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7 TV Show Pitch Deck Examples That Won Over Streaming Giants

Discover TV show pitch deck examples designed to captivate streaming giants and use our customizable templates to craft your own winning TV series bible.

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What is a TV show pitch deck?

A TV show pitch deck is a visual presentation that outlines your show's concept, often accompanied by a TV series bible. It's a key tool for persuading networks or producers to invest in your idea, showcasing your vision and potential.

Your pitch deck can make or break your TV show dream

In the fiercely competitive world of television, your pitch deck is your ticket to joining the ranks of shows like Stranger Things or Peaky Blinders.

Networks are flooded with ideas, but only those with a magnetic pitch deck get to bask in the spotlight. A mediocre presentation could mean your groundbreaking show idea remains just that—an idea.

But don’t worry, this post is here to help.

We’ll show you some successful TV show pitch deck examples to spark your creativity. Following these inspirations, you'll learn step-by-step how to craft a pitch deck that convinces network execs your show is the next big thing.

Let's dive in.

What’s the difference between a TV show pitch deck and a show bible?

A TV show pitch deck is a brief, engaging presentation designed to capture a producer's interest with your show's concept and unique appeal. In contrast, a show bible provides an in-depth look, detailing characters, plotlines, and episode breakdowns for deeper understanding.

What does a TV show pitch deck look like?

You might think a simple PDF could launch the next Grey’s Anatomy– after all, this classic show started its journey as just that, but times have changed.

Today's TV show pitch decks are far from static documents. Think 'Stranger Things' – it's often quoted for a reason.

Modern pitch decks are interactive, dynamic, and visually compelling. They're not just about the content; they're about the experience.

An interactive deck brings your story to life, making it tangible and immersive for producers.

It's about showing, not just telling. With multimedia elements, you can weave in teasers of your show's look and feel, character sketches, and even pilot episode snippets.

This approach doesn't just tell your story; it lets your audience live it, even if just for a moment.

You can see the power of a modern, interactive deck below:

What should be included in a TV show pitch deck?

Crafting a TV show pitch deck is like assembling a puzzle where each piece is crucial to the overall picture. You need to make every component count to leave a lasting impression and convince network executives that your show is the next big hit.

4 key components of a pitch deck for a TV show:

1) Logline (Elevator pitch)

This is your show's heartbeat. In one or two sentences, capture its essence. For example, if 'Friends' were pitched today, its logline might be: "Six friends navigate the ups and downs of life and love in New York City."

Your logline should be equally engaging, offering a snapshot of your show's plot and appeal.

2) One-sheet

Think of this as your show's business card. It's a succinct yet powerful summary that includes your contact information, the show's name, genre, and logline, plus a brief but captivating outline of your idea.

It's what you leave behind to keep your pitch alive in the minds of executives.

3) Series bible

This is the blueprint of your show. It delves deep into the world you're creating.

Start with the title and logline, then unfold into a detailed synopsis that paints a vivid picture of the series' setting, themes, and narrative arc.

Flesh out your characters, making them real and relatable, and provide an overview of the pilot episode.

Don't forget to include a brief description for each episode in the first season, showcasing your vision for the show's progression.

4) Pilot script

This is where your idea comes to life. Your pilot script is not just a sample of your writing; it's the first chapter of your story.

It sets the tone, establishes the setting, and introduces the main characters and conflicts. It's your chance to show how your series will start with a bang.

TV show pitch deck examples that captivate producers

A great TV series pitch deck does more than share an idea; it tells a story, paints a picture, and creates a world that networks can't wait to explore.

In this section, we'll explore TV series pitch deck examples that have mastered this art and successfully turned concepts into TV realities.

Stranger Things pitch deck

The 'Stranger Things' pitch deck is a stellar example of how a well-crafted presentation can capture the essence of a TV show.

The deck effectively communicated the show's unique blend of 1980s nostalgia, supernatural elements, and character-driven storytelling.

It included visual references and moodboards that resonated with the 1980s pop culture and classic sci-fi and horror genres, setting the stage for a show that was both a nostalgic tribute and a fresh take on the genre.

Stranger Things TV series pitch deck

What makes this TV show pitch deck great:

  • Engaging storytelling: The deck excelled in weaving a compelling narrative that intrigued and engaged the audience, making the story's concept clear and captivating.

  • Visual impact: With its strong visual elements, the deck effectively conveyed the show's atmosphere and tone, giving a clear picture of the world it was set to create.

  • Character depth: It emphasized the depth and relatability of its characters, ensuring that the human element was as engaging as the supernatural aspects, making the story resonate with a wide audience.

Adventure Time pitch deck

The 'Adventure Time' pitch deck is a vibrant and imaginative presentation that effectively captures the essence of this unique animated series.

Known for its colorful and distinctive animation style, the deck included engaging character sketches and world-building visuals that brought the Land of Ooo to life.

It detailed the whimsical adventures of Finn and his magical dog Jake, blending humor, heart, and a touch of surrealism.

Adventure Time TV show pitch deck

What makes this TV series pitch deck great:

  • Engaging visuals: The deck's strong visual elements, including character designs and setting illustrations, immediately drew attention to the show's creative and distinctive art style.

  • Unique concept: It presented the show's unique blend of fantasy, adventure, and humor, setting 'Adventure Time' apart from other animated series and highlighting its appeal to a diverse audience.

  • Emotional depth: The pitch deck emphasized the emotional journeys of its characters, ensuring that the narrative was not just entertaining but also resonant and meaningful.

Wednesday pitch deck

The 'Wednesday' pitch deck is a masterful example of how to pitch a TV series with a unique blend of horror and comedy. This interactive pitch deck brings the concept to life with multimedia, animation, and clickable elements.

The deck outlines the series' format, genre, budget, and key team members, including writers, directors, and composers.

It provides a synopsis of the series, focusing on Wednesday Addams' adventures at Nevermore Academy and her psychic talents.

What makes this TV show pitch deck great:

  • Interactive experience: The use of multimedia and interactive elements makes the pitch deck not just informative but also engaging, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of 'Wednesday'.

  • Strong visual aesthetics: The deck's visual aesthetics, influenced by Tim Burton's style, create a captivating atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the series' tone.

  • Detailed character and plot descriptions: The in-depth descriptions of main characters and the plot provide a clear and intriguing picture of the series, highlighting its unique blend of horror, comedy, and coming-of-age elements.

Laugh Riot TV series pitch deck

The 'Laugh Riot: The Series' pitch deck is an engaging presentation that introduces a comedy series set in a bustling metropolis.

Directed by Alex Johnson, known for his comedic storytelling, the series revolves around an eclectic group of friends, each bringing their unique humor to the narrative.

It provides a synopsis of the series, focusing on the characters' misadventures and the comedic chaos they create.

What makes this TV series pitch deck great:

  • Engaging character descriptions: The deck provides detailed and humorous descriptions of the main characters, making them relatable and intriguing.

  • Vibrant visuals: The use of a bold color palette and visual inspirations adds energy and life to the presentation, reflecting the series' comedic tone.

  • Theme emphasis: The focus on themes of friendship and laughter in the face of life's chaos resonates with a wide audience, highlighting the show's universal appeal.

Bravest Warriors pitch deck

The 'Bravest Warriors' pitch deck is a dynamic and colorful presentation that showcases the series' blend of sci-fi elements, youthful energy, and humor.

This deck brings to life the adventures of a group of teenage heroes in a futuristic universe. It features detailed character profiles, their unique abilities, and the imaginative worlds they explore.

The deck also highlights the series' commitment to storytelling that combines action-packed sequences with heartfelt moments of friendship and growth.

What makes this TV show pitch deck great:

  • Youthful energy: The deck captures the spirit of adventure and the vibrancy of its young characters, making the series relatable and exciting for a younger audience.

  • Sci-Fi world building: It effectively showcases the expansive and imaginative universe of 'Bravest Warriors', highlighting the series' creative setting and futuristic concepts.

  • Balance of humor and heart: The pitch deck skillfully balances action and humor with emotional storytelling, illustrating the depth and appeal of the series beyond its visual charm.

Ultimate Beastmaster pitch deck

The 'Ultimate Beastmaster' pitch deck is a dynamic presentation for this competitive sports entertainment series. It showcases the show's unique format, featuring athletes from various countries competing in an intense, innovative obstacle course.

The deck details the course design, the challenges involved, and the unique aspects that distinguish it from other obstacle course shows.

It also emphasizes the global aspect of the competition, highlighting the diverse range of competitors and the international appeal of the series.

Ultimate Beastmaster TV show pitch deck

What makes this TV show pitch deck great:

  • Dynamic format: The deck vividly presents the show's exciting and challenging format, capturing the intensity and thrill of the obstacle course.

  • Global appeal: It underscores the international nature of the competition, showcasing the diversity of the athletes and the series' universal appeal.

  • Visual impact: Strong visual elements in the deck convey the scale and excitement of the obstacle course, making it visually captivating and engaging.

The Tracks pitch deck

'The Tracks' TV series pitch deck is a creative and immersive presentation that transports viewers back to the 90s grunge era.

The deck is designed to evoke the feel of the time, incorporating elements like xerox machine aesthetics, halo drop shadows around medium-sized type, and the use of Helvetica font.

The teaser of the deck presents a unique concept: a fictional “old school” band that never existed, with music, photos, and stories all crafted in recent times. This intriguing premise is central to the deck, offering a fresh and captivating narrative for the series.

The Tracks TV show pitch deck

What makes this TV show pitch deck great:

  • Era-specific design: The deck's design authentically captures the 90s grunge era, creating a nostalgic and immersive experience for the viewer.

  • Intriguing concept: The unique premise of a fictional band with a fabricated history captures the imagination and sets the stage for an engaging narrative.

  • Creative execution: The use of specific design elements and typography adds depth to the presentation, effectively conveying the show's thematic and stylistic nuances.

How do you write a TV show pitch deck?

Creating a TV show pitch deck is like telling a story before the story itself gets told. It's your golden opportunity to make your TV show idea irresistible to networks and investors. Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps.

7 steps to write a compelling TV show pitch deck:

1) Start with a strong logline

The logline is your first hook. It's a single sentence that encapsulates the core conflict and unique aspect of your show. For a detective series, it might be: "A retired detective is lured back to solve the one case that has haunted him his entire career."

2) Set the scene

Describe the setting in vivid detail – is it a dystopian future, a historical past, or a reflection of the modern world?

Then, introduce your characters. Don't just list their traits; tell their stories. Why should we root for them? What are their struggles and dreams?

Next, outline the plot. Give an overview of the season, episode by episode, but keep it concise. Each episode description should be a teaser that builds on the last, showing the progression of your story.

3) Add an emotional hook

Your pitch should resonate emotionally. Whether it's through a relatable protagonist or a universal theme like love, loss, or redemption, find the emotional core of your story and bring it to the forefront of your pitch.

4) Include a finished pilot script

Your pilot script is where your idea becomes tangible. Ensure that your script aligns with the tone and style outlined in your series bible and one-sheet. It should be a compelling read that leaves the reader wanting more.

5) Demonstrate market viability

In your pitch deck, it's crucial to highlight your show's market viability. Briefly identify your target audience and align your concept with current TV trends, showing awareness of what viewers are watching.

Mention potential marketing strategies and cross-promotion opportunities, suggesting ways to engage viewers beyond the screen.

Lastly, provide a realistic yet concise budget estimate, demonstrating an understanding of production costs. This section should convey that your show is not just creatively compelling but also a viable, marketable entity in the competitive TV landscape.

Here's an example of a marketing and distribution plan slide:

Marketing and distribution plan slide

6) Be prepared for development

Be open to the idea that your show will evolve. Show that you're flexible and collaborative, ready to work with a network or production team to refine and develop your concept.

7) Outline the next steps

End with a memorable conclusion that reinforces the uniqueness of your show. Make it easy for the readers to take action by including contact details or embedding your calendar directly into the deck.

And remember, unlike the 'Marry Me' pitch, let's keep it professional – no inappropriate offers, even if you're really, really keen on selling your show! ;)

Here's an example of a next steps slide:

CTA slide example

What are some tips and best practices for pitching a TV show?

When it comes to pitching TV shows, who better to learn from than Judd Apatow and the queen of TV dramas herself, Shonda Rhimes. Drawing from their experience, here's how to make your pitch stand out.

8 best practices when pitching TV shows:

  1. Write the pilot first: Before you dive into the full pitch, get that pilot script polished. It's your golden ticket. A strong pilot can open doors for those crucial face-to-face meetings.

  2. Get to the point: Apatow's golden rule - keep it short. Your pitch should be like a great tweet: brief, punchy, and memorable. Can you sum up your story in the time it takes to ride an elevator? That's the goal.

  3. Emotion is key: Rhimes knows drama, and she'll tell you: hook them with emotion. Your story should tug at the heartstrings or tickle the funny bone - sometimes both.

  4. Know your story's future: Don't just have a great opener; know where you're heading. Can you outline seasons 2 and 3? Show them you're not a one-hit wonder but a saga creator.

  5. Practice makes perfect: Rehearse your pitch until it feels like a chat with a friend. You've got less than half an hour to make an impression, so make every minute count.

  6. Do your homework: Tailor your pitch to your audience. Show that you've done your research and know exactly why your show would be a perfect fit for their network.

  7. Passion sells: Bring energy to the room. If you're not excited about your show, why should they be?

  8. Ditch the slides: Seriously, leave the PowerPoint at home. This is your story, not a board meeting. Let your words paint the picture.

Interactive TV show pitch deck templates

Let's face it, even if you're a natural-born storyteller, crafting a pitch deck from scratch can be as overwhelming as a blank script page.

You've got the vision and the passion, but sometimes, getting it all down in a structured, professional format is a whole different challenge.

That's where interactive TV show pitch deck templates come in.

They're designed to guide you through the process, ensuring you cover all the essential elements of a compelling pitch: from your gripping logline to the detailed series bible, and everything in between.

Grab one and see for yourself.

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