated graphs, enhance user engagement, allowing readers to explore data more deeply and at their own pace.

Static PDF or PPT
Interactive Storydoc

4. Narrative storytelling

Narrate your company's sustainability journey. Use compelling narratives, case studies, and real-life examples to illustrate your ESG commitments and achievements.

Narrative report example made with Storydoc:

5. Clear navigation

Ensure your report is easy to navigate with a clear table of contents, clickable links, and well-defined sections. A user-friendly layout enhances reader engagement and comprehension.

6. Use of high-quality images

Incorporate high-resolution images that resonate with the content, showcasing real-life initiatives, projects, and stakeholders. Visuals can powerfully convey your company's commitment and progress.

7. Highlight key achievements

Clearly spotlight significant milestones and achievements, making them stand out for readers to identify easily. Celebrating successes can inspire trust and showcase your dedication

8. Incorporate testimonials

Include quotes or testimonials from stakeholders, employees, or partners to add credibility and a human touch to your report. Authentic voices can reinforce the impact of your initiatives

9. Ensure accessibility

Design your report to be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Consider font sizes, color contrasts, and alt text for images. Accessibility ensures inclusivity and broadens your report's reach

10. Regular updates

Keep your audience informed by regularly updating your report with the latest data, achievements, and future goals. Consistent updates demonstrate transparency and your ongoing commitment to ESG principles.

ESG report interactive storytelling templates

Ditch the monotonous PowerPoint slides and embrace our interactive ESG report design templates. The templates below bring your content to life, making it more engaging and memorable.

With Storydoc, you get captivating animation, insightful annotations, and compelling narration that tells a story, not just presents information.

Our templates are not only cost-effective but also ensure that your ESG report stands out, resonating with your audience.

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