5 Effective Sales Enablement Collateral Examples

Get sale enablement collateral examples for use in B2B, grab templates, and learn how sales teams use sales enablement collateral to close more deals.

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Short answer

What is sales enablement collateral?

Sales enablement collateral refers to conversation or presentation aids that help sales teams sell more effectively. These are visual aids used on sales calls to demonstrate a value to a prospect, or preparation materials that help the sales team prepare for their sales calls.

Sale Enablement Collateral vs. Sales Collateral

Sales enablement content includes things like battle cards and sales playbooks, sales enablement (in general) includes things like sales decks, case studies, and white papers.

While sales enablement collateral is content used by salespeople to enable them to sell better white sales collateral is commonly used to describe types of sales content that enable buyers to buy.

Sale enablement collateral that help close deal

Sales teams are not born effective. They need training and education to achieve their full potential. In order to get there sales managers and sales leaders develop sharp sales enablement collateral and train their teams on how to use them.

Let’s review some of the most common and useful sales enablement collateral examples…

1) Sales scripts

Bringing structure and clarity to sales conversations, sales scripts are a valuable tool for sales reps looking to close more deals and win over more customers.

They are often presented as a Word document or a PDF, and are intended for an internal audience of sales representatives and other customer-facing team members.

These pre-written conversation guides provide a roadmap for each interaction, ensuring that salespeople hit all the key selling points, address potential objections, and move the conversation towards the next step.

A great starting point is this guide on how to write a sales script, complete with examples, or these sales script examples for any situation.

Here’s a video containing some sales script tips:

Sales script guide


  • Sales scripts increase consistency in messaging and communication by providing a pre-approved framework for sales interactions.
  • They improve the effectiveness of sales interactions by guiding salespeople through key selling points, objections, and next steps.
  • Sales scripts enhance the overall sales process by providing a roadmap for each conversation, reducing the risk of missed opportunities.
  • They improve the customer experience by ensuring that salespeople have a structured and well-informed conversation.


  • Using sales scripts can result in a robotic and unnatural conversation style, as salespeople may feel compelled to stick rigidly to the script.
  • Sales scripts can feel canned or rehearsed. Without authenticity, potential customers may be hesitant to engage with the salesperson or make a purchase.

2) Sales playbooks

A sales playbook is a comprehensive guide that outlines the best practices, strategies, and techniques for selling a product or service, typically in text or PDF format.

The purpose of a sales playbook is to provide sales reps with a consistent and effective approach to selling.

It includes information on the target audience, key messaging, objections, and closing techniques. It also includes tips on building relationships, establishing trust, and delivering value to the customer.

Sales playbooks are often customized to meet the specific needs of each organization and are used throughout the sales cycle.

They're used from the initial lead generation and qualification stages, through to the final stages of negotiation and closing.

Here's a video about how to create sales playbooks by Hubspot:

How to make a sales playbook


  • Sales playbooks provide sales reps with a comprehensive guide with the best strategies, techniques, and messaging to ensure they close deals more efficiently.
  • Sales playbooks streamline the sales process, breaking it down into a step-by-step guide that will have you closing deals in no time. No more confusion or missed steps.
  • Sales playbooks ensure your team is using the same techniques, messaging, and strategies to close deals, leading to improved success rates for your organization.
  • With the tools and guidance provided by sales playbooks, your sales reps will be armed with the confidence they need to engage customers and close more deals.


  • Sales playbooks can sometimes be too rigid, making it difficult for sales reps to adjust their approach to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Sales playbooks are typically designed to be used by a wide range of sales teams, which means they may not always be relevant for a particular team or individual.
  • If sales playbooks are not regularly updated to reflect changes in the market or new information, it can reduce their value and make it more challenging to close sales.

3) Sales battle cards

Sales battle cards are compact and informative cards that provide reps with the key information and arguments they need to effectively counter objections that may arise during a sales call.

Think of them as a cheat sheet for winning deals – they give reps the edge they need to come out on top in even the toughest sales negotiations.

Whether you're preparing for a sales call or need a quick reference during the conversation with a prospect, sales battle cards are the ultimate tool for closing deals and winning in the sales arena.

Sales battle cards can be delivered in a variety of formats, depending on the needs and preferences of the sales team.

Some common formats include PDF documents, web pages, or even physical cards that can be carried by sales representatives.

In recent years, digital formats such as interactive web-based battle cards have become increasingly popular, as they offer a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

Here’s a video on how to build sales battle cards by SalesHacker:

How to build sales battle cards


  • Sales battle cards help sales teams coordinate their efforts and ensure consistency in messaging and approach, which can lead to improved collaboration and better results.
  • Sales battle cards increase the confidence and competence of reps, leading to improved performance and greater success.
  • They provide reps with the information they need to effectively handle objections that may arise during a sales call. This can help to increase the success rate.


  • By following a predetermined set of arguments and responses, reps may miss opportunities to tailor their approach to each individual customer.
  • Sales battle cards are often created by marketing or product teams, which means that they may be biased in favor of the company's products or services.
  • Because sales battle cards are designed to be concise, they may lack the depth of information that potential customers need to make an informed decision.

4) Customer fact sheets

Customer fact sheets provide insightful information about your customers and their needs, allowing you to tailor your sales approach and close more deals.

The goal of a customer fact sheet is to equip sales reps with the knowledge they need to understand customers on a deeper level and provide tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Customer fact sheets are not just for sales reps - customer service teams and other members of the sales organization who interact directly with customers can also benefit from using customer fact sheets.

Similarly to sales battle cards, customer fact sheets can take on a variety of formats, including PDF documents, web pages, or printed handouts.


  • Customer fact sheets allow sales reps to tailor their approach and better understand the customer's pain points, increasing the chances of closing the deal.
  • They help ensure that all organization members have a comprehensive understanding of the customer, leading to a more personalized and elevated customer experience.
  • By having all customer information organized and accessible, sales reps can streamline the sales process, reducing research time and maximizing their selling time.


  • If the information is not updated regularly, it may become outdated and irrelevant, leading to incorrect assumptions and ineffective sales interactions.
  • They may not be scalable for businesses with a large customer base, making it challenging to use customer fact sheets effectively in all sales interactions.

If you’re not sure where to start, this customer fact sheet guide will walk you through the entire creation process step-by-step, including several templates that you can replicate.

5) Product cheat sheets

Product cheat sheets provide quick access to all the key information about a product in one handy, easy-to-read document. With product cheat sheets, sales reps can communicate the product's key, features, benefits and value to customers with confidence and clarity.


  • Product cheat sheets give you quick and easy access to key information, allowing you to smoothly and confidently communicate the product's strengths to your customers.
  • By using product cheat sheets, sales reps can improve their product knowledge and become more confident in their ability to sell the product effectively.
  • Thanks to product cheat sheets, every customer hears the same message and receives accurate information, building trust and confidence in your company.


  • While product cheat sheets provide technical information about a product, they may not address the unique needs or requirements of individual customers.
  • Product cheat sheets may become outdated over time, particularly if a product undergoes changes or updates.

Where in the funnel to use sales enablement collateral?

Sales enablement collateral use by funnel stage:

Collateral Funnel stage How is it used? Who uses it?
Sales scripts All stages Guide sales conversations and provide a consistent message to potential customers. - Business development representatives

- Account managers

- Sales representatives

- Sales managers
Sales playbooks All stages Guide sales teams through the various stages of the sales process.

Ensure that best practices are followed and that the sales process is as efficient and effective as possible.
- Account managers

- Sales representatives

- Sales managers
Sales battle cards Consideration

Effectively counter objections and overcome any obstacles that may be standing in the way of a sale. - Account managers

- Sales representatives

- Sales managers

- Product managers
Customer fact sheets Awareness

Provide insightful information about your customers and their particular needs. - Account managers

- Sales representatives

- Customer support representatives
Product cheat sheets Consideration

Provide quick access to all the key information about your product. - Account managers

- Sales representatives

- Customer support representatives

- Product managers
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