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Best types of pitch deck competitor analysis slides?

1. Market share comparison: This slide compares the market share of different companies in a particular industry or market segment. A pie chart or a spider chart are good options to represent this information.

2. Feature and benefits comparison (also known as a Power Grid): This slide consists of a table comparing the company and 3-6 of its biggest competitors in the table columns. The table includes rows with key benefits that the target customers care about, and the company should highlight the benefits where it outperforms its competitors. The Power Grid should include 5-9 benefits listed top-down by priority.

3. Pricing comparison: This slide compares the prices of your product or service with those of your competitors. It shows you positioning from basic to premium. A plot chart or a bar graphs are good options for representing this information.

4. Customer satisfaction comparison (CSAT): a CSAT slide compares the customer satisfaction of your business compared to your main competition. It uses open source review sites such as G2 and Capterra or third party surveys to make a fair and honest comparison. A plot chart or a bar graphs are good options for representing this information.

5. Market positioning: This slide shows how you position your business in the market in relation to your competitors. It is the perception you want to create in the minds of your target customers about its product, service, or overall brand, and how it’s distinguished from your competition. A Maginc Quadrant is a good way to represent this information.

6. Audience or market segment: If you target a unique segment within your market or you can provide unique services that are specific to a subset of your target market, it could be a good idea to present this information and connect it to future growth opportunities.

What is a competitors slide template?

A competitors slide in a presentation or report is a way to compare your company or product to other similar ones in the market. A competition slide is commonly used in a pitch deck for a new business to help investors understand its positioning. A pitch deck competition slide should show how you positively stand out in your market and how it affects your ability to compete and the likelihood of succeeding in your market.

In the high-tech sector, a startup competition slide is expected by most investors for a clear idea of the startup’s ability to compete in a given market.

What to include in a competitors slide?

  1. A list of your competitors (logos and names)
  2. The features you want to compare
  3. A chart or graph that makes the information easy to understand
  4. A clear title expaling what is being compared
  5. A short text explaining what the data shows

Questions a pitch deck competition slide needs to answer

  • Who your direct competitors?
  • Who are your indirect competitors?
  • What companies can easily become a direct competitor?
  • What makes your product or service better than the rest?
  • What is your minimal viable market (your core audience)?
  • What prevents others from doing what you do?

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