EPK Examples for Musicians that Stand Out (+Templates)

Learn what to include in your EPK to stand out. See successful electronic press kit examples for musicians and bands that apply EPK best practices.

Electronic press kit examples

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Short answer

What does an electronic press kit include?

  1. Introduction

  2. Biography

  3. High-quality photos

  4. Music and video samples

  5. Past and upcoming gigs

  6. Press and reviews

  7. Technical rider

  8. Contact information

  9. Social media and website links

  10. Next steps

If you want to be successful, you must learn from the best

In a world full of talented people, your EPK is what helps you stand out. It's more than just a resume; it's your chance to showcase your talent, tell your story, and make a lasting impression on industry professionals.

Looking at what successful folks in your industry are doing can help you figure out how to make your own EPK pop.

This guide will help you make sure your EPK catches the eye of the right people.

Let’s dive in!

NOTE: There are different types of EPKs and this guide will generally talk about musician EPKs. If you're looking for a DJ EPK or a film EPK, we have separate blog posts for those. You can go here to find our DJ EPK examples or film EPK examples.

Effective electronic press kit examples that open doors

In this section, you’ll discover a variety of EPK examples, each created from best practices observed across over 100,000 presentation sessions.

Simply pick the example that suits your needs the best and use it as a foundation to create your own digital media kit.

EPK for jazz band

One thing I really appreciate about this deck is how it nails the balance between text and image placeholders—I found it incredibly user-friendly and a breeze to edit.

And let me tell you, as someone who obsesses over getting every detail just right, the ability to tweak on the fly without blasting out those awkward “oops, here’s the right version” emails is a game-changer!

Rapper artist EPK

One of my personal pet peeves is when I'm trying to send an email with large attachments and it just won't go through.

I loved how this electronic press kit solves the problem by letting you embed and play videos right from the deck—no more frantic searches for a WeTransfer link!

It’s just a bit of a letdown that it uses a placeholder image instead of showing a real video to fully show off what the editor can do.

Singer songwriter EPK

I'm someone who actually likes digging into data, but it's really annoying when I can't find the information I need because the data is unclear or the graphs are confusingly labeled.

That's why I was so happy with how the social media stats were presented here—each network has its own tab, and different colors highlighted key demographics like age group and location. I wish all presentations were this easy to navigate!

EPK for rock band

I was really excited to dive into this EPK as a huge rock fan, and it totally delivered.

My favorite part was the embedded Spotify playlists. You can mix in several playlists to show off different sides of your music, whether it’s originals or covers, which I found super cool.

If I were a booking agent, I’d want to book you right away (and it would be even handier if there was an embedded calendar to see available dates). But since I’m not, I’ll just enjoy adding tracks to my own playlist!

DJ press kit

The data visualization in this digital media kit is what really stood out to me—it was super easy to read and understand. The way the follower counts ticked up almost made it feel like watching my own numbers grow!

One thing I'd suggest adding is more about past gigs. Promoters often want DJs who know how to fill a club, and showing that you've successfully done that could really strengthen your pitch.

Wedding DJ EPK

Choosing a wedding DJ is a whole different ball game. If the DJ bombs at a club, people might leave early, but at a wedding, a bad DJ can ruin your big day with awful music.

I thought this EPK really helps you dodge that bullet. It’s packed with playlists that show off the DJ’s style and a video of them performing live. After checking that out, I'd definitely feel good about giving them a call.

Hip-hop DJ press kit

You might not realize it, but having links to your social media profiles really matters when you're trying to land DJ gigs—it gives promoters a quick peek at your vibe and how serious you are about DJing.

I thought it was neat that you can drop in your social handles with customizable icons to up your chances.

It would have been even better with a calendar link so promoters could reach out right after checking out your EPK, but still, it’s a pretty cool feature.

Best practices and tips on how to prepare your EPK

Creating your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) with care and strategic insight can really boost your connection with industry professionals.

Here’s how to make your EPK as effective as possible:

  1. Storyboard your content: Start by mapping out your EPK like a story, ensuring it flows smoothly from one section to the next. This helps you organize your content to naturally lead viewers through your career highlights, artistic philosophy, and what makes you unique.

  2. Focus on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Be clear about what makes you stand out in your field, whether it’s a unique sound or a distinctive performance style. Make sure this USP is clear and consistent throughout your EPK to reinforce your brand identity.

  3. Be selective with your content: Only include your very best work to keep your EPK from being overwhelming. Choose high-quality images, sharp video clips, and standout tracks that really showcase your skills and style.

  4. Optimize for quick consumption: Organize information clearly and concisely. Busy industry professionals appreciate EPKs that are easy to navigate and absorb.

  5. Use interactive elements: Use interactive elements like clickable links, embedded videos, and dynamic slides to engage viewers more deeply with your content. This interactivity can make your EPK more memorable and enjoyable to explore.

  6. Incorporate data: Whenever possible, include data that backs up your achievements, such as concert attendance numbers or streaming counts.

  7. Leverage analytics: Use data analytics to understand what content engages your audience the most, then tailor your EPK to highlight these elements. The Storydoc analytics panel lets who opened your deck, how long they spent reading each section, where they dropped off, or whether they clicked your CTA button.

NOTE: For tips on how to create the actual EPK, check out our dedicated guides on how to create an EPK for music artists, how to create a DJ EPK, and how to make a film EPK.

Where to find effective EPK templates

Building an EPK can be quite a task—you have to get everything right, make sure nothing is missing, and all files display as they should.

Interactive EPK templates are already set up with best practices and a proven structure.

They save you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on your art and less on fiddling with layout and design, or worrying about the technical side of things.

Just grab one.

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