Learn how Maor amazed their investors | Case study

...by switching from plain PDF quarterly reports to Storydocs.

  • High tech
  • Interactive reports
  • Improved reading experience
  • Brand identity reinforcement
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Maor Investments


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About Maor Investments

Maor Investments is a VC fund focused on revenue-generating Israeli tech companies. With over 15 companies in their portfolio, their mission is to connect European investors with the most innovative Israeli companies.

With Storydoc, the Maor team transformed their quarterly investor reports from plain PDFs, featuring walls of text and charts into an interactive experience for investors to dive into.

Since they started using Storydoc:

  • Investors delighted with the reading experience of quarterly reporting.

  • Enhanced branding and brand positioning as an innovative tech-driven organization.

  • Detailed data on reader engagement

“The feedback we're receiving from investors has been fantastic. We loved hearing things like "Wow, your reports are amazing. We've invested in many different funds but we have never seen reports like that!""

—Ido Hart, Partner at Maor Investments

Maor case study

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The campaign before Storydoc

As a VC fund, the Maor team is required to provide fund investors with quarterly updates on portfolio performance. Before they discovered Storydoc, they would simply send MS Word documents converted into PDFs as email attachments every quarter. But they felt something was just not right.

We always try to find an edge. Our old reports did not stand out from the crowd. In the end, they were boring and tedious, like everyone else’s,” said Ido Hart, Partner at Maor.

Another problem was the lack of any tracking and analytics. As Ido explains, “we had no real insights regarding our conversion rates; even though we could use our email Marketing platform to see who opened the report, we had no clue on how our investors really interacted with it—how much time they spent on each report, and what specific sections drew their interest.”

The transformed reports

When the Maor team reached out to us, we took their plain-text reports and transformed them into scroll-based, interactive web presentations. The main goal was to present the data in an engaging way so that even the busiest investors pay attention to Maor’s reports.

The result turned out exactly as intended—

“In investor relations, qualitative feedback is even more important to us than quantitative feedback. And the feedback we’re receiving from investors has been fantastic. We loved hearing things like ‘Wow, your reports are amazing. We’ve invested in many different funds but we have never seen reports like that!’ To hear such words, it really made us proud.” said Ido Hart.

An example of what modern reports can look like

Bringing data-heavy business content to life and turning tedious reports into a breathtaking reading experience.

Also, Storydoc’s solutions are an important part of Maor’s branding and positioning as a technological leader.

According to Ido, “Storydoc serves our branding efforts really well. After all, we’re a VC fund focused on technology. Having such a modern way of communicating with the investors is part of our identity. The medium fits the story we want to be telling.”

“For our business, it’s really important how things look and feel. Investors are flooded with hundreds of identically-looking reports every week, they’re tired of looking at numbers and walls of text. If your reports look as good as the ones we make with Storydoc, you automatically get investors’ attention. It literally does half of the job for you.

“In addition, the interactive Storydoc format allows us to ‘share more with less,’ meaning that we can be more transparent and provide more information to our investors, giving them an easy way to choose what to focus on. And better transparency in reporting is always highly valued by investors.”

Easily generating beautiful reports at scale

Since the Maor team is required to provide quarterly reports on every one of the companies in their portfolio, being able to generate new documents easily and quickly is crucial to them.

As Ilai Pines, Associate at Maor, told us, Storydoc’s editor makes creating new documents very straightforward.

“Usually, I start with the previous report, duplicate it, and use it as a template for further tweaks, while adding new investments that we executed since our previous report.”

“I also love integrating new elements into the report. Every time I see an update about new Storydoc’s slides, I try to stay creative and use as many new types of slides as possible.”

“I know, it might sound childish, but I love having Storydoc as my playground,” Ilai summed up.

Finally, we were delighted to hear that Maor is expanding the usage of Storydoc and experimenting with new types of content.

As Ilai said, “we recently used Storydoc when creating general marketing materials for a new fund, to be shared outside of our existing investor base.”

Maor's Storydocs during an annual conference

Maor case study

Paris, 2021

As Ilai Pines told us: “During a conference in October, we showed a marketing document powered by Storydoc, just to show how sophisticated we are. It really helped create that wow effect!

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