Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides: 2 Easy Ways

Got a presentation in PowerPoint but need to turn it into a Google Slides document? It will take you less than a minute. Here's how to do it.

John McTale

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Convert PowerPoint into Google Slides

Got a PowerPoint you need to convert to Google Slides? Want to collaborate with your team on a key presentation and not happy with MS PowerPoint’s capabilities in this regard? Don’t worry. Converting a .ppt file into a Google Slides presentation will take you less than a minute.

There are two ways to turn a PowerPoint into a Google Slides file. In this piece, we’ll explain both.

How to convert a PowerPoint file into Google Slides:

1. Open your Google Drive.

2. Go to the desired folder.

3. In the top left corner, click “New.”

…or just right click in the middle of the folder.

Convert PPT to Google Slides

4. Select “File upload.”

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

5. Choose the .ppt file you want to convert.

6. Right click the file, select “Open with,” and “Google Slides.”

Convert PowerPoint into Google Sli

7. In the top left, click “File,” and then “Save as Google Slides.”

Convert PPT into Google Slides

8. There you have it. You can now edit the file in Google Slides, share it with your team or friends, and work on it collaboratively.

Now, you’ll see two files in your folder. One will be the original .pptx you uploaded, and the other one will be the converted version. Opting for a PPT to PDF converter can streamline your document management by providing a more compact, universally accessible version of your presentations, enhancing the ease of distribution and archiving. If you won’t need to use the former, you can just remove it from your Drive and free up some space.

That was pretty straightforward, right?

Now, there is another way to take your PowerPoint slideshow and make it a Google Slides file. And, you guessed it, it’s equally easy.

Method 2: Start with creating a Google Slides document

1. Go to Google Drive.

2. In the top right corner, open Google apps and select Google Slides.

Convert PPT into Google

3. Select a “Blank” presentation.

Convert PowerPoint into Google S

4. Click on “File” and then “Import slides.”

Convert PPT into Google

5. Select “Upload” then drag and drop your .ppt presentation.

Convert PowerPoint into Google Slides

6. In the top right corner, select “All,” and in the bottom right, click “Import slides.”

Convert PowerPoint into Google Slides

7. You’re good to go, your slides are already saved on your Drive in the Google Slides format.

Note: the advantage of this method is that you only get a GSlides file. There’s no .pptx file taking up your cloud storage space.

You can do better

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