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Beautiful & interactive web presentations

Easily transform your sales decks into interactive content that generates lasting interest. Boost your conversion rates immediately.

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Created with sales and marketing teams in mind


Storydoc for sales

Raise above the noise and grab your customers’ attention with interactive mini-sites. Easily personalize every Storydoc to an individual reader. Get prospects engaged. Close more deals with no effort.

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Storydoc for marketing

Quickly transform your white papers, proposals, pitch decks, or landing pages into interactive, animated content your audience will finally read in full. Create effective collateral your reps will love to use.

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How it works:


Upload your deck or start from a template

Extract your visual assets or pick a fill-in-the-blanks template.


Create an interactive presentation

Our no-code editor will guide you through the process—ready in minutes.


Personalize in seconds

Create unlimited iterations for different customers with a single click.

Integrate Storydoc with your favorite business tools

Give your deck new superpowers by integrating it with your CRM, lead-capturing forms, live chat, social channels, and more!



Storydocs fuel your conversion rates:


increase in new customers 

more demos booked

faster deal approaching time

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The competitive advantage you get with Storydoc

Presentation tools you have been using no longer work. Your customers hate static content. Here’s what makes Storydoc the most effective alternative for you.

Create interactive presentations at speed

You don’t need a web team or an agency to create presentations that look great. Our fill-in-the-blanks templates and intuitive editor are easier to use than PowerPoint.

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Use fill-in-the blank templates to get started

Pick one of our pre-designed templates optimized for the most popular use cases and fill it out in minutes. Get access to a rich gallery of stock images and videos for any need.

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Seamlessly integrate with other tools

Unlock the full potential of Storydoc by integrating your presentations with your favorite software: video, calendars, sign-up forms, live chats, and more. Go far beyond what a standard deck can do.

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Get insights you never had before

Imagine you could know everything about your prospects’ internal processes. With Storydoc, you always know who interacted with your page and what they thought about it. And you get real-time tips for your next move.

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Looking amazing, anytime, anywhere

You don’t get to choose how your customers view your presentations. 40% of them will do it on mobile. Your Storydoc pages will always look amazing, no matter the device or operating system.

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Get content you never thought you’d have. Close deals you never thought you’d close.

Join leading teams worldwide and start selling faster, smarter, better.