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Why Making a PowerPoint Presentation Interesting Is Impossible

Learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation more interesting and engaging, and why it's not enough for modern presentations anymore.

Dominika Krukowska

4 minute read

How to make a PowerPoint presentation interesting
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Short answer

What makes a presentation more interesting?

To make a presentation more interesting, blend in eye-catching visuals, keep your points clear and direct, and share a memorable story. Use examples people can relate to, sprinkle in light humor, and engage with your audience.

Adding more animations won’t make your presentation interesting

We've all been there—spending hours perfecting our PowerPoint slides, adding some cool transitions, and choosing the right animations.

And while they look great (kudos to you!), the truth is that even the snazziest slides can struggle to hold attention in our content-saturated world.

The real magic isn't just in making your slides more "interesting," but in transforming the entire way we present.

This guide will introduce you to some modern presentation tools and techniques that'll make your audience sit up and think, "Wow, this is different!"

Let’s get started!

Why PowerPoint presentations will never be interesting and fun

For years, PowerPoint has been the go-to for presentations. But as we understand more about how our brains engage with content, it becomes clear that it’s not up to the task of engaging modern audiences because it simply has too many limitations.

5 critical PowerPoint limitations:

1) Standardized slide set with a 16:9 aspect ratio

PowerPoint's standard format might be familiar, but it's not always the best fit. Carmen Simon, a neuroscience expert, points out that our brains are drawn to new experiences. When we see the same format again and again, our attention drops, and we remember less.

2) Lack of mechanisms to keep you from breaking the design

PowerPoint gives you freedom, but with freedom comes the risk of chaos. Without proper design guidelines, slides can quickly become a jumbled mess. And as Simon points out, clarity is key.

Our brains don't have the energy for a laundry list of points. A chaotic design can easily overwhelm and confuse, leading to the audience forgetting 90% of what was presented within 48 hours.

3) Generic templates and over-relying on pre-built options

Using the same old templates is like hearing the same song on repeat – it gets old. Our brains want something fresh and different. When things get too predictable, viewers lose interest.

4) Limited interactivity options

Think about the apps and websites you use. They let you click around, explore, and really dive into the content, right? PowerPoint, on the other hand, doesn't offer much of that. It mostly has basic animations, and you can't really "play" with the content.

This lack of hands-on interaction can make a presentation feel flat and less engaging. And when viewers can't interact, they're more likely to zone out.

5) Passive engagement

Good presentations should spark curiosity, make you think, or even give you a good laugh. With PowerPoint, it's easy to just slide from one point to the next without really connecting with the audience.

The research shows that to truly stick in someone's mind, a presentation needs to touch them, not just show them facts.

Just look at these two presentations. Which one would you rather read?

Static PDF or PPT
Interactive Storydoc

How to make a boring presentation more engaging?

We've all sat through those never-ending presentations that put you to sleep. But yours doesn't have to be one of them. Let's transform your content into a captivating experience for your audience.

  1. Think about your audience: It's not just about what you want to say, but what they need to hear. What are their challenges, interests, and questions? Tailor your content to address these directly.

  2. Have a clear narrative: A well-structured narrative keeps your audience hooked from start to finish.

  3. Use narrated design (scrollytelling): Scrollytelling isn't just a buzzword; it's about guiding your audience through a visual journey, making them eager to see what's next.

  4. The first 3 slides matter: Based on a study of over 100,000 presentations, if you nail the first 3 slides, there's an 80% chance your audience will stick around till the end.

  5. Use interactive elements: Engage your audience with elements they can interact with. It's like inviting them to a conversation rather than a monologue.

  6. Add multimedia elements: Using different media types can break monotony and keep the energy high.

  7. Use videos: Presentations with a video on their cover slide see 32% more engagement. Even if people don’t watch it, its presence alone boosts interest.

  8. Add clickable elements: Offering choices on where to go next keeps your audience engaged and curious.

  9. Visualize your data: Graphs and charts can make complex data easy to understand.

  10. Personalize for different audiences: People want to feel special. On average, personalized decks get 68% more people to read them in full, 41% longer.

  11. Optimize for mobile: In our on-the-go world, ensure your presentation shines on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

  12. End with a clear call to action: Conclude with a clear and compelling call to action. Whether it's to discuss further, visit a website, or try a product, make sure they know the next step.

Here’s our CEO, Itai Amoza, discussing the key elements that make a presentation engaging:

How to make a presentation engaging

Engaging interactive presentation templates

To make a presentation more interesting, you need more than just good content; you need the right format.

That's where interactive presentation templates come into play. They provide a fresh, modern backdrop for your message, with elements that actively engage your audience.

And while they offer a strong starting point, they're also customizable, letting you tailor them to your needs.

In a world filled with standard slideshows, these templates help your presentation stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Grab one.

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Dominika Krukowska

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