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AI Interactive Presentation Maker

No AI will get you results making same-old static PowerPoints. But this one will.

Take your slide decks from static to interactive, from blind to measured - instantly

Used daily by top companies

Grab a template 
& let AI do its thing ✨

Point our AI presentation generator in the right direction and it will do the rest.

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Their presentations are getting attention

(Now faster than ever with the use of Storydoc's AI slide generator)


"We were looking for a tool that would make us stand out, look better in the eyes of clients, and help generate more engagement. And that’s why we chose to work with Storydoc."


Tomer Magal
Head of Global Sales

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"When I present a Storydoc deck, people assume that there’s a powerhouse behind it: a fancy agency or a fully-staffed Web team. No. It’s a great tool that anybody can use. It takes an hour to put together a presentation!"


Tovi Cohen
Head of Customer Relations

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"If your reports look as good as the ones we make with Storydoc, you automatically get investors’ attention. It literally does half of the job for you."


Ido Hart

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The presentation we made with Storydoc allowed us to present our assets in the best possible way. The layout is dynamic, clear and easy to follow. Our prospects are genuinely curious about the assets!


Dirk Hannapel
VP Sales & Business Development

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How Storydoc AI works

1. Tell us what you need

Tell our AI assistant what you'd like to make

It will structure your presentation, write your content, assign a design template for your industry or niche, and optimize for performance based on real-world data.

Once you're satisfied with your deck you can send, share, or present with a click.

Keep anything you make forever.

pitch deck maker responsive sli

2. AI design

AI design

Provide your company website and sit back as our AI presentation generator automatically applies your branding to the most appropriate design layout.

pitch deck creator with automated design

3. AI writing assistant

AI writing assistant

Generate any text, rephrase to perfection, and brainstorm ideas with our AI writing assistant waiting for you on every slide.

pitch deck maker responsive sli

4. AI visual assistant

AI visual assistant

Instantly generate any image you can imagine directly in your slides.


5. Automatic analytics insights

Automatic analytics insights

Get instant tracking for all your presentations. Sit back and let our AI collect and deliver timely engagement insights directly to your mailbox.

Get answers PowerPoint can’t give you.

Did they read the deck? How long? Which slides? Did they share it with others?

AI presentation generator - how it works

Make unignorable presentations
in an instant

Stop boring and start impressing

Nobody likes PowerPoints. Make content that people love reading with animated, interactive, scrollitelling, not yet another dry PowerPonit.

presentation generated with AI

Make presentations you can’t break

Storydoc is built to make beautiful presentations easy.

Just add your content and the design will follow. You couldn’t make it ugly even if you tried.

AI automated design

Are you missing out on mobile readers?

32% of business presentations are opened on mobile - don’t disappoint them.

Storydoc is optimized for a 100% flawless experience on any device.

responsive ai presentation templates

Make presentations on steroids

Take advantage of our superpower-like integrations.

Bring your favorite tools into your decks, like your calendar, lead-capturing form, live chat, Vidyard videos, and more.

AI presentation tool addons

Don’t you wanna know if they love or hate your deck?

Get full visibility into how people are using your decks from day 1.

Storydoc comes with out-of-the-box presentation analytics. No need to set up anything.

AI automated insights and instant tracking

Is it worth it to keep doing presentations the old way?

When Storydoc can give you all this...


increase in new customers


more demos booked


faster closing time


lead engagement uplift


What is the Storydoc presentation maker?

Stroydoc presentation maker is an intuitive interactive slide editor. It lets you create beautiful interactive designs with no code or design skills needed. Storydoc comes with a wide range of business slides that let you easily and quickly tailor your presentation to your vision and needs.

Is Storydoc AI Presentation generator safe?

Yes, the Storydoc AI presentation maker app is safe and secure. Your personal details are protected and encrypted.

We take your data security very seriously. We process all your data in accordance with strict security policies and best practices. Don’t take it from us, take it from Meta, Nice, and Yotpo that trust us enough to use Storydoc daily.

For more information see Our Story page, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

What’s so great about AI-generated presentations?

An artificial intelligence presentation reduces hours and even days of work for you and your team. Though there’s a catch - if you're using an AI PPT maker then you’re saving all that time for nothing because no one likes PowerPoints. Even those made with AI.

No PowerPoint AI generator will make you a presentation that moves the needle. But Storydoc will. Our AI makes more than presentations, we give you content worth sharing.

Try it.

Is the Storydoc presentation maker free?

Storydoc AI slide generator offers a 14-day free trial. Check it out and see if it's right for you. We know based on hundreds of thousands of presentation sessions that your readers will love it. Every interactive presentation you make during your trial is yours to keep forever completely free!

For learning about our paid plans see our Pricing.

Can I trust Storydoc?

This AI presentation maker is an intuitive interactive AI slide generator that lets you create beautiful interactive designs with no coding or design skills needed.

Storydoc comes with a wide range of business slides that let you easily and quickly tailor your presentation to your vision and needs.

Who is Storydoc for?

Storydoc is primarily a tool for business professionals. It’s the perfect presentation maker for sales and marketing teams. That said, Storydocs can be used across all business roles and industries, whenever you need a great presentation.

How do I send or share Stroydoc presentations?

Storydocs work like web pages, every presentation you make comes with an individual link you can send and track.

When you’re done making a storydoc you just hit publish. Once published, Stroydoc presentations are instantly available for viewing in any browser.

To send the presentation to anyone just click the Share button and grab the link.

Viewing the presentation is much like you would an interactive webpage and much more engaging than a static PowerPoint or PDF.

Can I print Stroydoc presentations?

Yes, but right now we only provide this service for Pro and Enterprise paying customers. That said, this option will be available soon as a feature for all Storydoc users from within the editor.

Keep in mind that a printed storydoc loses all its interactivity, which gives it its charm and ability to get high engagement.

Makes memorable presentations that stand out.

Try Storydoc free for 14 days (keep any presentation you make forever!)