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11 Sustainability Report Examples by Industry Giants

Explore leading sustainability report examples. Uncover top environmental practices and insights to enhance your corporate responsibility strategy.

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Sustainability report examples
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Short answer

What to include in a sustainability report?

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Climate Solutions

  3. Waste and Packaging

  4. Products and Services

  5. Water Stewardship

  6. Human Rights

  7. Supply Chain Management

  8. Employee Well-being

  9. Inclusive Experiences

  10. Future Goals and Commitments

What makes an effective sustainability report?

An effective sustainability report is transparent, comprehensive, and aligned with stakeholder interests. It should be data-driven, actionable, and showcase both achievements and areas for improvement.

What considerations should guide you when creating a sustainability report

  1. Stakeholder engagement: Understand their concerns and priorities.

  2. Materiality: Focus on issues with the most significant impact.

  3. Transparency: Be open about challenges and progress.

  4. Relevance: Ensure content is pertinent to the business and industry.

  5. Continuous improvement: Regularly update and refine the report.considerations.

  6. Interactive narrative design: Engage readers with a dynamic, immersive storytelling approach using scrollytelling, enhancing user experience and fostering deeper content engagement.

11 effective examples to elevate your sustainability report

Explore 11 standout examples from industry giants to enhance your sustainability report. Gain insights from top practices and set new standards for corporate responsibility.

Amazon Sustainability Report 2022

The 2022 Amazon Sustainability Report showcases Amazon's commitment to building a sustainable future.

It targets a diverse audience, including stakeholders, employees, and the general public, detailing the company's progress in various sustainability initiatives, from carbon reduction to human rights.

The report emphasizes Amazon's ambition to be net-zero carbon by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Amazon Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Holistic approach: Amazon's report covers a comprehensive range of topics, from carbon emissions and renewable energy to human rights and product sustainability, providing a 360-degree view of their sustainability efforts.

  2. Quantifiable metrics: The report offers clear, quantifiable metrics, such as a 7% decrease in carbon intensity and 90% of electricity from renewable sources, making their progress measurable and transparent.

  3. Engaging visuals: The structure, combined with visuals like charts and images, makes the report engaging and easy to digest, enhancing its impact on the reader.

Meta Sustainability Report 2023

Meta's 2023 Sustainability Report likely highlights the company's commitment to creating a more sustainable digital realm.

Designed for stakeholders, partners, and the global community, the report probably emphasizes Meta's initiatives in reducing its carbon footprint, promoting responsible tech development, and ensuring community well-being.

Meta Sustainability Report 2023

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Virtual reality for sustainability: Meta might showcase how its VR platforms can promote sustainability by reducing physical travel and fostering virtual collaboration.

  2. Data center efficiency: The report could emphasize Meta's advancements in creating energy-efficient data centers, reducing overall environmental impact.

  3. Community-centric initiatives: Meta might spotlight its programs that focus on digital literacy, online safety, and community engagement, ensuring a sustainable and safe online environment.

Microsoft Sustainability Report 2022

Microsoft's Sustainability Report likely delves into the company's initiatives and commitments to creating a sustainable digital future.

Aimed at partners, customers, and the tech community, the report probably underscores Microsoft's efforts in carbon neutrality, sustainable data centers, and responsible AI.

Microsoft Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Carbon negative pledge: Microsoft might emphasize its ambitious pledge to be carbon-negative by 2030, showcasing its leadership in addressing climate change.

  2. AI for earth: The report could highlight Microsoft's "AI for Earth" program, which leverages artificial intelligence to solve environmental challenges.

  3. Digital inclusion: Microsoft might spotlight its initiatives to promote digital inclusion, ensuring that its sustainable tech solutions reach and benefit diverse communities globally.

Apple Sustainability Report 2023

Apple's 2023 Environmental Progress Report likely details the company's strides in reducing its carbon footprint, promoting recycling, and innovating in sustainable product design.

Tailored for consumers, investors, and environmentalists, the report probably underscores Apple's commitment to a greener planet while pushing technological boundaries.

Apple Sustainability Report 2023

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Product lifecycle analysis: Apple might delve deep into the environmental impact of its products, from manufacturing to disposal, offering a transparent view of its sustainability efforts.

  2. Innovative recycling programs: Apple's initiatives, such as the robot "Daisy" that disassembles iPhones for recycling, could be highlighted as a unique approach to waste reduction.

  3. Green energy commitment: The report might emphasize Apple's investments in renewable energy sources for its operations, showcasing a proactive approach to carbon neutrality.

Nestlé Sustainability Report 2022

Nestlé's 2022 Sustainability Report likely underscores the company's dedication to creating shared value for both its stakeholders and society.

Aimed at consumers, investors, and partners, the report probably delves into Nestlé's initiatives in sustainable sourcing, nutrition, and community engagement.

Nestlé Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Nutrition-first approach: Nestlé might emphasize its commitment to enhancing the nutritional value of its products, aligning with global health goals.

  2. Sustainable sourcing: The report could highlight Nestlé's partnerships with local farmers and its efforts in promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

  3. Water stewardship: Given Nestlé's significant role in the beverage industry, the report might spotlight its initiatives in water conservation and responsible water management.

Rockwell Sustainability Report 2022

Rockwell Automation's Sustainability Report likely presents the company's commitment to creating a more sustainable and inclusive future through its automation and information solutions.

Tailored for clients, partners, and the industrial community, the report probably emphasizes Rockwell's role in driving sustainable industrial operations and its dedication to corporate responsibility.

Rockwell Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Sustainable industrial solutions: Rockwell might highlight its innovative solutions that help industries reduce their carbon footprint, optimize resources, and enhance operational efficiency.

  2. Inclusive workforce: The report could emphasize Rockwell's initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within its workforce, showcasing its belief in the power of diverse perspectives.

  3. Community engagement: Rockwell might spotlight its community outreach programs, partnerships with educational institutions, and initiatives that promote STEM education.

Coca-Cola Sustainability Report 2022

Coca-Cola's 2022 Sustainability Report likely showcases their global efforts to reduce environmental impact, promote community welfare, and ensure ethical business practices.

It's intended for a wide range of stakeholders, from consumers to investors, highlighting Coca-Cola's dedication to a sustainable and responsible business model.

Coca-Cola Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Global reach, local impact: Coca-Cola, being a global brand, might emphasize initiatives tailored to local communities, showcasing a balance between global strategies and local actions.

  2. Circular economy emphasis: Coca-Cola's efforts in recycling and promoting a circular economy, especially concerning their packaging, can be a standout feature.

  3. Collaborative partnerships: The brand's collaborations with NGOs, governments, and other corporations to achieve sustainability goals can be a notable approach in their report.

GM Sustainability Report 2022

General Motors (GM) envisions a world with zero crashes, emissions, and congestion.

Their sustainability report is tailored for stakeholders, emphasizing GM's commitment to an all-electric future, carbon neutrality by 2040, and inclusive solutions for societal issues.

GM Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Holistic vision: GM's three-pronged vision of zero crashes, emissions, and congestion offers a comprehensive approach to sustainability, addressing safety, environmental, and traffic concerns.

  2. Stakeholder engagement: The report highlights GM's efforts in engaging with stakeholders, from employees to suppliers, ensuring a broad perspective on sustainability.

  3. Innovative spirit: GM's emphasis on research, development, and innovation showcases their proactive approach to sustainability, rather than just reactive measures.

Ford Sustainability Report 2023

Ford's 2023 report likely integrates both financial and sustainability data, reflecting the company's holistic approach to business and responsibility.

Designed for investors, partners, and the global community, the report probably emphasizes Ford's commitment to a sustainable future while maintaining financial robustness.

Ford Sustainability Report 2023

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Integrated reporting: By combining financial and sustainability data, Ford might offer a comprehensive view of its performance, emphasizing the interconnectedness of profitability and responsibility.

  2. Mobility focus: As a leading automobile company, Ford's sustainability efforts could be centered around sustainable mobility solutions, reducing emissions, and promoting electric vehicles.

  3. Community engagement: Ford might highlight its initiatives that focus on community welfare, from educational programs to collaborations with local NGOs, showcasing a commitment beyond business.

DuPont Sustainability Report 2022

DuPont's 2022 Sustainability Report emphasizes the company's foundation in science and engineering.

It targets a wide array of stakeholders, showcasing DuPont's purpose to empower the world with essential innovations, built on three pillars: Innovate, Protect, and Empower.

DuPont Sustainability Report 2022

Unique and Effective Approaches

  1. Alignment with UN goals: DuPont's innovations are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring global relevance and impact.

  2. Human impact stories: By highlighting the impact on over 3.5 million lives and showcasing 450 charitable projects across 29 countries, DuPont adds a personal touch to their sustainability narrative.

  3. Collaborative networks: The emphasis on interconnectedness and collaboration, as mentioned by their Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, showcases DuPont's belief in collective efforts for sustainable progress.

Sustainability report design best practices

Designing a sustainability report is not just about presenting data; it's about telling a story that resonates with stakeholders, from investors to employees to the general public. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

1. Clarity and simplicity

Prioritize a clean design that emphasizes clarity. Utilize visual aids like charts and infographics to distill complex data, ensuring that readers can quickly grasp the information without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Consistent branding

Your sustainability report is an extension of your brand. Maintain brand consistency by using familiar fonts, colors, and design elements, ensuring that readers instantly recognize the company behind the report.

3. Interactive elements

Elevate the user experience by incorporating interactive features. Embed videos, clickable links, and dynamic charts that allow readers to delve deeper into specific topics or data points.

Static PDF or PPT
Interactive Storydoc

4. Narrative storytelling

Transform your report from a mere collection of data to a compelling narrative. Share the company's sustainability journey, highlighting both triumphs and challenges, to engage readers on a more personal level.

Narrative report example made with Storydoc:

5. High-quality imagery

Complement your content with impactful, high-resolution images that resonate with the report's theme. Choose photos that evoke emotion and align with the sustainability narrative.

6. Spotlight on achievements

While comprehensive data is crucial, it's equally important to accentuate key milestones. Create dedicated sections or visual highlights that draw attention to significant sustainability achievements.

7. Guided storytelling design

Structure your report like a story – beginning with context, delving into the core content, and culminating with future aspirations. This flow keeps readers engaged from start to finish

8. Universal accessibility

Craft a report that's accessible to all, including those with disabilities. Implement features like alt-text for images and ensure compatibility with screen readers, emphasizing inclusivity.

9. Stakeholder engagement

Demonstrate that stakeholder feedback is valued. Incorporate mechanisms, such as feedback forms or surveys, to gather insights that can shape future sustainability initiatives

10. Versatile formats

While the digital realm offers interactivity, don't neglect stakeholders who prefer traditional formats. Design your report to be visually appealing and functional in both digital and print forms.

Sustainability report interactive storytelling templates

Ditch the mundane PowerPoint slides and embrace our interactive storytelling templates. The templates below bring your sustainability content to life, making it engaging and memorable.

With our "sustainability report design templates", you can tell a compelling story rather than just presenting data. Our templates are not only more engaging but also cost-effective and quick to produce.

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