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What makes a good sports sponsorship proposal?

A good sports sponsorship proposal template should be personalized to a specific sponsor, and structured so that it’s clear what benefit the sponsors will get and what they have to give in return. it should be delivered with a beautiful design and wrapped within a story framework.

A great investment proposal template uses interactive content to create an engaging storytelling experience.

How to write a sports proposal?

Whether you’re making a sports sponsorship as a motorsports racing team, football team, basketball team, soccer club, or a professional athlete or golf player, the basic principles of a good proposal are the same.

You should start with the benefits of partnering with you and sponsoring you, then move on to give information about the team, your fans, and your mission statement, then present the different levels of funding and what sponsors get in return, and finish with a call to action through which sponsors can engage with you further.

What to include in a sports sponsorship proposal?

To ensure your sports sponsorship proposal is engaging and persuasive you should consider including the following elements in your proposal template:

  1. Use your team logo, club letterhead, or personal signature
  2. Use your sponsor’s logo beside your own
  3. Use your colors
  4. Showcase with visuals how your sponsor's brand and messaging will be advertised
  5. Be clear about the benefits for your sponsor to partner with you
  6. Tell your story (the team’s story, the club’s story, or your own)
  7. Present your fans and audience (use concrete numbers)
  8. Present the different levels of sponsorship (gold, silver, bronze, etc.) and what each level grants the sponsor
  9. Use a clear next step where sponsors can schedule a meeting or receive more information

Types of sport proposal templates

  1. Racing team
  2. Dirt track
  3. Football team
  4. Soccer club
  5. Athletics
  6. Boxing
  7. Golf
  8. Hockey
  9. and more
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