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General business model slide
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Business model slide with a chart
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Revenue model slide
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What makes a good business model slide template?

A good business model slide template should clearly explain the business model and its components, such as revenue streams, cost structure, customer segments, and value proposition.

It should also be customizable and adaptable to different business models and industries. Additionally, it should use visuals, such as diagrams or icons, to help convey the information in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

What are the main types of business model slide templates?

Lean Canvas: a one-page visual summary of the key components of a business model.

Business Model Canvas: a more detailed version of the Lean Canvas, with nine building blocks.

SWOT Analysis: an analysis of a company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Value Proposition Canvas: a tool to map out a company's customer segments and value proposition.

Pitch Deck: a presentation used to pitch a business idea to investors or stakeholders, often including a business model slide (see pitch deck templates)

What is the goal of a business model slide?

The goal of a business model slide is to communicate the key elements of a company's business model to stakeholders. This includes outlining the value proposition, revenue streams, cost structure, target market, and key partnerships. The slide should effectively convey how the company creates value and generates revenue.

What should a business model slide template include?

  1. Business Model Canvas: A visual representation of the business model.
  2. Value Proposition: A clear statement that explains what the company offers to its customers and why it's valuable.
  3. Revenue Streams: A description of how the company generates revenue.
  4. Cost Structure: A breakdown of the costs associated with operating the business.
  5. Key Partners: An overview of the company's key partners and how they contribute to the success of the business.
  6. Key Activities: A description of the company's key activities and how they relate to the business model.
  7. Key Resources: An overview of the company's key resources and how they support the business model.
  8. Customer Segments: An overview of the company's target customer segments and how the business model serves their needs.
  9. Channels: A description of the channels the company uses to reach its customers.
  10. Competitive Advantage: A clear statement of the company's competitive advantage and how it differentiates itself from competitors.

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