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What makes a good customer persona slide template?

A good customer persona slide template should include clear and concise information about the target audience, such as demographic data, pain points, and behaviors. It should also have a visually appealing design that highlights the most important details and makes the persona come to life for the audience.

Why these customer persona slides are better than any PowerPoint

Our slides are interactive rather than the everyday static PowerPoint persona template. With ut slides, you can bring your persona to life using interview videos, sound, animations, and dynamic graphics that a generic buyer persona PPT simply can’t provide.

What is the goal of a customer persona slide?

The goal of a customer persona slide is to provide a clear and detailed understanding of the target customer to stakeholders and team members. It should include relevant information about the customer's demographics, behavior, needs, pain points, motivations, job-to-be-done (JTBD), and user story, to help the team understand and connect with the customer.

What should a customer persona slide template include?

  1. A clear and concise title that reflects the purpose of the slide.
  2. A brief description or explanation of the customer persona being presented.
  3. Visual aids such as graphics or images that help to illustrate the persona.
  4. Key information about the persona, such as demographics, behaviors, and preferences.
  5. Scenarios or examples that demonstrate how the persona might interact with the product or service being presented.

What are the main types of customer persona slide templates?

  • Buyer Personas - focusing on the individual's buying habits and behavior.
  • User Personas - describing how a user interacts with a product or service.
  • Influencer Personas - highlighting individuals who impact the decision-making process.
  • Saboteur Personas - identifying individuals who might negatively affect a purchase decision or product adoption.

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