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What makes a great white paper template?

There are 3 key elements that go into making a great whitepaper template:

  1. Authoritative fact-based content
  2. Strong data visualization
  3. Story-based copy

These 3 factors are all implemented in our whitepaper templates, and they will help you create engaging content, which is key to getting readers interested in your whitepaper.

Strong visuals can also help engage readers and make your whitepaper more visually appealing.

Use graphs, charts, and images to illustrate points you're making in the text. Our ready-made whitepaper template design will make your whitepaper data visualization look polished and professional.

What should a whitepaper template include?

A whitepaper template should include an executive summary, background information, market analysis, proposed solution, and call to action. An effective whitepaper is well-researched and provides readers with enough information to make an informed decision. It also encourages them to take the next step by providing a clear call to action.

Why grab a Storydoc white-paper sample?

Kicking off the list with our very own templates that redefine the modern white paper.

See— static MS Word white papers won’t really excite your readers anymore. To make a lasting impression, you need an extra gear, and it’s exactly what you get with Storydoc. Our white papers are interactive and dynamic, letting you tell an inspiring story and helping you present complex information in an easily digestible way.

How to make the best use of my whitepaper design template?

  1. Outline the problem your whitepaper is addressing and its best solution (but don’t introduce your solution yet)
  2. Provide the factual basis for your claim showcased with real-life examples
  3. Compare different possible solutions in the industry including your own (weigh each option in terms of pros and cons, pricing, timetable, and opportunity cost)
  4. Describe your solution in depth, who it’s for and who it’s not for
  5. Provide a clear next step for whoever wants your solution or more information

Be sure to use clear and concise language throughout the paper so that it's easy for readers to understand. Stick to a professional tone and present the problem and solutions in a fair and truthful manner.

Whitepaper templates are the starting point - don’t forget distribution

An effective distribution strategy is critical for getting your whitepaper in front of as many potential readers as possible. You can personalize your whitepapers for specific prospects or companies using our personalization automation capabilities.

You may also what to distribute your white paper using your website and social media profiles. You can also distribute copies of the paper at trade shows or other industry events via digital barcode.

By targeting the right audience with engaging content and a well-executed distribution strategy, you can create a great whitepaper that will help promote your business

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