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6 Recruitment Pitch Deck Examples Every HR Pro Should See

Learn how to create a winning recruitment pitch deck and get inspiration from proven recruitment pitch deck and proposal examples that attract top talent.

Dominika Krukowska

8 minute read

Recruitment pitch deck examples
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Short answer

What to include in a recruitment pitch deck?

  • Introduction
  • Company overview
  • Job overview
  • Full job description
  • Team overview
  • Company culture
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Clear call to action

Recruitment and sales are more alike than you might think

Have you ever watched a top salesperson in action? They can make you believe in a product’s magic and have you reaching for your wallet within minutes.

And while recruitment and sales might seem like they're from different planets, they're actually close neighbors. Both are about understanding the person on the other side, telling a captivating story, and convincing them you’re the perfect fit for their needs.

In today's competitive hiring landscape, the best talent isn't just looking for a job; they're looking for a vision, growth, and a culture they can resonate with.

Without a compelling recruitment pitch deck, you're essentially letting top-tier candidates slip right through your fingers, settling for less than the best.

In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how to write and design a compelling recruitment pitch deck that draws top talent into your company’s narrative. You’ll also get proven recruitment pitch deck and proposal examples to inspire your own.

Let’s dive in!

What makes a winning recruitment pitch deck?

A good recruitment pitch deck effectively communicates a company's values, culture, and vision. It provides essential job details and paints a compelling narrative that captivates and engages top talent, making them eager to be part of the team.

How to write a recruitment agency pitch deck

If you're in the recruitment game, you know just how crucial first impressions are. And guess what? The same rule applies when you're presenting your company or agency to potential clients or top talents.

Let's dive into how to write that perfect pitch deck that makes everyone sit up and take notice.

1) Strong hook

Your pitch deck's opening should grab attention immediately. Think of it as your elevator pitch; within seconds, your audience should understand who you are, what you offer, and why they should care.

Here are some examples:

  • "Ready to be more than just a job title? Discover a role where you shape the future."
  • "Seeking people ready to redefine the industry. Is that you?"
  • "Tired of the usual 9-5? Let's shake things up together."

2) Multimedia

Visual elements are crucial in making your pitch deck memorable. By adding relevant images, videos, or infographics, you give candidates a richer understanding of your company's culture and vision.

It's not just about beautifying the deck, but about offering a view of what life at your company looks like. When candidates can visualize themselves in the scenarios you present, they're more likely to feel a connection.

Here's an example of a beautiful multimedia deck:

3) Scrollytelling (Narrated design)

Scrollytelling is a modern storytelling technique where the narrative unfolds as the viewer scrolls through. Instead of static slides, think of it as a dynamic journey where each scroll reveals more about the company, the role, and the opportunities.

It's interactive, engaging, and ensures that candidates remain hooked from start to finish, absorbing every piece of information you present.

Here's an example of Storydoc scrollytelling:

Narrator slide example

4) Clear next steps

You've painted a picture; now guide candidates on their next move. Whether you're giving a prompt to fill out an application, a link to schedule a chat, or creating a QR code to a virtual office tour, make the next steps clear, compelling, and easy to follow.

Here's an example of a calendar slide:

Next step slide example

5) Mobile optimization

We live in a mobile-first world. Many candidates will likely view your pitch deck on-the-go. Ensure that your content, visuals, and layout look good and are accessible on every device, from desktops to smartphones.

6) Personalization

Make candidates feel like the star of the show. Highlight how the role aligns with their skills, aspirations, and potential growth opportunities.

It's about making them feel like the role was crafted just for them and creating a narrative where they can already see themselves thriving in it. Implementing a robust candidate management system will also help with your talent optimization strategy later on because by attracting candidates who are a perfect fit for the role, you set them up for success and minimize the need for extensive training.

7) Data-driven content

Navigating the recruitment landscape without data is like sailing without a compass—you're left guessing which direction to take.

Every presentation created with Storydoc comes with a nifty analytics panel, giving you a clear view of how candidates interact with your pitch deck.

Did they linger on the slide describing job responsibilities? Or perhaps they paused to ponder over the compensation package? Maybe there's a particular slide where most candidates seem to drop off. These insights are golden!

By understanding where candidates are most engaged or where they might have reservations, you can fine-tune your deck for maximum impact.

What to include in a recruitment pitch deck?

Crafting a recruitment pitch deck is about more than just listing job details—it's your chance to tell a compelling story that resonates with potential candidates.

8 essential slides of recruitment pitch decks:

  1. Introduction: Your first impression. Set the tone and give candidates a hint of what's to come.

  2. Company overview: A snapshot of who you are. Highlight your company's mission, vision, and achievements.

  3. Job overview: Present the basics at a glance. Quickly inform candidates about the role, where it's based, and what you're looking for.

  4. Full job description: Detail the role's day-to-day, but also touch on the growth opportunities and the kind of challenges that will keep them engaged. It's about painting a clear picture of life in this role.

  5. Team overview: Introduce the team the candidates will be working with and show how they fit into the bigger picture.

  6. Company culture: From core values to the little rituals that make workdays special, give candidates a taste of the environment they'll be stepping into.

  7. Compensation and benefits: Outline the salary, bonuses, and any additional benefits that come with the role such as medical plans, but also gym memberships, or discounts.

  8. Clear call to action: Whether it's scheduling an interview, reaching out for more info, or inviting candidates to read their open enrolment emails, guide candidates on what to do next.

Here’s an example of a deck that follows this structure:

Highly-effective recruitment pitch deck examples

An effective recruitment pitch deck acts as the bridge between a potential candidate and your company's vision. The most impactful decks go beyond job specs; they tell a story that highlights a company’s ethos, growth path, and the team behind it all.

Let’s take a look at some recruitment pitch deck examples that have truly hit the mark and explore what makes them so successful.

Candidate deck

What makes this recruitment pitch deck great:

  • Video on the cover slide increases the likelihood of candidates reading your pitch deck in full.

  • Tabs to click through in the job description section further boost candidate engagement.

  • Multiple image and video placeholders let you give potential candidates a sneak peek of what they can expect if they decide to join the company.

Position acceptance plan

What makes this recruitment pitch deck great:

  • Rich library of icons that you can easily tweak according to your company’s branding, giving off a custom-made feel.

  • Logo placeholder that lets you add your company logo in just a few seconds using the intuitive logo finder feature.

  • Narrator slide can be used to guide candidates through the contract details and later adapted for onboarding purposes.

Open vacancy pitch

What makes this recruitment pitch deck great:

  • Average reading time on the cover sets expectations and reduces the bounce rate by almost a quarter - you don’t want that top talent to get away, after all!

  • The ability to embed multiple links lets you add a short test or a form for potential candidates to fill out to assess whether they’d be a good fit for your company.

  • Intuitive user-friendly editor makes deck creation and editing a breeze, which is crucial when you have multiple roles to fill at the same time.

Highly-effective recruitment proposal examples

A standout recruitment proposal isn't just about the job details—it's an invitation into the heart of your company. The best ones capture the essence of the team, growth opportunities, and the vibrant culture awaiting the candidate.

Let's explore some top-notch examples and see what makes them shine.

Job contract proposal

What makes this recruitment proposal great:

  • Narrator slide guides potential candidates through the job offer details, making them easy to follow and digest.

  • Calendar embedded into the deck makes it easier than ever for candidates to book another meeting with you.

  • The option to insert dynamic variables lets you add candidates’ names to the introduction, adding that personal touch to your deck.

Job offer proposal

What makes this recruitment proposal great:

  • AI assistant that can guide you through the entire creation process, from tweaking your copy to adding relevant visuals.

  • The option to add your brand book to use cohesive company branding throughout the recruitment process.

  • Mobile optimization ensures your recruitment deck looks flawless on any device.

  • Gamification in recruitment can transform a standard hiring process into an exciting journey for both recruiters and applicants.

Employment proposal letter

What makes this recruitment proposal great:

  • Narrator and timeline slides walk candidates through the job specs and offer details, instantly making them clear and easy to follow.

  • Library of stock images that you can use to instantly spice up your deck - or, you can ask the AI assistant to create some new ones for you.

  • The option to include multiple CTAs gives candidates the option to book another meeting with you, learn more about your company, or go on a virtual office tour.

How to design a recruitment pitch deck?

When it comes to recruitment pitch decks, design isn't just about aesthetics—it's about crafting an experience. A well-designed deck can be the difference between a candidate's fleeting glance and their undivided attention.

Let's dive into the elements that make a recruitment pitch deck not just look good, but feel right.

1) Design to stand out

Starting your pitch deck with a video can be a game-changer. Think of it as a window into your company's soul—a glimpse of the energy, culture, and passion that defines your workplace.

According to our research, presentations with a video on the cover also get 32% more people to interact with them, read them 37% longer, and make them 17% more likely to take the desired step at the end.

Personalizing your deck to resonate with the specific aspirations and motivations of your candidates can make them feel seen and valued. It's the difference between saying, "We have a position open” and "Here's a job we believe you're perfect for."

And finally, it’s time to step up from those old PPTs and PDFs. Web-based formats are the way to go. They're sleek, interactive, and look great on all devices. If you're curious, there are some cool comparisons on how Storydoc compares to PDFs and traditional slides.

2) Design for interactivity

Imagine giving your candidates a deck they can play around with—tabs to click, sliders to slide, and calculators to tinker with.

It's simple: when candidates interact, they connect. An engaging design ensures they dive deep into what you're offering; it can get 41% more people to scroll your deck all the way down to the bottom and read it 21% longer.

I mean, just look at these two decks. Which one would you rather read?

Static PDF or PPT
Interactive Storydoc

3) Narrated design (scrollytelling)

Scrollytelling is about guiding your candidates through a structured narrative. As they scroll, they're taken on a journey—each section revealing more about your company, the role, and the opportunities that await.

It's a storytelling technique that's not only more memorable but also makes complex information easier to digest. And, being clear about all the aspects of your offering is more likely to sway their decision in your favor.

Here's an example of scrollytelling in action:

Recruitment pitch deck templates

Now that you know how to create a compelling recruitment pitch deck, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put that knowledge into practice.

Interactive recruitment pitch deck templates are more than just pretty layouts. They’re packed with insights and transformed into ready-to-use formats, helping you tell a story that gets candidates excited about working with you.

Grab one.

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