Learn how TVNOW by Mediengruppe RTL boosted prospect engagement | Case study

...by switching from static slides to Storydocs.

  • Streaming service
  • Interactive web presentations
  • Improved user experience
  • Deck performance analytics
TVNOW by RTL case study
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TVNOW is the leading local streaming service in German-speaking Europe. It’s owned by RTL Group, one of Europe’s leading media companies, operating 69 television channels and 31 radio stations. Since the end of 2018, TVNOW has gained over 1.7 million customers and continues to grow very strongly.

With Storydoc, the RTL’s team behind TVNOW transformed their static PowerPoints and PDFs into an interactive web presentation that delivers the full scope and value of their services in a way that sparks genuine interest amongst their potential cooperation partners and B2B customers.

Since they started using Storydoc:

  • 62% more prospects would read the presentation in full.

  • Tracking and analytics to see who interacted with the page.

  • Customers delighted with the interactive experience.

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about our Storydoc presentations. Our B2B partners like the style, the clarity, the animations—overall, the new way of presenting content."

—Dirk Hannappel, BD & Sales Director

TVNOW by RTL case study

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The campaign before Storydoc

The chief purpose of TVNOW’s sales presentation was very simple: generate prospect engagement by presenting the assets in a dynamic, entertaining way. But there was a major problem—

As Dirk Hannapel, TVNOW’s BD & Sales Director explains: “We used to rely on a presentation created in PowerPoint. However, we would send it to clients in the PDF format: and after the conversion from PowerPoint to PDF, our assets lost all the dynamic elements.”

Another issue was the lack of any analytics insights:

“We couldn’t see how our clients interacted with the presentation. And it was very important for us to know who read the presentation and how often they opened it,” Dirk says.

And then… we met. And Storydoc brought TVNOW’s content to life.

The revamped web presentation

The presentation transformed with Storydoc allowed us to present our assets in the best possible way. Our Storydoc page is dynamic, the layout is clear and easy to follow, and our prospects are genuinely curious about the assets,” notes Dirk.

TVNOW's interactive web presentation

Extensive visual master deck made unforgettable by interactive storytelling.

Storydoc transformed TWNOW's PDFs into an impressive, scroll-based web presentation. The chief purpose was highlighting the full scope of the services they offer in an easy-to-digest format. After all, TVNOW is an innovative platform—it made no sense for them to use obsolete communication technologies such as PowerPoints.

In order to capitalize on the customers’ interest, TWNOW's Storydoc page concludes with a very clear CTA, making the next step obvious and easy to take (that next step being booking a call of course!).

Finally, Storydoc makes personalizing every presentation easy as can be. We enabled TWNOW's team to tailor their Storydoc pages to any prospect of their choice and create multiple variations in a matter of seconds.

Immediate boost in conversion rates & easy tracking

In Dirk’s words: “We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about our Storydoc presentations. Our B2B customers like the style, the clarity, the animations. Overall—the new way of presenting content.

But we’re not in the business of creating stunning visuals for its own sake. Our presentations bring tangible results. In TWNOW's case, switching the main medium used in their campaign from static pages to interactive presentations resulted in 40% more prospects reading the presentation in full.

Another game-changer was our exhaustive tracking and analytics feature. “We’re not targeting huge audiences but, rather, aiming for small, highly targeted groups. That’s why it’s so important to us to know who read our content, how many times they opened the presentation or at what stage they stopped reading. We get all that data out of Storydoc’s analytics panel,” as Dirk told us.

Having this kind of knowledge enables sales and marketing teams to schedule follow-ups in an informed manner and double-down on the most engaged customers.

We were delighted to aid TWNOW's promotional efforts for their state-of-the-art streaming platform and we’re looking forward to achieving more great things together (stay tuned!).

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