9 Business Proposal Examples Buyers Love (Ready for Use)

Learn from tried and tested business proposal examples that make you stand out from your competitors, impress buyers, and get you the deal—every time.

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Business proposal examples

Sending a business proposal is the scariest stage in the selling process. It's the last stretch after a long sales process you've poured your heart into. You've gotten this far, and it would be such a shame to get rejected now.

But to win you'll have to stand out and bring something to the table that your competitors can't. This post will show you how to get that something, put your competitors to shame, and get the deal every time.

Let's take a look at tried and tested examples that set you apart, engage buyers, and make your proposal steal deals even from long-term suppliers.

Static vs. interactive business proposal examples

The truth is, most business proposals are failing because they’re dull, hard to read, and just like all the rest.

Ask yourself this—when your proposal is being compared to your alternatives can the buyer tell the difference?

If you’re sending buyers static PowerPoint, PDF or Word documents, then the answer to that question is clearly “no” —you are not standing out, and you’ve already lost.

Your unique value proposition ends up buried in a stack of decks that look just like any other presentation your prospect has ever seen. Same old—same old.

If you hope to stand out among your competitors, you’ll need an interactive business proposal. You’ll want to take your buyers through a captivating storyline experience and let them interact with your proposal.

Instead of sending them yet another boring reading task, you can send them a story they can engage with. An interactive story in which they can see your solution play out specifically for them, with live graphs, videos, and narrated content.

Interactive business proposal presentations are highly engaging for your buyers regardless of the device they’re viewed on. You can guide them through a storytelling narrative that’s easy to follow and be sure that your audience doesn’t miss any important insights ever again.

This is what interactive proposals look like—

Business proposal examples

Interactive decks make it easier than ever for your prospects to take that next step straight from the deck. Whether you want them to book a demo or reach for their credit card, interactive templates go way beyond PowerPoint and let you do all that and more.

This shift in how business proposals are made is already done. You either jump on the bandwagon or get left behind.

Best business proposal examples that get noticed and get the deal

All examples presented below have been designed in line with business proposal best practices and validated through Storydoc’s extensive user data (over 100K buyer sessions). They are immediately available to pick up and use, and can be easily tweaked according to your particular needs.

If you need help figuring out how to structure your proposals and what to include in them, follow our guide on how to make a winning business proposal presentation.

Best business proposal example for sales

Sales proposal example

Sales proposal template

A template designed to grab and keep attention. Use it to convince your client's boss that you're worth the splurge.

What makes this proposal deck great:

Best business proposal example for general business

General business proposal example

General business proposal template

An all-purpose proposal template, guaranteed to make an immediate impact. Easy to tweak to match your specific needs.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Versatile components that can easily be adjusted based on your industry and particular use case.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly editor that can auto-extract your key visuals and match all the components to your company branding.
  • A combination of text-based and visual slides allows you to add context to the numbers and make all information easily digestible.

Best business proposal example for SaaS companies

SaaS proposal example

SaaS proposal deck

A perfect template to let your prospects grasp the value attached to your price tag at that crucial stage of the deal.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Interactive tiered slides are perfect for providing a brief overview of the available pricing options and the value that’s attached to the price tag. They can also be used to segment content for different decision-makers in the company.
  • Vertical timeline slide allows you to guide prospects through a captivating storyline that grabs their attention and increases retention by 60-70%.
  • Logo placeholders can be used to legitimize your offering by including examples of past customers. You can also include buttons or links to customer case studies or play them straight from the deck.

Best business proposal example for designers

Design proposal example

Design proposal template (Dark)

If your design proposal doesn't look amazing, you can kiss that contract goodbye. The design proposal template above makes sure your aesthetic shines as bright as your value proposition.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Including a video in the cover slide will help you leave a lasting impression and get 32% more people to interact with your deck.
  • Various image placeholders are perfect for presenting your aesthetic while complementing it with your main value proposition.
  • Scroll-based design that always stays perfect regardless of the device your design proposal will be viewed on.

Best project proposal example

Project proposal example

Project proposal template

Clean, easy-to-follow, elegant proposal template aimed at presenting the key aspects of your project at a glance.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Interactive elements will make all the crucial aspects of your project easy to understand and follow, from the project scope to the budget and the implementation process.
  • Easily customizable fields enable you to tweak your decks and personalize at scale.
  • Smart CTAs make it easier than ever for your prospect to take that next step, such as book a demo or arrange a meeting, straight from the deck. Decks with a clear, singular next step have a 27% higher conversion rate than those ending with a generic “thank you” slide.

Best business proposal example for the creative industry

Creative project proposal example

Creative project proposal

Designed with freelancers and creative agencies in mind. It's one of the more artsy project proposal layouts in our gallery, which will be a better pick for relaxed industries, rather than corporate environments.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Vibrant design will immediately grab the attention of potential buyers and reflect the youthful nature of your business.
  • Collapsible text-based slides allow you to present all the key aspects of your project without overwhelming the reader with walls of text.
  • Interactive elements, such as tabs to click through or sliders, position readers as the main characters in your narrative, creating active engagement.

Best business proposal example for technological companies

Tech project proposal example

Tech project proposal

Fresh and crisp, this project proposal template will be an ideal pick for startups and hi-tech companies. The main idea behind the design was to let you highlight your modern brand identity.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Image and video placeholders enable you to explain even the most complex technological processes in an easily understandable way.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly editor that works on autopilot. Any components you choose to add will automatically adjust to the overall deck layout, so the design will always stay intact.
  • Web-based design means that you can make changes to your proposal at any time without having to resend it to your prospects. Once they have the link, you can be sure they are always seeing the freshest version of your proposal.

Best business proposal example for consulting agencies

Consulting proposal example

Consulting proposal template

Visually highlight the pain point and quickly show that your skills and experience make you the best fit for the project.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Minimalist design with a variety of animated slides keeps the focus on your key message at all times.
  • The media array slide builds expertise and trust by showing the faces behind your services.
  • The ability to embed images and videos straight into the deck allows you to present customer case studies.

Best formal business proposal example

Formal proposal example

Formal project proposal

This elegant project proposal template will work best for more complex, formal proposals in industries such as engineering, infrastructure or large-scale real estate. A lot of space dedicated for detailed descriptions of technical specifications will allow your readers to take a deep-dive into your offering.

What makes this proposal deck great:

  • Text columns are ideal for outlining project scopes or schedules in an easy to follow manner.
  • The perfect balance between text-based and visual slides will allow your readers to get deep insights into the technical specifications of your solution without losing their attention halfway through.
  • The image slider is perfect for presenting your current customers to build authority and trust or can be used to bring people’s attention to the main integrations your solution offers.

Go from boring to captivating buyers with a dedicated business proposal maker

The sales process is long and complicated—but creating your sales and marketing collateral shouldn’t be. Don’t get bogged down using legacy slide-based presentation software like PowerPoint, or you’ll just pour your time and effort down the drain.

Most buyers won’t be able to single out your generic proposal from their heap of alternatives no matter how pretty you make the design.

In order to create an outstanding business proposal, you may want to consider using a dedicated business proposal maker.

You’re free to use Storydoc for 14 days. You get to keep the proposals you make forever!

Business proposal makers, such as Storydoc, virtually work on autopilot. You just need to fill in the blanks while the editor pulls the rest of the data directly from your CRM.

The design always stays perfect, so you can instantly amaze your prospects with an interactive experience they’ve never had before.

Personalized business proposal presentation

No matter what industry you’re in, you can put together a tailor-made proposal in less time and with better performance. This way, you’ll be geared to present a business proposal that impresses your prospects and gets them to say ‘Yes!’ to your offer.

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