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What's in it for you?
"What's in it for you" slide
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Our benefits
Our benefits slide
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Our clients' benefit
Our clients' benefits slide
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Features & Benefits slide
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Just for our customers
"Just for our customers" benefits slide
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What makes a good benefits slide template?

A good benefits slide template should highlight the advantages and positive outcomes of a product or service in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way. It should include clear and concise language, compelling images, and data-driven evidence of benefits.

What should a benefits slide template include?

  1. A clear and concise headline that communicates the main benefit
  2. A visual representation of the benefit, such as icons or images
  3. A brief description of the benefit and how it solves the customer's problem
  4. Supporting data or statistics to back up the claim
  5. A call to action that encourages the audience to take the next step

What are the main types of benefits slides?

  1. Comparative benefits slide: compares the benefits of two or more options
  2. Feature-based benefits slide: highlights the features of a product or service and the corresponding benefits
  3. Problem-solution benefits slide: presents the problem and how the product or service solves it
  4. Testimonial benefits slide: showcases customer testimonials that highlight the benefits of a product or service

What makes these benefits slides better than any PowerPoint?

You won’t succeed to make a compelling case for your benefits with a same-old PowerPoint.

Even the prettiest benefits PowerPoint slide won’t get prospects' or investors’ attention and interest - they’ve seen it all before.

To move the needle you’ll have to take your PPTs from static to interactive, from facts to story. This is what our templates do for you.

What is the goal of a benefits slide?

The goal of a benefits slide is to persuade the audience of the value and benefits of a product or service. It should provide a clear and compelling argument for why the product or service is worth investing in, and why it is better than competing options.

What is a cost-benefit analysis slide?

A cost-benefit analysis slide is a tool that compares the costs and benefits of a proposed project or investment.

It allows decision-makers to evaluate the potential financial, social, and environmental impacts of a project and weigh them against the costs.

The slide should include a detailed breakdown of the costs and benefits, as well as projections and estimates for the future.

It can be an effective tool for decision-making and resource allocation.

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