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Choose from the best e-Book templates for educating users and winning new clients. Use themes and slides that take your presentation from boring to captivating.

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How to create an E-book from a template?

Creating an e-Book from a template is easy, all you need to do is add your e-book content in the proper slide or page format and organize it consistently with the story structure. The hard part in creating an e-Book is actually writing the content of your e-Book. Our e-Book templates are built to make your content into a delightful and engaging reading experience, but nothing can replace the magic of a good story.

What makes these e-Book templates the best?

The e-Book templates on this page are made to bring your story and information to life. They are web-based, scroll-based, and mobile-friendly. These e-Book templates can transform your e-Book from a static, boring, hard-to-read document to an interactive, memorable, and engaging narrative. In these templates, you have the freedom to embed videos, live graphs, dynamic numbers, timelines, step-by-step narration, and more.

How do I turn a PDF into an e-Book?

The easiest way to turn a PDF into an e-book is to use a PDF-to-eBook converter. This type of tool (which you can find inside the Storydoc editor) takes any PDF file you upload and turns it into an online scrollable e-Book anyone can read on any device.

How many pages should an eBook template include?

An e-Book normally has around 60-80 pages which constitute between 20,000-25,000 words with about 300 words per page given the use of images. An e-book template normally has only 5-10 page templates or slide types which can be used repeatedly to create certain content throughout the e-Book.

What is the difference between e-Book and PDF?

The main difference between e-Book and PDF is the reading experience. An -e-Book is, simply put, a book that’s meant to be consumed digitally, using your computer or mobile device, while a PDF is meant for print on paper and a physical reading experience. An e-Book is normally an HTML webpage you can read online, while a PDF is a type of file you have to download in order to open.

In truth, an e-Book template can be made in PDF format, but that will ruin the reading experience since a PDF is hard to navigate and scroll, and is completely mobile-unfriendly.

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