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Print vs Digital brochure template

The difference between print and digital brochure templates is that printed brochures are read on paper and have the limitations of a physical object like limited space, complex layout, and inability to share with friends. Digital brochures on the other hand are made for reading with a computer or a mobile device. They can incorporate multimedia, like video and animation, and are more engaging than paper brochures.

What types of brochure templates are there?

There are 4 main types of brochure templates

1) Bi-Fold - a simple fold in the middle of the sheet

2) Tri-Fold - a 3-part fold partitioned into thirds

3) Z-Fold - a fold that is in the shape of a Z when opened, with 2 external folds to the right and an internal fold to the left

4) Digital brochure - usually come in 3 different types: either as PDF, PPT (PowerPoint), or web-based brochures that behave like a scrollable webpage, which makes them mobile-friendly, easier to consume, and more engaging.

Brochure templates that go beyond PowerPoint

static content like PDFs and PowerPoints won’t do the trick. People will just ignore it. We have the answer to that. Our templates for brochures are fully interactive and professionally designed. They will let you present your products or services in a way that makes everyone pay attention.

What can I use brochure templates for?

Some brochure templates are designed to persuade people to buy a product or service, while others provide information about a company or organization. Some brochure templates are also used for marketing purposes and can be used to promote events or products.

Some common types of brochures include:

1) Product Brochure template - promotes a specific product or line of products. It usually includes images, descriptions, prices, and contact information so that potential customers can learn more about the product and make a purchase if they decide to do so.

2) Sales brochure template - designed to promote a product or service. It typically includes images and text that describe the product or service in detail, as well as pricing information.

3) Company overview brochure template - provides general information about a company or organization. It may include an overview of the company's history, products, and services, management team, and so on.

4) Event brochure template - used to provide detailed information about an event such as a conference or trade show. It typically includes a schedule of events, a list of speakers and exhibitors, a floor plan map, location, and contact information.

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