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What is an image slide?

In Microsoft PowerPoint, an image slide is a slide that contains an image or a group of images. You can create an image slide by inserting an image from your computer or from the internet into a slide in your PowerPoint presentation. In professional business presentations, image slides are used in conjunction with text. The main purpose of a slide image is to support the text by adding visual details that will require many words to describe.

How to properly use images in presentation slides?

  1. Choose high-quality images that are relevant to the content of your presentation.
  2. Avoid using too many images on a single slide, as this can make the slide cluttered and hard to read.
  3. Use images to illustrate a point or to add visual interest to your presentation.
  4. Don't rely on images alone to convey your message - use them in combination with text and other elements to create a balanced and effective slide.
  5. Adjust the size, position, and appearance of the images on your slides.
  6. Maintain a consistent look and feel for all of the images in your presentation.

Different ways of using image slides in your presentation

Legacy PPT slides are quite limited in the uses you have for images and photos, but modern web-based presentations are much more versatile in what they can do. See the basic use cases below:

  1. Use a personal photo together with quotes or personal descriptions as part of a self introduction slide.
  2. Use an image and text slide to add clarity that the text or image on its own can’t achieve
  3. Use background-image slides to give style and character to slides that would be bland or uninteresting otherwise
  4. Use multiple images set in a series to showcase a series of related events in a timeline slide format.
  5. Use consecutive images with supporting text to narrate a complex process or a system.
  6. Use images as part of a card setup (for features, departments, benefits, etc.) to visually represent the card content
  7. Use a quality image in your title slide to grab attention and encourage people to read.

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