How Cyolo Removed Its Content Production Bottleneck with Storydoc

Learn how Cyolo uses Storydoc to stand out with interactive case studies. Doing so at a low cost, while getting content out to team members and prospects fast.

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Founded by a former CISO and two ethical hackers, Cyolo enables organizations to consolidate their security stack and experience the power of seamless and secure operations across any application in any environment, from critical infrastructure to cloud.

The challenge: Producing amazing collateral fast with limited resources

Cyolo, a red-hot cybersecurity startup, had an urgent need for competitive sales and marketing collateral to be used in their sales process.

They had great case studies that needed a memorable design to bring them to life. They wanted an interactive design that would make them stand out beyond what a same-old PDF could do.

The problem was that creating interactive web content was a slow and tedious process that involved endless back and forth with freelance designers and developers.

Being a young startup, they did not have the budget or the time to do it the old-fashion way.

Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Cyolo’s Head of Content, was looking for a way to help Cyolo punch above their weight and create amazing content, at a low cost, while getting it out to team members and prospects fast.

Fortunately, she found Storydoc.

In her words, “Storydoc gives us the power and flexibility to design case studies and other pieces of content ourselves, even with our limited design experience."

"And we can feel confident that they look professional and will be well-received by our sales team and then also by our prospects and customers.”

Storydoc gives us the power and flexibility to design case studies and other pieces of content ourselves, even with our limited design experience.

Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo

— Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo


This case study tells the story of how Jennifer and the team at Cyolo used Storydoc to create customer success stories that stand out, and how they deliver them to the sales team within hours rather than weeks.

In a nutshell:

  1. Jennifer and her team moved from legacy static PDFs and PPTs to engaging interactive case studies that enabled Cyolo to bring their cyber storytelling to life.

  2. Jennifer was able to drastically reduce delivery time and production costs without compromising on quality.

  3. Storydoc’s out-of-the-box analytics allow the Cyolo marketing team to make informed data-driven content decisions

  4. Jennifer also replaced physical brochures for events and trade shows with digital Storydocs, which got positive feedback and better lead information capture and tracking.

Here's what Cyolo's content looks like:

Creating case studies that stand out

Cyolo, like most companies today, helps attract new business by sharing the stories of the happy customers they already have.

These customer stories are a highly valuable resource the Cyolo sales team uses to show potential buyers the benefits of their solution.

To have the biggest impact, case studies need to tell a good story and also be presented in a memorable, visually appealing way.

Pairing great storytelling with design that brings it to life

Jennifer realized it would take more than another standard PDF to help Cyolo stand out from the competition.

To make matters worse, Cyolo’s prospects are security professionals, and they can be rightly hesitant to open PDF email attachments (commonly used to inject malware).

But lousy as this was, before discovering Storydoc Jennifer had no good alternative to PDF.

She took us back to the moment she first discovered Storydoc. A teammate recommended she should check it out…

It was very exciting to find this tool that, even with our limited design capabilities and budget, we could still use to make our content look really good, really professional, and just above and beyond what you can do on a typical PDF or PowerPoint presentation.”

“It’s also just that it's different. Storydoc presentations stand out and catch people's attention because they're probably looking at PowerPoint slides or PDFs all day long.”

The best part was that creating Storydocs doesn’t take much time or effort.

As Jennifer explains “We could do it easily ourselves, with no need to hire a freelancer, and then go through several rounds of design until we were happy with the result.”

Onboarding the team on Storydoc

Jennifer didn’t have to work hard to persuade the marketing team at Cyolo to start using Storydoc. She told us “The team here all thought our Storydocs looked great and that it was a really unique and appealing way to present the information”.

From there, she says, it was smooth sailing. “The marketing team, and especially myself, pretty immediately started adding and creating additional presentations without really needing any support.”

Bypassing the content creation bottleneck

The core of the problem was that the Cyolo sales team was itching for new case studies and other content to share with their prospects to close new deals. The writing was happening, but the design had become a bottleneck.

Storydoc saves our team a significant amount of time and lets us get our content out to its intended audience more quickly. This alone is a huge win."

Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo

— Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo

But using Storydoc, Cyolo managed to design their case studies completely on their own - in hours rather than weeks.

Jennifer explained that “Case studies are the content type that’s most in-demand by our sales team. They have a lot of power because they show how real customers are using our solution to solve the challenges they’re facing, as opposed to just us saying how great it is.”

“Since case studies are so popular, we need to produce them quickly and not get stuck waiting for a freelance designer to make a PDF or someone to create a new page on our website”.

Theoretically, Jennifer and her team could have created case studies on Cylolo’s website, but this was impractical.

However, given the limited budget and resources, building web pages would likely be even more time-consuming than creating traditional PDFs.

She says this is where Storydoc smooths out a critical part of Cyolo’s content creation process.

Storydoc removes design and development barriers and lets us run with it as soon as the customer approves the case study content. We can design it ourselves in Storydoc in just a couple hours, and then it’s ready to share with the world.”

Collaborating on content without losing control

Using Storydoc, Jennifer and her team could easily produce content and make iterations without losing speed or momentum.

Critically, Jennifer could feel confident letting the wider Cyolo team work on her content knowing that no one can break it since Storydoc has the option to determine the level of access each user gets.

Jeniffer shared with us that “the ability to set permissions levels is key for us. We could give access to different team members but still be sure that they weren't totally messing up the branding or going rogue with the design.”

“As a marketer, Storydoc gives me the confidence to open the tool up to the wider team but still keep control over things like branding and messaging”.

This is what access management looks like on the Storydoc platform:


Transforming event brochures into digital collateral

After discussing her team’s use of Storydoc to create case studies, Jennifer actually surprised us with another innovative use case that we hadn’t thought of.

She and her team use Storydoc at in-person events as a more effective and “green” replacement for printed flyers and brochures.

She told us, “The old-school thing to do at in-person events and trade shows is to hand out printed flyers and data sheets that most people ultimately just throw in the trash.”

Jennifer explains, “We, of course, still want to share important information about Cyolo at events, but we want to be “green” about it and not just make more garbage.”

So, Jennifer and her team began building a simple Storydoc for each event they attended.

The digital brochures would include links to various resources that participants could access to learn more about Cyolo.

Event participants simply have to scan a QR code on Cyolo’s booth (optionally provide an email address) and they take the content with them on their phone wherever they go.

No more paper flyers that compete over hand space with coffee and cake.

This eventually replaced all the paper handouts they used to share.

Jennifer also likes the fact that she can now see session data and engagement metrics from these digital flyers in Storydoc’s built-in analytics suite.

But most importantly – it makes the sales team happy!

Jeniffer says “Our sellers who are on-site at the events really like using Storydoc in this way. They tell us they get a lot of good feedback and people appreciate the unique and less wasteful approach.”

Static PPT example
Paper brochure
Interactive Storydoc example
Interactive brochure

"I just had fun using Storydoc. I'm not a designer, but I can still make something that looks great and that I'm proud of. I don’t think anyone has said that about designing a PDF ever."

Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo

— Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Head of Content at Cyolo

If you’re like Jennifer you can bring similar results to your company

  • Make case studies that communicate value with interactive storytelling.

  • Reduce content delivery time and production cost without compromising on quality.

  • Go from physical to digital collateral at events and tradeshows to capture leads more effectively.

  • Get instant visibility into your content performance and buyer’s decision-making with deck analytics.

With these capabilities on your side, you’ll be able to make better decisions, save valuable time, and win more deals – and look good doing it all.

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