How to Create a DJ Press Kit to Get Noticed (+Examples)

Learn how to create a DJ press kit, why you need one, and what to include in a DJ EPK. Discover successful DJ EPK examples instantly usable as templates.

How to create a DJ press kit

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Short answer

What is a DJ press kit?

A DJ press kit is a professional portfolio showcasing a DJ's brand, music, and achievements. It typically includes a bio, high-quality photos, music samples, social media links, and contact information, making it easier for promoters and venues to book the DJ.

The business side of music is just as important as your tracks

Many talented DJs miss out on their dream gigs because they don't bother with marketing.

While perfecting your skills is essential, ignoring the business side often means taking whatever gigs you can get just to pay the bills. A well-crafted DJ press kit can change that, helping you get noticed by promoters, venues, and fans.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to create a DJ press kit that highlights your talent and boosts your career.

Let’s dive in!

What does a DJ press kit include?

  1. DJ bio: Share your background, musical style, and any major achievements.

  2. Music samples: Include links to your top tracks or mixes to showcase your sound.

  3. Professional photos: High-quality images for press and promotion use.

  4. Performance videos: Clips of live sets showing your energy and skills.

  5. Press mentions: Feature reviews and articles that highlight your work.

  6. Booking schedule: List upcoming performances to show your active calendar.

  7. Social media: Provide links to your profiles for promoters to follow.

  8. Testimonials: Quotes from clients or media praising your work.

  9. Technical rider: Details on your equipment and setup requirements.

  10. Call to action: Clear instructions on how to book or contact you.

Where to find interactive DJ press kit templates

Creating a DJ press kit that wows promoters can be a real time drain. Gathering all your materials, organizing them, and ensuring everything works as it should can be exhausting. Plus, getting those file permissions just right? Yikes.

Interactive DJ press kit templates save you loads of time by including everything you need and optimizing for engagement.

Just pick one and you're good to go.

No templates found

DJ press kit examples that get you bookings

Great DJ press kits do more than just look good—they capture your unique vibe and experiences in a way that resonates with promoters and gets you booked.

Let's take a look at some great DJ press kit examples inspired by decks that have worked well for others.

DJ Jade electronic press kit (static PDF)

I’ve checked out plenty of static PDF press kits, and most seem stuck in the 2000s, but DJ Jade’s really stands out as one of the best. It’s awesome that there’s a full version on the club's website, plus a downloadable PDF that includes a technical rider.

If I were a booking agent, I’d be grateful to have everything laid out so clearly—it'd make my job a breeze.

I found navigating the kit super easy too, because it links out to external resources and SoundCloud, avoiding an overload of text and files. The links don’t always work, but hey, that’s static PDFs for you!

One thing I’d change? I’d add a call to action in the printable version. Right now, it’s only on the website. Without it, if someone only sees the PDF, there’s no direct way to contact Jade, and that’s a real missed opportunity.

DJ press kit (interactive template)

If I were sifting through a mountain of DJ press kits, this one would definitely catch my eye with that video right on the cover slide.

I also appreciate the separate tabs for each social media platform. So if you're not a TikTok fan—like me—you can skip right to your favorite network without any fuss.

The graph are a breeze to understand too! Plus, I love that you can update them with the latest data on the fly—no need to resend the whole deck every time there’s a new number to crunch.

DJ electronic resume (interactive template)

I’m all about this DJ press kit’s scroll-based design—which is just a fancy way of saying everything unfolds neatly as you scroll down.

What’s particularly neat is the press photos section. You can take your time going through it, pairing each photo with a changing quote as you scroll. It's brilliantly done!

If I were looking to build trust and show off what I can do, this would definitely be my go-to template.

Wedding DJ EPK (interactive template)

Looking for a wedding DJ feels like a high-stakes game, especially for a massive music fan like me. One bad choice and you're stuck with lousy music or tacky comments ruining your big day.

What really caught my eye in this deck were the different Spotify playlists embedded right in there. I could just pick the playlist that fits the mood I'm going for and see if it clicks.

And the option to embed a video from a past wedding she DJed? Seeing her in action would do more to calm my nerves than any review could!

Electronic DJ EPK (interactive template)

As a booking agent, I’d love the timeline slide in this deck that shows the upcoming gigs. It’s a real time-saver, letting me quickly see if they fit into my lineup.

And if I were a DJ, I'd find it super handy too. I could easily tweak it to highlight my past performances. It’s clear, easy to update, and much more engaging than plain text.

Hip hop DJ press kit (interactive template)

For this hip hop DJ press kit, I really appreciated the clear bio right at the start, next to a spot for a photo. It gave me an instant feel for who the DJ is, their vibe, and their experience.

I also liked how it kept my attention the whole way through, wrapping up with social media links so I could dive deeper into their SoundCloud or YouTube if I wanted. An embedded calendar would have been a nice touch, but it’s still pretty awesome as is.

Modern DJ press kit (interactive template)

This modern DJ press kit might have the same sections as others, but the vibrant colors really make it feel fresh and new.

I also love how easy it is to customize in the editor to fit any branding. You can even pull logos right off websites—I always find it tough to track down the right logo with a transparent background, so this feature is a total lifesaver!

How to make a winning DJ press kit in 11 simple steps

Putting together a press kit for DJs is much more than just rounding up your best tracks and photos. It’s about creating a professional portfolio that really showcases your brand, your skills, and your readiness to hit the stage.

Let’s walk through how you can put together an effective DJ press kit:

1) Start with an attention-grabbing DJ bio

Your bio is your opportunity to make a strong first impression. More than just listing your accomplishments, share your story. Talk about your musical journey, your influences, and what makes you stand out.

DJ and promoter Nic Baird highlights the importance of having a specific sound:

“If the DJ has a specific sound or style, it really helps promoters think about where the DJ could fit on lineups.”

—Nic Baird, DJ and promoter

amotz harari - head of marketing at storydoc

It’s useful to have different versions of your bio ready: a short one for quick reads and a more detailed one for those who want to dive deeper.

2) Select and curate your best music samples

Pick tracks that showcase your skill and versatility. Ensure the sound quality is top-notch and use platforms like SoundCloud or Mixcloud for hosting.

Promoter Téa Abashidze points out the necessity of a SoundCloud profile:

“What is very essential though, is to have a SoundCloud profile to upload your sets. (...) Sometimes, they only upload the tracks they produce, which is not sufficient to understand what and how they actually play in their sets."

Since many promoters can’t see you play live, it’s crucial to give them a taste of your live sets. Include direct links or embed playlists in your press kit so people can easily access them.

Example of a deck with embedded playlists:

Storydoc deck with embedded sets

3) Invest in high-quality, versatile photos

Hire a photographer to take a range of live shots and posed portraits that really capture your energy and brand. High-resolution images are crucial for press materials and offer the flexibility needed for all kinds of promotional uses.

4) Include dynamic performance videos

Videos are your chance to showcase how you perform live and interact with the crowd. Edit your clips to highlight your best moments. Promoters want to see your stage presence and how you handle the crowd’s energy.

Nic Baird notes the importance of being genuine:

“We tend not to book people who are flashy behind the decks and ‘arms in the air’ kind of thing, and a bit ‘big roomy,’ trying to whip the crowd up. We like people who are a bit more understated.”

Example of an EPK with an embedded video:

Storydoc deck with an embedded video

5) Compile press mentions and testimonials

Collect quotes from credible sources to build your credibility. Feature media reviews and client testimonials. These endorsements provide social proof of your talent and professionalism.

Organize these quotes to create a narrative that reinforces your professional image and talent.

6) Be precise with your technical rider

Make sure your technical rider is detailed and clear, specifying the equipment brands you prefer, how you want things set up, and the layout of your stage. Don’t forget to clearly outline your sound system needs and DJ booth preferences.

Clear communication is essential—it prevents misunderstandings and ensures everything goes off without a hitch during your performance.

7) List upcoming gigs and past performances

Show off your upcoming gigs and past performances. List your future bookings and spotlight your previous shows, especially at well-known venues. This shows that you're active and brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Promoter Martin Smyth values experience:

“We’d want someone who is well-equipped to do the right thing by the headline act. (...) Sometimes the headliner will want a say on it, and other times you might take a chance on someone, or you feel that whoever is closing the night is more musically diverse, so that gives us a bigger range to book from.”

—Martin Smyth, Promoter and Founder of District8

amotz harari - head of marketing at storydoc

8) Provide direct links to social media profiles

Your social media presence should be judged more on the quality of content than the number of followers. Promoters look at how you present yourself and what you share.

Nic Baird appreciates seeing an artist’s seriousness about music:

“You get an idea of how serious someone is about music and DJing, or whether it’s more of a lifestyle thing,”

Téa Abashidze adds,

“Among a sea of trendy, TikTok-type influencer DJs... follower count and views do not necessarily indicate their skill.”

Ensure your profiles reflect professionalism, passion, and authenticity.

9) Highlight your branding

Keep your branding consistent—it really helps people recognize you. Make sure to include your logo, color scheme, and any other elements that define your brand. This gives you a polished and cohesive look that really stands out.

Here's how you can easily extract branding using Storydoc:

Branded deck example

10) Create a clear Call to Action

Make it a breeze for promoters to get in touch. Just share your direct contact details and a straightforward call to action. Let them know how you prefer to communicate and exactly what steps they should take if they want to book you.

Example of a deck with a clear CTA:

Next steps slide example

11) Regularly update your press kit

Always keep your press kit up-to-date with your latest music, photos, press mentions, and gig dates.

A current press kit not only shows you’re active but also that you’re continuously moving forward. This is key for keeping things professional and being ready to jump on new opportunities.

Bonus tip: Getting in touch with promoters

Start by establishing a strong online presence on platforms like SoundCloud and Mixcloud, where promoters often scout for new talent.

At events, try connecting with the promoter’s team, like marketing or night managers, who may have more time to get to know you. Focus on forming genuine relationships over superficial networking.

Personalize your emails and direct messages. Introduce yourself, explain why you’re interested in their events, and include links to your sets.

Keep in mind that promoters often plan events months in advance, so it’s best to reach out to them early. After going to an event, don’t hesitate to follow up with a message that highlights your interest and readiness for future opportunities.

Staying proactive like this keeps you on their radar and improves your chances of getting booked.

Why do you need a DJ press kit?

  1. Present a professional image: A well-designed press kit makes you look professional and impressive to promoters, venues, and the media.

  2. Simplify information sharing: Having all your essential details in one place makes it easy for industry professionals to access and share your information.

  3. Increase booking chances: Quickly showcasing your credentials and offerings enhances your chances of getting booked for gigs.

  4. Showcase your talent: High-quality music samples, videos, and photos highlight your skills and performance style.

  5. Highlight achievements: Featuring press mentions and testimonials boosts your credibility and shows your successes.

  6. Stay organized: Keeping all your materials in one kit ensures you are prepared and can respond quickly to opportunities.

  7. Stand out from the competition: A polished press kit helps you stand out in a crowded market, showing that you are serious and ready for professional opportunities.

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