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What is a process slide?

A process slide is a diagram, flowchart, or map that’s used to illustrate a series of steps in a process, workflow, or cycle. Process slides are often used in PowerPoint business presentations to help audiences understand the various steps involved in a particular workflow, system, or procedure.

What should a process slide include?

  1. Title
  2. Steps
  3. Descriptions
  4. Icons or symbols
  5. Timeline:
  6. Flow direction
  7. Callouts
  8. Performance metrics

What are the main types of process slides?

  1. Linear process
  2. Circular or cycle process
  3. Flowchart process
  4. Hierarchy process
  5. Matrix process
  6. Pyramid process
  7. Funnel process
  8. Radial process
  9. Logic tree

What makes a good process slide template?

A good process slide breaks down a complex process into smaller, easy-to-understand sections. It highlights the process step-by-step, explains each step separately, and ties it all together into a unified concept.

An effective process flow slide template is interactive rather than static and lets your audience choose the content they want to focus on and their reading pace.

What makes these process slides better than any PowerPoint?

A process PPT template is unavoidably densely packed with information. That’s because the entire process is packed into a single process PowerPoint slide.

But there’s a better way - modern interactive presentation templates replace the legacy single-slide format with a dynamic scroll-based slide that progressively shows each step in the process one by one.

What is the goal of a process slide?

The primary goal of a process slide is to be memorable for your audience and help support their decision-making. But to achieve this a process slide must first deliver information in a way that’s engaging, clear, and easy to understand.

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