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How to Get a Sports Sponsorship that Secures Your Career

Learn tactics for successful sports sponsorships. Get expert advice, engage sponsors, and craft compelling proposals for strong partnerships.

Hadar Peretz

6 minute read

How to get a sports sponsorship
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Short answer

How to Get a Sports Sponsorship?

  1. Identify Your Value: Showcase unique attributes that set you apart.
  2. Research Potential Sponsors: Align with their goals and values.
  3. Craft a Clear Proposal: Highlight benefits and mutual growth.
  4. Network Actively: Attend events, and use online platforms.
  5. Maintain Professionalism: Uphold high standards in all dealings.

Sport Sponsorship is Not About Ability, but Market Understanding

Ever felt your sporting prowess alone should land you a sponsorship? Think again.

It's a harsh truth, but raw talent without market acumen can lead to missed opportunities.

Don't let your potential go unnoticed; unlock the strategies to navigate this intricate realm.

4 Benefits of Sports Sponsorship

  • Financial Support: Sponsors provide the necessary funds for equipment, training, and tournaments, ensuring the team's ongoing success and growth.

  • Increased Visibility: Sponsorship often comes with promotional activities that elevate the team's profile, attracting more fans and potential opportunities.

  • Validation and Credibility: Association with reputable brands or companies can enhance a team's professional image and credibility in their respective sport.

  • Mutual Growth: As the team performs and gains recognition, sponsors benefit from the association, creating a symbiotic relationship that fosters shared success.

5 Effective Strategies to Get Sports Sponsorship

Navigating the sports sponsorship realm can be intricate. In 2019, the global sports sponsorship market reached an impressive $55 billion, emphasizing its vast potential.

Delve into these expert insights to get sports sponsorship:

1) Evaluate and Present Value

  • Analyze Engagement: Use Sprout Social or Hootsuite to gauge the quality of your engagement, not just follower count.

  • Highlight Authentic Connection: Emphasize real interactions, like Roger Federer's genuine rapport with fans.

2) Develop a Comprehensive Proposal

  • Craft Your Story: Detail achievements and aspirations, making your offering unique.

  • Find the Right Match: Use OpenSponsorship to align your story with sponsors looking for someone just like you.

3) Expand and Leverage Networks

  • Connect with Insiders: Attend events or use LinkedIn to forge relationships.

  • Maximize Platforms: Use LinkedIn's Sales Navigator tool to pinpoint potential sponsors.

4) Strengthen Online Presence

  • Streamline Posts: Utilize tools like Buffer or Later for a consistent online posting schedule.

  • Boost Authentic Engagement: Host live sessions or behind-the-scenes glimpses on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

5) Keep the Brand Aligned

  • Monitor Brand Consistency: Utilize Brandwatch to track brand mentions and sentiments.

  • Regular Check-ins: Establish frequent meetings using platforms like Zoom or Teams to reinforce the athlete-sponsor bond.

Create a Persuasive Interactive Sports Sponsorship Proposal

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8 Pro Tips to Ensure a Successful Sponsorship Deal

  • Research the Sponsor: Know their history, values, and previous sponsorships. This helps in tailoring your pitch and understanding their expectations.

  • Define Clear Objectives: Both parties should have clear, measurable objectives for the sponsorship. Whether it's brand visibility, audience engagement, or something else, clarity ensures alignment.

  • Be Transparent: Open communication fosters trust. Always be straightforward about any potential issues or concerns that might arise.

  • Offer Exclusivity: Consider providing exclusive rights or first-look privileges to the sponsor, making the deal more attractive.

  • Include Exit Clauses: While it's essential to enter agreements with a positive mindset, having a clear exit strategy provides security for both parties.

  • Demonstrate Value Continuously: Regularly update the sponsor on how the partnership is meeting or exceeding the set objectives.

  • Stay Adaptable: Markets change, and trends evolve. Be prepared to adapt the sponsorship terms if required, ensuring it remains beneficial.

  • Nurture the Relationship: Beyond the formalities, building a genuine relationship with the sponsor can lead to more prolonged and fruitful collaborations.

Where to Find Sports Sponsors?

  • Local Businesses: Many local businesses are keen on supporting local sports teams or athletes as it helps them connect with the community. Approach cafes, shops, and other establishments in your area.

  • Sports Equipment Manufacturers: Brands that produce sports gear often sponsor teams or athletes to promote their products.

  • Corporate Companies: Larger corporations may have CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs or marketing budgets dedicated to sports sponsorships.

  • Online Platforms: Websites such as or OpenSponsorship connect athletes and teams with potential sponsors.

  • Sports Events and Conferences: These events often attract brands and businesses looking to get involved in sports sponsorship. Networking at these events can lead to potential deals.

  • Alumni Networks: Former members of a sports team, especially in schools or colleges, may be interested in giving back as sponsors.

  • Social Media: Actively promote your sports journey on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Brands often scout for budding talent or teams with a significant following for sponsorships.

Hadar Peretz

I am a Marketing Specialist at Storydoc, I research, analyze and write on our core topics of business presentations, sales, and fundraising. I love talking to clients about their successes and failures so I can get a rounded understanding of their world.

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