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15+ Free Google Slides Templates for Business, Education & More


The great thing about Google Slides presentation templates? They’ll work for everyone, as long as they have an internet connection—no matter the device, tech, OS, or region. The not-so-great thing? The web is flooded with those, and most of them look horrific.

You might spend hours trying to find a Google Slides template that offers enough versatility and the exact vibe you’ve been after. Or, you might stick around and see this hand-picked selection of the finest GSlides templates available online—curated for you, by me.


Storydoc presentation templates


Full disclaimer: our templates can’t be edited in Google Slides. That’s because static presentations are not an ideal tool in today’s world, even if they look nice. Our presentations go beyond “looking nice.” We developed Storydoc to let you achieve measurable results by telling stories others want to listen to.

With Storydoc, you’ll transform your content into an interactive, scroll-based presentation, 100% optimized for ideal user experience.


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    Want to see other examples of good presentation templates, not only in Google Slides? See our master gallery here: The Best Online Presentation Templates

    And if you’re really settled on using a Google Slides presentation, just make sure you pick the best there is. The good news is, I’ve done the legwork for you.

    Here’s a list of the best Google Slides templates available online now. Free options included.


    Free Google Slides templates


    Starting out with professional Google Slides templates you can access totally free of charge. They’re not as advanced as the ones that follow, but if you need a template for personal use, they’ll do just fine.

    First things first—


    Here’s how to access in-built Google Slides templates:


    1. Open your Google Drive.
    2. Go to Google apps (the 9-dot app launcher menu on the far right).
    3. Pick “Slides.”
    4. On the right-hand side, click “Template gallery.”
    5. Enjoy the templates!


    Like this:




    Search in drive



    Google Slides





    visual templates


    And just so you don’t get too confused over there, here are my picks for the best-looking ones.

    Consulting proposal

    Consulting Proposal

    As the name implies, it’s best suited for business proposals. You’ll find a solid variety of slides for listing your business objectives, introducing the company and its projects, as well as adding quotes for mission statements and more.

    project wireframes

    Project Wireframes (by Balsamiq)

    Co-created by Balsamiq Studios, a California-based mockup tool, this one is intended to present key ideas around your projects. A very versatile template that will allow you to beautifully illustrate your data on graphs and charts.

    Your big idea

    Your Big Idea (by Made to Stick)

    Developed in cooperation with Chip Heath, and Dan Heath, the authors of the famous book, “Made to Stick.” A nice, dynamic, light-hearted Google Slide template for modern marketing.


    Pitch (by GV)

    Designed for product and project pitches and co-created with GV, “Pitch” is a very basic template that will go down well with corporate audiences. Best for those who enjoy simplicity more than fancy visuals.



    The last one straight from your Google Drive, “Lookbook” is a solid pick for any presentation that requires a lot of pictures: obviously, everything fashion-related, but also general design, architecture, or even gastronomy!


    Like the overall layout of slides in a given template but not too keen on design detail? Remember that even once you pick a template, you can still switch between themes.


    How to personalize Google Slides templates?


    In the navbar, select “Theme” (second from right), and you’ll get a drop-down menu of different themes. Make sure to check those out, especially if you’d like to make your Google Slides deck more vibrant and colorful.

    All the templates above?

    Yeah, they’re pretty. But Storydoc gives you much more than nice-looking presentations. 

    We deliver real results. 


    Transform your static presentation with Storydoc and close more deals, improve engagement metrics, and increase your customer base. Like these teams did:


    Professional Google Slides templates


    If you’re only looking for a personal-use template, or need one for a presentation your life doesn’t depend on, one of the free ones above will certainly do.

    For the truly top-notch templates designers hours of work to deliver, you’ll likely need to pay a fair price. Scroll down to see a list of the best paid-for Google Slides templates available online today.



    Brought to you by Visual Colonie design studio, “Simpelio,” will help add a boho-ish vibe to your presentation. A very professional, minimalist Google Slides template.

    Download here


    Unsurprisingly, the “Minimal” Google Slides template created by Louis Twelve is very simple and clear. Will work great for business presentations, but also for teachers, students, and their academic projects.

    Download here


    Nothing says corporate more loudly and clearly than a navy-blue background coupled with orange graphics, and a name like, well, “Corporate,” on top of it. On the verge of becoming a caricature of itself, this template will likely stick in typical large business environments.

    Download here


    A bit more on the artsy side of the spectrum than the previous ones, “Ossa” by Pixasquare is a perfect template for highly visual presentations.

    Download here


    Clean, uncluttered, and elegant, “Bord” is yet another minimalist Google Slides template on our list (almost as if it was a trend in today’s web design).

    Download here
    business strategy

    Business Strategy

    Suggestively called “Business Strategy,” designed by WhiteGraphic Studio, it’s a perfect template for internal presentations: objectives, roadmaps, pipelines can be aptly represented on the plethora of graphs available.

    Download here


    Powder-pink theme, tons of white space, nice color combinations make this one very eye-pleasing. Will work good for creative industries such as advertising or graphic design.

    Download here


    Named after my girlfriend and almost as cute as her, “Martina” is a Google Slides deck perfect for text-based presentations. The text fields are strategically placed around different kinds of slides to ensure the reader's eyes are guided to where you want them to go.

    Download here


    Yet another Google Slides template with a feminine name, “Lora” will be a perfect pick for portfolio presentations in fashion or design.

    Download here


    Probably the quirkiest one on our list, “Pestel,” brought to you by Slidesmash, is fun to look at (probably more than to read from). User reviews say it’s great for posting presentations on social media.

    Download here


    And that’s a wrap


    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the Google Slides templates in our gallery and found something right for your needs. One key thing to remember: never fall entirely for the looks of a given template. Make sure it features all sorts of slide designs and layouts you’ll need to deliver your message.

    All the best for your deck, go crush that presentation!

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